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Montreal, Canada

Kruger Inc. is a Canadian corporation which manufactures publication papers, tissue, lumber and other wood products, corrugated cartons from recycled fibres, green and renewable energy, and wines and spirits. The company is a leader in paper and paperboard recycling in North America. Kruger Inc. operates facilities in Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the United States. Wikipedia.

Kruger Inc | Date: 2014-06-17

A rifle scope that includes an optical train defining an optical axis having a pointing direction. The optical train has an erector tube pivotably mounted in the scope housing and having a front end. The scope also includes an elevation and windage angle adjustment assembly, including a user input; an actuator assembly that changes the optical axis pointing direction in response to input from the user input, by pivoting the erector tube; a sensing and computing assembly that includes a laser assembly that produces a laser beam that is directed through the erector tube, a mirror that reflects the laser beam to a two-axis positioning sensor, and a data processor that computes the optical axis pointing direction in response to input from the two-axis positioning sensor; and an ocular display assembly, that displays the optical axis pointing direction as an image superimposed on the image of the field of view.

A rifle scope, comprising: a scope housing and an optical train, supported in the scope housing and defining an optical axis having a pointing direction. Also, a pointing angle adjustment electrical user input device includes a first button having a first position that does not cause the pointing angle to change, and a second position that causes a progressive change in the pointing angle over time in a first direction. The user input device also includes a second button, also having a first position and a second position and wherein placing the second button in the second position causes the pointing angle to change over time in a second direction opposite to the first direction. Finally, the rifle scope includes an electric actuator, adapted to change the pointing direction, responsive to the user input device.

A method of producing a rifle scope having a body made in part of composite material. The method utilizes a composite material tubular housing element, having a rear and having an outer diameter and a metal eyepiece adapter in form of a tube having an inner diameter matching the outer diameter. In the method, the metal eyepiece adapter is adhered partially over the rear of the tubular housing element.

A method of making a rifle scope that utilizes a mounting assembly that includes a longitudinal base plate and a mating, closure housing piece. Separate optical assemblies are attached to the base plate to form an optical train of optical assemblies, extending longitudinally along the base plate, to form an image magnifying assembly. Also, at least some of the optical assemblies include a support and an optical element and an adjustment feature permitting adjustment of position of the optical element relative to the base plate. In the method, at least one of the adjustment features is used to adjust position of one of the optical elements, relative to the base plate, and wherein the optical element is then permanently fixed in place. Finally, the mating, closure housing piece is attached to the longitudinal base plate and the closure housing piece is fastened to the base, thereby forming a rifle scope.

News Article | March 29, 2015
Site: recycling.kruger.com

After assessing the situation of its activities following the fire that destroyed its Beauharnois facility last Thursday, Kruger Recycling is relieved that there were no injuries and is able to affirm that this loss will have very little impact on its services. On the day of the event, the Kruger Recycling Management Team immediately started reorganizing the activities that were conducted at the Beauharnois site, which was a secondary facility conducting complementary operations for the main Sorting and Recycling facility in Montreal , including the baling of papers and plastics, confidential document destruction and grinding of wood pallets. Since the administrative offices are adjacent to the Montreal facility, the management, sales, customer service and brokerage employees were able to pursue their daily tasks normally while also taking necessary measures to minimize the impact of the event on their customers. Although it will take a few months to fully reorganize operations, some of the Beauharnois activities have already been relocated and the Kruger Recycling team is able to provide the same level of service as before to all their clients.

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