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Kharlamenko V.,Krivoy Rog National University
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2014

There considered the method of identification of load moment on working rolls of break-down mill on blooming on the base of inverse dynamic problem with implementation of adaptation of model coefficients by Kachmazh modeling algorithm. © Metallurgical and Mining Industry, 2014/2.

Popov S.O.,Krivoy Rog National University | Malinowskii Y.A.,Krivoy Rog National University | Danilina G.V.,National Aviation University | Kozyrev S.N.,SE SPI Krivbassproekt
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

The article describes the design features of the conveyor trains, their technological ability to perform transport operations in train and lines designs, productivity and efficiency of application, which are superior to the traditional modes of transport. The necessary development measures of the domestic version of this mode of transport are described. The material presented in this article refers to the possibilities, benefits, and ways of implementation of transport systems based on the conveyor train and substantiates the urgent need for rapid implementation of this mode of transport in the practice of domestic mining enterprises.

Lyalyuk V.P.,Krivoy Rog National University | Tarakanov A.K.,National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine | Kassim D.A.,Krivoy Rog National University | Listopadov V.S.,ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog | Miroshnichenko O.N.,ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog
Metallurgist | Year: 2016

On blast furnaces that have never been operated with the injection of pulverized-coal and that first need to be provided with high-quality iron-ore-bearing materials and coke, the use of a technology that charges lump anthracite into the furnaces can significantly reduce coke consumption and the cost of making pig iron. The technology is especially effective if the furnace’s productivity is limited by problems in obtaining the desired finished product and it has to be operated at lower speeds or it runs more efficiently under such conditions. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Minenko P.,Krivoy Rog National University | Minenko R.,Krivoy Rog National University | Mechnikov Y.,Krivoy Rog Geophysical Company
14th EAGE International Conference on Geoinformatics - Theoretical and Applied Aspects, Geoinformatics 2015 | Year: 2015

Since almost half of the territory of Ukraine is on the crystalline shield with small depths, the primary objectives of geophysics is to search them all ore deposits. Solving these problems is impossible without detailed geophysical gravimetric studies. Most geological arrays and anomalous bodies strongly heterogeneous physical properties. It is therefore necessary to have a sustainable methods for solving inverse linear problems gravimagnitometrii to determine the model blocks in secondary physical properties. For reliable extraction of gravity and magnetic data of geological information needed sustainable practices conversion software maps the field in the multilayer vertical sections and maps of the distribution of physical properties at low volumes a priori data. Especially when a large error field. To do this, use the iterative optimization methods that are filtered at each step, any changes in the physical properties of the block model and clarify important details of the anomalous bodies. As a result of experimental studies found that iterative correction of the first order gives the fuzzy solution. Then it was suggested that the second-and third-order will be able to collect more concentrated on the field map in the process of technological residual solutions. On theoretical examples succeeded. But additionally had to align the initial conditions of the second layer blocks. The proposed method has been tested on real fields. In particular, the magnetic field map on Ukrainian Crystalline Shield. Solution of the inverse problem for the field by simple iteration gave very poor results. However, with the use of iterative refinement of amendments the inverse result was closer to reality.

Donskov E.G.,Krivoy Rog National University | Lyalyuk V.P.,Krivoy Rog National University | Donskov A.D.,Krivoy Rog National University
Metallurgist | Year: 2014

Many years of use of high pressure and oxygen enrichment of the blast to intensify blast-furnace smelting have shown that the main reason these measures are not very effective and are sometimes even harmful is that the wind rate is reduced when they are used together. In essence, the oxygen that is already present in the blast air is replaced by expensive technical oxygen. The article explores the reasons that this situation exists. It is shown that the problem of increasing the oxygen content of the blast - which is the only direct goal of using intensifiers - is more simply and more cheaply solved by reducing the resistance of the air-blower-blast furnace-gas-cleaning equipment system to the blast that is supplied to the furnace. In particular, more oxygen can be delivered to the furnace via the blast by increasing the number of tuyeres and/or increasing the tuyeres' diameter. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Mulyavko V.I.,Krivoy Rog National University | Oleynik T.A.,Krivoy Rog National University | Oleynik M.O.,Krivoy Rog National University | Mikhno S.V.,Krivoy Rog National University | Lyashenko V.I.,Ukrainian Scientific R and D Institute for Industrial Technology
Obogashchenie Rud | Year: 2014

Two types of separators: triboelectric and magnetic, have been proposed and tested with respect to feebly magnetic ores separation, provid- ing for high operating efficiency owing to continuous separation process and design simplification. Possibility of production of concentrates with iron fraction of total mass reaching 60.6 %, recovery being 76.9 %, was verified. In beneficiation of oxidized quartzites, iron fraction of total mass in tailings amounts to 14.1 %. A new magnetic separator operating parameters, that provide for its higher efficiency and more reli- able functioning, are substantiated with regard to offset between rotational axes of drum and ferromagnetic cylinder, i. e., eccentricity, which allows to eliminate complex and unreliable systems for drum working surface regeneration and its fixation in operating position, thus making separation process continuous. In addition to that, rotation of magnetic system and drum working surface at similar linear speeds permits to recover even weakly-magnetic particles and intergrowths, composed of magnetic and non-magnetic material, from free-flowing material on the separator. The same is facilitated by heteropolar installation of magnetic elements with a clearance between their peripheral edges, thus increasing magnetic-field intensity gradient, i. e., force affecting particles in material flow. A triboelectric separator has been designed and tested; this type of separator provides for higher-intensity charging of particles and selective separation of positively charged particles. It was established, that an apparatus for effective separation of oxidized iron ore minerals needs to be equipped with several systems for charging and separation. Passing through them, separated material flow is totally cleaned from positively charged particles. Particles limit concentra- tion per unit volume has been calculated - when it is exceeded, the apparatus efficiency of operation decreases.

Stupnik M.I.,Krivoy Rog National University | Kalinichenko O.V.,Krivoy Rog National University | Kalinichenko V.O.,Krivoy Rog National University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2012

Purpose. To carry out the economic evaluation of risks of loss caused by geomechanical voilations, taking into account the probability of their occurrence for monitoring of large areas of original ground in the fields of closed and operating mines. Methodology. Different general scientific and special methods of investigation have been used for economic risk assessment: the method of critical analysis and synthesis of theoretical studies, the methods of simulation and analysis of the economic risk of loss caused by geomechanical disturbances, methods of statistical and graphical mathematical modeling, economic risk-analysis, method of systematic approach, the method of economic and mathematical modeling. To assure timeliness and accuracy of the calculations, the editor Excel 7.0 and the complex integrated system of statistical analysis and data processing Windows Statistica have been used. Findings. Economic evaluation of the geomechanical risks taking into account the probability of their occurrence in the monitoring of large parts of the earth surface in the fields of closed and operating mines allows us: to predict and estimate alternative development situation in the case of possible geomechanical violations; to make the most resonable decision if the geomechanical risk is high; to implement the decision in the most effective way due to adequate estimation of the possible damage. Originality. We have determined the dependence of possible economic costs Bi on liquidation of damages caused by geomechanical violations on j items of expenses. The variation of the possible economic loss 3i from the expected value MC(3) has been set. The standard deviation of the random variable of possible losses has been determined. We suggest choosing the optimal solution for the economic evaluation of the geomechanical risks by the maximum value of the Bayesian estimation criterion. Practical value. The method of determination of the economic impact of possible geomechanical violations of the surface in the fields of closed and operating mines, taking into account the probanility of the geomechanical risks has been suggested.

Stupnik M.I.,Krivoy Rog National University | Kalinichenko O.V.,Krivoy Rog National University | Kalinichenko V.O.,Krivoy Rog National University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2012

Purpose. To present technical and economic substantiation of self-propelled machinery application expediency in mines of Krivorozhsky bassin through the introduction of new technologies for stoped excavation opening and room cutting. Methodology. For the technical and economic substantiation of self-propelled machinery application expediency in underground mines in the basin the following general scientific and special methods of investigation have been used: a method of critical analysis and synthesis of theoretical studies, laboratory studies, a method of systematic approach, a method of economic and mathematical modeling. The software Excel 7.0 for OS Windows XP Professional was used for controlling of timeliness and accuracy of the calculations. Findings. The problem of introduction of selfpropelled drilling, and loading and haul equipment in the mines of Krivoy Rog basin should be solved in complex. For this purpose it is necessary and economically reasonable to apply the new technologies for development mining, preparation of horizons and block cutting. Originality. New correlations between costs and geological and technological conditions of iron ore mining by underground methods were set. And performance correlations when comparing the proposed and existing technologies of broken ore transportation in underground conditions. Practical value. The flow sheet of complex reconstruction of the mines of Krivoy Rog basin has been developed. For opening the ore fields in the deep horizons we propose to apply the scheme of opening horizons of concentration resulting almost 2-fold decrease of costs spent on mine capital work and the time commissioning work horizons. We offer the technology of preparing the horizon and first workings able to reduce the amount of preparing operations by 50%. We offer technologies resulting 1.5-2.5 times increase of the intensity of drilling and transportation of broken ore from rooms. The proposed measures can reduce the cost of mining in the mine in whole, and allow efficient use of expensive self-propelled machinery in mines of Krivoy Rog basin.

Shishkin A.,Krivoy Rog National University | Shishkina A.,Krivoy Rog National University | Vatin N.,Saint Petersburg State University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The article deals with the results from the analysis of the materials properties based on portland cement, polyalcohol and iron-bearing mineral assemblage. These materials are proved to possess higher compressive strength and lower shrinkage properties first and foremost, and besides they secure appropriate structural properties under a design project as well. On the grounds of the tests carried out it has been suggested to use the mix design of glycerin with portland cement and iron-bearing mineral assemblage with the purpose to obtain the material having the high compressive strength and most nearly lacking the shrinkage properties. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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