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Johor, Malaysia

Bocharov A.A.,Kristall
Tsvetnye Metally | Year: 2013

The success of organization in modern economic conditions depends more from the qualification of personnel. The governing body of "Kristall" Production Corporation consideres the education and progress of personnell as the most important factor of success. Nowadays, the organization has the efficient system of continuous professional development of personnell, and cumulation and development of corporate experience. In 2011, "Kristall" Production Corporation got the license to do the educational activities on 10 programs of personnell training. According to this, the enterprise also turned over the educational and scientific-industrial base. The capacity of educational center completely covers the requirements of enterprise in new staff and makes it possible to train the personnel for exterior diamondprocessing enterprises. Source

This article gives the basic conception about the requirements and peculiarities of managerial decisions, which are made in modern conditions. In terms of the stability and further provision of successful activities of Russian enterprises, the primary importance task is the development of mechanisms of managerial decisions, which promote the increasing of competitiveness. The choice of object is the most important moment in development and making the managerial decision, because the object defines the development strategy and tactics of the following activities. This object is also the basis for estimation of effectiveness of made decisions and efficiency of developed measures. For the enterprises, which seek to increase the economical activities' efficiency, it is necessary to develop the effective strategy and corresponding instruments of substantiation of managerial decisions on optimal combination of profit, cost price and production size of output production. There is considered the experience of "Kristall" Production Corporation on making the following basic managerial decisions for enterprise: capitalization of enterprise, increasing the production quality, technical re-equipment of production, and acceptance of the plan of strategic development of society for the period till 2020. This plan formulated the basic objects of society development. There was also proposed the system of measures for the transmission from the initial condition to the target condition. The elements of target condition of society are not only the high financial and economic stability, improvement of technologies and marketing strategy, but also the efficient system of personnell management and development of corporate experience. Society accepted the managerial decisions, which are confirmed by good dynamics of the basic indices of financial conditions. Source

"Kristall" Production Corporation is the largest manufacturer of cut diamonds in Russia and one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. For the purpose of ensuring the marketable competitiveness, the company holds the global technical re-equipment. It is necessary for the production of "Premium" category cut diamonds, with wide spectrum of qualititative-colour characteristics. The mass of such cut diamonds varies from 0,01 to 10,00 carat and more. These cut diamonds have traditional circular faceted shape and various fasntasy faceted shapes. The long-term program of technical refit and re-equipment was calculated for the period till 2018. First of all, this program concerns the basic production stages: lining-out, cutting, chipping and faceting. Each of these stages is the part of the process of transformation of diamond into the high-quality cut diamond. Source

Kristall | Date: 2013-01-18

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Kristall | Date: 2012-03-22

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