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Tenan, South Korea

Korea Nazarene University is a Christian based on university located in Cheonan, Republic of Korea. Wikipedia.

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Park K.,Korea Nazarene University
Journal of Physical Therapy Science | Year: 2017

[Purpose] This study examined the impact of wearing a functional foot orthotic on the pelvic angle of young adults who have flatfoot. [Subjects and Methods] A total of 15 college students diagnosed with flatfoot were included in the study. Changes in the pelvic angle in the stance period during walking before and after orthotic use were measured using a VICON Motion System (VICON, Hansung, Korea). The data were analyzed using SPSS 12.0 for Windows. [Results] In the experimental group, the pelvic angle during the mid-stance and mid-swing periods of the gait cycle significantly decreased on the left and right sides after wearing the orthotic, compared to the measurements taken before orthotic usage. The pelvic angle change on the left and right sides also decreased after wearing the orthotic, though this difference was not significant. [Conclusion] The pelvic angle of college students with flatfoot decreased after they wore orthotics. This implies that wearing orthotic shoes can greatly benefit individuals during normal walking by promoting passive changes that decrease the pelvic angle. © 2017 The Society of Physical Therapy Science.

Background: Genomic alterations in the early stage of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) have a tight relationship with tumor initiation and potentially activate downstream pathways that are implicated in tumor progression. Methodology: In this study, the most salient and consistent finding was frequentcopy number gains (log2 ratio >0.25) at the long of chromosome 1, which occurred in 78.3% (18/23) of stage l/ll NSCLC cases and the delineated minimal common region was 1 q21.1-q44. More importantly, three distinct regions of amplifications in the 1 q21.1-q44 region were detected in 17.4% (4/23) of the cases. Results: Among these amplified loci, the 1 q44 locus comprises AKT3are presentative oncogene. In addition, SDCCAG8 (1q44) and SLC35F3 (1q42.2) genes were identified as probable genetic targets within the amplicon (12.5%), which have not been previously considered to play a pathogenic role in NSCLCs. These findings suggested that genetic alterations on chromosome 1 q are the first step in the initiation of the genomic instability contributing to early NSCLC development. Conclusion: The newly identified genes at the 1q42.2-q44 amplified chromosomal region might be of interest for further studies of the pathophysiology of the early stages of NSCLC and are indicated as potential therapeutic targets. © 2017 Jiun Kang.

Im K.-M.,Korea Nazarene University
Energy Efficiency | Year: 2017

Daylighting is an important factor in improving visual comfort and energy efficiency. Lighting control using daylighting can reduce energy consumption in buildings. This thesis proposes an automatic demand response system for lighting based on wireless sensor networks (WSN) in order to reduce the peak electricity demand according to the stage of electricity rate with real-time pricing (RTP), time of use pricing (TOUP), and critical peak pricing (CPP). The proposed system automatically controls the slat angle of the venetian blind with a cut-off angle according to the altitude of the sun, automatically executing light dimming according to measured current luminance to remove an unpleasant glare caused by daylighting. The target illuminance of area at this time is set at a minimum illuminance required for the work execution in the office during the time zone where the electricity load is high to save the lighting energy cost, while a maximum illuminance is set during the time zone where the electricity load is low according to the real-time electricity pricing stages obtained through the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in order to improve the work efficiency of the occupants. In this study, two testbeds having the same environments, as well as a control system targeting a fixed illuminance per price system, were established. The illuminance energy consumption and cost were then measured and the effect of the proposed illuminance system was evaluated. © 2017 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht

[Purpose] This study investigated the effects of pelvic adjustment on pelvic posture and lower limb joint angles during walking in female university students. [Subjects] Thirty healthy female university students were randomly assigned to an experimental group (pelvic adjustment group, n = 15) and a control group (stretching group, n = 15). [Methods] Pelvic adjustment was performed three times on the experimental group. The control group performed three sets of pelvic muscle stretching for 15 minutes. A back mapper and motion analysis equipment were used to measure pelvic posture and angles of lower limb joints for the experimental and control group. [Results] The values obtained before and after the intervention were compared. For the experimental group, the results were significantly different in terms of reduced differences in hip flexion between the left and right hips and in knee abduction between the left and right knees. Differences in pelvic position and pelvic torsion were also found in the experimental group. No significant differences in the control group were identified. [Conclusion] Pelvic adjustment affects pelvic position and torsion and this enhancement to pelvic stability decreases hip flexion and knee abduction during walking. © 2016 The Society of Physical Therapy Science. Published by IPEC Inc.

[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a dance music jump rope exercise on changes Pulmonary Function and body mass index in female overweight subjects in their 20’s. [Subjects and Methods] The subjects were randomly assigned to the dance music jump rope exercise group and the stationary cycle exercise group. All subjects have conducted the exercises three times a week for four weeks. Pulmonary function was evaluated using a spirometer, and body mass index was evaluated using an InBody 3.0. [Results] The findings of this study showed significant improvements in the voluntary capacity and body mass index of the experimental groups. Vital capacity was higher in the music jump rope exercise group than the stationary cycle exercise group, and body mass index was lower in the music jump rope exercise group than the stationary cycle exercise group. [Conclusion] This study showed that the dance music jump rope exercise can be used to improve vital capacity and body mass index. © 2017 The Society of Physical Therapy Science. Published by IPEC Inc.

Kang J.U.,Korea Nazarene University | Koo S.H.,Chungnam National University
International Journal of Molecular Medicine | Year: 2012

The lymph node metastatic (LNM) spread of tumor cells is a frequent event in the initial process of cancer dissemination and is a powerful independent prognostic indicator in gastric adenocarcinoma (GAC). High density genomic arrays were conducted to identify molecular markers associated with lymph node metastasis in GAC. In the genome-wide profile, large copy number gains involving chromosomes 1p, 3q, 8q, 9q, 11q, 16p, 19p, and 20q (log2 ratio >0.25) (>40% of patients) were more prevalent than copy number losses. The most notable finding was copy number gains at the long arm of chromosome 11, which occurred in 75.0% of lymphatic metastasis GAC cases, and the delineated minimal common region was 11q24.2-q12.1. More specifically, 2 amplified (>1 log2 ratio) loci on the 11q13.3 region were detected in 12.5% of the cases. The first locus, covers a region of ∼7.7 Mbp, and comprises the representative oncogene of cyclin D1 (CCNDI). This finding occurred in 12.5% of the cases. Additionally, an oral cancer overexpressed 1 (ORAOV1) gene was identified as a probable target within the 11q13 amplicon, which previously was not assumed to play a pathogenic role in GACs (12.5%). A second locus spanning 7.8 Mbp on 11q13.3 without associated genes also showed high-level amplifications in 12.5% of the GACs. This study indicates that the long arm of chromosome 11 harbors protooncogenes that are associated with lymphatic metastasis formation and the ORAOV1 gene at the 11q13.3 region could be a potential target and serve as an indicator for the presence of occult metastases in GAC.

Kim S.,Yonsei University | Ko Y.H.,Yonsei University | Jun E.Y.,Korea Nazarene University
Psycho-Oncology | Year: 2012

Objective For families with dependent children, the situational crisis of a cancer diagnosis may compound the developmental task of parenting. This study aimed to explore the impact of breast cancer on Korean mothers and their children following diagnosis. Methods Korean women diagnosed with breast cancer at 50 years or younger more than a year ago were recruited by posting announcements at a breast cancer clinic and through referrals and snowball sampling. A one-time in-depth interview ranging from 60 to 90 min was conducted and data were transcribed verbatim for content analysis. Results Five themes emerged from the data: (1) The delicate balance of being able to focus on self, which also was a conflicting factor in their relationship with children; (2) The continuing challenge of taking care of children, which was closely linked to supports, health condition, and cultural notions of parenting and lingering stigma; (3) The importance of informing children in a timely manner; (4) An overall shift in attitudes towards raising children as independent beings; and (5) Relinquishing and re-envisioning the future for their children and themselves. Conclusions Breast cancer brings new challenges in mother-child relationships with culturally framed issues. Findings can guide healthcare providers in giving relevant anticipatory guidance for women diagnosed with breast cancer and in considering family-focused psychosocial and behavioral interventions for families with breast cancer. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Kang J.U.,Korea Nazarene University
Oncology Letters | Year: 2014

Early gastric carcinoma (GC) is considered to be a curable cancer, as it progresses to the advanced stage following varying durations. Understanding the early stage of GC may provide an insight into its pathogenesis and contribute to reducing the mortality rate of this disease. To investigate the genomic aberrations associated with 22 cases of early GC, high-density microarray comparative genomic hybridization was performed in the present study. The most notable finding was copy number gains (log2 ratio >0.25) on the long arm of chromosome 8, which occurred in 77.3% (17/22) of GC cases, and the delineated minimal common region was 8q22.1-q24.3. More specifically, two amplified (log2 ratio >1) loci in the 8q22.1-q24.3 region were detected in 18.2% (4/22) of GC cases. The first loci covered a region of 102.4-107.9 kb, mapping on 8q22.3-q23.1, and comprised the transcription factor CP2-like 3 gene. The second loci, spanning 128.7-145.7 kb on 8q24.21-q24.3, comprised the representative oncogene of myelocytomatosis. Furthermore, the following possible target genes that were not previously considered to play a pathogenic role in GC were identified: Plasmacytoma variant translocation 1, cysteine/histidine rich 1, kinesin family member C2, forkhead box H1, protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 16A, glutamic-pyruvate transaminase, LOC113655 and RecQ protein-like 4. In the present study, previous findings showing that 8q mutations accumulate early during the multistage pathogenesis of GC were confirmed and expanded upon. The confirmation of previously reported 8q gains and the identification of novel target genes at 8q22.1-q24.3 amplified chromosomal sites should aid in improving our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the tumorigenesis of early GC.

Kim K.,Korea Nazarene University
International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering | Year: 2014

In this paper, we proposed the sound scene control (SSC) of the multi-channel audio signals in MPEG Surround to enhance the MPEG Surround with respect to the functionality. To add a new functionality to the MPEG Surround, we proposed the multi-channel sound scene control by modification of the spatial parameters such as the channel level difference and the inter-channel correlation. Even though the panning law is directly applied to the spatial parameters, the output channel signals are successfully panned by given panning angle. The quality and the localization ability of the proposed SSC are confirmed by the subjective listening test. © 2014 SERSC.

Korea Nazarene University | Date: 2012-03-12

An augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device for a disabled person, and more particularly, an AAC device for the disabled person who has some degree of cognitive skills using pictures to express his/her communication. The AAC device includes a main body having a board shape in which an indicator connector protrudes from a front center portion; a communication display board attached to a front surface of the main body and including a plurality of symbols attached in a radial shape; an indicator rotatably connected to the indicator connector to indicate the corresponding symbols according to a user indication; and a controller installed in a lower portion of the main body, receiving an input signal from the user, and controlling the operation of the indicator.

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