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Provided are a method and an apparatus for a User Equipment (UE) for multiplexing at least one uplink channel and an uplink signal and for controlling the transmission power for an uplink channel and an uplink signal. A method of a UE for controlling an uplink transmission power may include setting the uplink maximum transmission power for each of a plurality of cell groups including one or more serving cells; and allocating the transmission power for an uplink channel and an uplink signal based on at least one of: the uplink maximum transmission power, a total sum of the transmission power of one or more uplink channels and an uplink signal transmitted in each of the plurality of cell groups, and the total maximum transmission power of the UE, and the uplink channel includes a PUCCH or a PUSCH, and the uplink signal includes a SRS.

Kt Corporation | Date: 2015-01-26

A method for decoding an image, according to the present invention, comprises the steps of: deciding a prediction mode that corresponds to a chroma component block; deciding a transform skip mode of the chroma component block from a plurality of transform skip mode candidates, according to the prediction mode that corresponds to the chroma component block; and reverse-transforming the chroma component block on the basis of the transform skip mode that is decided.

Kt Corporation | Date: 2015-08-06

The disclosure is related to determining a network connection structure of devices in a target service place by a service server including a processor and a memory and located at a remote location from the target service place. In order to determine, subscriber information of a target subscriber may be obtained. Based on the subscriber information, public network information associated with the target subscriber may be obtained from predetermined network devices associated with the target subscriber. First devices may be detected based on the obtained subscriber information and the collected network information, wherein the first devices are belonging to the target subscriber and are located in the target subscribers service place.

KT Corporation | Date: 2015-10-07

Profile-based content variation includes determining viewing trends for a television viewing device based on subscriber information and a channel selection history of the television viewing device, matching commerce channels to at least one logical channel based on the determined viewing trends, and broadcasting one of the logical channels that matches one of the selected commerce channels.

The present invention relates to a method for inducing a merge candidate block and a device using same. An image decoding method involves decoding motion estimation region (MER) related information; determining whether or not a predicted target block and a spatial merge candidate block are included in the same MER; and determining the spatial merge candidate block to be an unavailable merge candidate block when the predicted target block and the spatial merge candidate block are included in the same MER. Accordingly, by parallely performing the method for inducing a merge candidate, parallel processing is enabled and the computation amount and implementation complexity are reduced.

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