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Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine | Date: 2014-11-20

A health state determining method is disclosed, which includes receiving a facial image of a user, obtaining at least one user database (DB) image corresponding to the facial image, and determining a health state of the user by comparing the facial image to the at least one user DB image.

The present invention relates to a composition including an Amomi Rotundus Fructus extract or a fraction thereof as an active ingredient, which can be used for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of acute renal failure.

The present invention relates to lactic acid fermented Galgeuntang, and a composition comprising the said lactic acid bacteria fermented Galgeuntang or Galgeuntang as an active ingredient, more particularly, to lactic acid fermented Galgeuntang prepared by the steps of inoculating lactic acid bacteria to Galgeuntang, culturing thereof, and fermenting thereof, and a composition for preventing or treating liver toxicity comprising the said fermented Galgeuntang or Galgeuntang. The composition of the present invention has treatment effect on liver toxicity, so that it can be effectively used as a liver function recovering agent or health food for liver function recovery.

Disclosed is a composition including an

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition and a health functional food composition for prevention, treatment or amelioration of diabetic complications or angioedema containing a mixed extract of

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