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Pidlisnyuk V.,Matej Bel University | Pidlisnyuk V.,Kremenchuk National University | Stefanovska T.,University of Life Science and the Environment | Lewis E.E.,University of California at Davis | And 2 more authors.
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences | Year: 2014

There are many locations where soil quality improvements would be beneficial because of contamination, erosion, flooding, or past human activities. Miscanthus, a C-4 grass related to sugarcane, grows well in mildly contaminated soil and on sites where soil quality is poor, particularly with respect to nitrogen. Because of its high biomass yield, it is of interest as an energy crop, and as a plant to use for simultaneous crop production and phytoremediation. Here we review recent literature on using miscanthus for combined biomass production and phytoremediation of contaminated and marginal lands. We analyze both advantages and disadvantages for production of this crop along with phytoremediation of sites contaminated with metals and petroleum hydrocarbon. Reports of laboratory and field investigations, which use Miscanthus spp. for stabilizing and removing metals are considered. The potential for growing miscanthus commercially at contaminated and marginal sites in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe as well as the United States appears to be good because large quantities of biomass can be produced and effective phyto-stabilization can be achieved with very slow metal removal over time. In addition, soil quality is improved in many cases. © 2014 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Zagirnyak M.,Kremenchuk National University | Rod'kin D.,Kremenchuk National University | Korenkova T.,Kremenchuk National University
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny | Year: 2011

A power approach to estimation of electromechanical complexes controllability using instantaneous power method has been offered. It has been determined that power controllability characterizes the quality of energy conversion processes in the system, reflects manifestation of nonlinear properties of the object. A mathematical procedure for determination of power losses for the whole power channel of electromechanical complex power conversion has been developed. It has been shown that formation of balance equations of separate instantaneous power components underlies the estimation of electromechanical complexes power controllability.

Slavko O.,Kremenchuk National University
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE 7th International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems, IDAACS 2013 | Year: 2013

Problem of Quality of Service (QoS) providing in computer networks in case of uncertainty of data transferring processes is examined. Method of random early detection (RED) for congestion avoidance in networks is analyzed. Modification of adaptive RED (ARED) is offered. This modification consists in adjusting parameter, that are used during determination of average queue length in router's buffer, on a base of queue stability condition and dynamic adjustment of maximum probability of packets drop in case of congestions. Reducing of networks parameters amount, that are used for adjusting of active queue management algorithms, on a base of their ranking towards availability and importance, is offered. © 2013 IEEE.

Korenkova T.V.,Kremenchuk National University
Technical Electrodynamics | Year: 2014

Methodological approach to formation of electric hydraulic complexes power models in the form of balance equations of harmonic components of power function is offered. It is found out that the use of indices based on determination of effective powers of both separate elements and the system on the whole for estimation of the capacity of the power channel, power controllability of electric hydraulic complexes is justified.

Lutsenko I.,Kremenchuk National University
EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies | Year: 2015

At present, technological subsystems are usually hard-coded to produce a consumer product with a certain performance, and efficiency, which is defined either by the factory settings, or determined by the technologist's view on the mode, suitable for this or that equipment. This is predetermined by a number of factors, however, features of the architecture of the technological line, which prevent the possibility to independently vary the feed of raw and energy products, as well as the lack of built-in capabilities to assess the absolute value added of the technological operation and effectiveness of the technological operation are determining ones. There are no such shortcomings in the technological subsystem with a batch feed of raw products, the architecture of which is developed in the framework of this publication. Independence of the performance change from external demand is ensured by the presence of the own buffering system of the finished product. Built-in capability to obtain data on economic parameters of the technological operation provides implementation of a full parametric optimization according to the resource efficiency criterion. The maximum number of degrees of freedom together with the ability to assess technological operations opens up the practical possibility of implementing new, previously unavailable in terms of effectiveness technologies in production.

Lutsenko I.,Kremenchuk National University
EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies | Year: 2015

Currently, the increase in financial returns from economic operations is constrained in view of the lack of a single efficiency criterion, which allows uniquely identify the business operation by their main feature - the possibility of obtaining the maximum value added (profit). One of the main scientific steps on the way to obtaining the formula of efficiency is developing the "resource intensity" indicator. The development of this indicator was based on the model of the deployed operation and determination of the time of the actual completion of the target operation, which does not coincide with the traditional notion of the time of completion of economic operations. For processes with distributed parameters, an expression for determining the resource intensity using numerical methods was derived. For economic operations, which can be reduced to simple operations, an analytical expression of resource intensity was obtained. Using mathematical modeling methods it was revealed that in the case of a fixed value of expert (cost) estimate of output products of the operation, the minimum resource intensity of the operation indicates a maximum efficiency operation with respect to the target product of the operation. Development of the resource intensity of economic operations is the final step towards the development of cybernetic (interdisciplinary) efficiency indicator that allows to maximize the value added (profit) of economic operations.

Lutsenko I.,Kremenchuk National University
EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies | Year: 2015

Guaranteed maximization of financial returns from economic structures is only possible if all of its systems are focused on selecting target operations with maximum efficiency. Is it possible? Any system is created to enhance the value of output products of the system operation. Thus, two products: a consumer product that has value to the customer and the target product (value added), rewarding manufacturer of consumer value are formed at the output of the managed system. If the management system has degrees of freedom, obtaining a consumer product with desired quality characteristics can be achieved with various management modes, each corresponding to their costs, results and operation time. All that is necessary is to be able to evaluate the efficiency of the operation based on its basic indicators, available for any operation. Efficiency formula, which can be used to assess any target operation, including with distributed parameters was obtained. In this case, it is necessary to use numerical methods. As applied to the model of the simple operation, efficiency formula is extremely simple. To use it, it is necessary to get only three parameters from the system under study: the cost estimate of input products of the operation, the cost estimate of output products of the operation and the operation time. Since these basic indicators are available in absolutely any system, they can all be oriented to achieve the global goal-the maximum resource efficiency.

Lutsenko I.,Kremenchuk National University
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

An approach to the synthesis of simple systems is suggested. The concepts of "basic operation", "basic mechanism" and "dual system" are introduced. It is found that the classification criterion of the number of the basic system operations is the number of its control subsystems. The definition of the "dual system" concept is given. The concepts of "simple system", "control system", "complicated system", "large system" are clarified. A refined classification of systems and system entities is suggested.

Zagirnyak M.,Kremenchuk National University | Mamchur D.,Kremenchuk National University | Kalinov A.,Kremenchuk National University
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny | Year: 2012

The comparison of effectiveness of induction motors fault detection methods based on experimental results analysis is presented. Researches showed possible disadvantages of the current spectra analysis method and advantages of the method based on phase power and total three-phase instantaneous power spectra analysis.

Zagirnyak M.,Kremenchuk National University
Technical Electrodynamics | Year: 2013

To develop control circuits for direct current electromagnets (magnetic separators, lifting electromagnets, actuators) it is necessary to calculate their windings inductances. Estimation of inductance requires determination of winding flux linkage. In the present paper the mentioned problem is solved analytically referring to U-shaped electromagnet with a rectangular window space where two energized coils are located. In this case the assigned problem is to determine the inter-coil gap influence on the value of vector potential and, correspondingly, the scattered-flux linkage (inductance). As a result, distribution of vector magnetic potential has been determined for U-shaped electromagnet window space by Rogovskii's method. An analytical expression for winding scattered-flux linkage (two coils) and its inductance has been obtained. Curves determining winding scatter specific inductance are shown for the considered electromagnet. An inductance component conditioned by the gap between two coils has been singled out and presented by an algebraic expression. Calculations of the given scatter inductances in electric systems of industrial suspended guard magnets proved the necessity for taking inter-coil gap into consideration.

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