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Duisburg, Germany

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH | Date: 2015-06-29

A microwave module

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH | Date: 2015-04-09

A communication arrangement (

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH | Date: 2015-10-15

A method for connecting a field device (

A magnetic-inductive flow meter with at least one measuring tube for through flow of an electrically conductive medium, with a magnetic field generating apparatus for generating an alternating magnetic field which runs at least also perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the measuring tube, with at least two measuring electrodes which especially contact the medium and with an evaluation circuit, the magnetic field generating apparatus having at least one field coil and one coil power supply. Because the measuring electrode circuit, therefore the electrical circuit to which the measuring electrodes belong is monitored by a crosstalk voltage indicator of the evaluation circuit which is active in an operating state when an electrically conductive medium is not flowing through the measuring tube, whether the measuring electrode circuit is serviceable can be derived from the crosstalk voltage.

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH and Bayer AG | Date: 2015-10-08

Pressure-drop device, useful for gas chromatographs or mass spectrometers, containing a planar base plate, a cover plate, a gas inlet opening, and a gas outlet opening, which are connected by a capillary groove, wherein the capillary groove is embodied as an etched groove or pressed groove in the base plate and covered by the cover plate and wherein a plurality of pressure-drop devices can be connected to form a module.

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