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Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2015-06-15

The present invention relates to a thermoelectric generator comprising a liquid metal heat exchanger, the thermoelectric generator comprising: a thermoelectric element; a power generation unit electrically connected to the thermoelectric element; a liquid metal heat exchange unit, which is connected to the high-temperature side of the thermoelectric element and has a liquid metal flowing therein; and a heat source unit connected to the liquid metal heat exchange unit so as to exchange heat therewith.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2015-02-10

Disclosed is a mass-cultivation system for microalgae, including a reactor that contains a cultivation liquid in the interior thereof, wherein the liquid includes functional particles. According to the mass-cultivation system for microalgae according to the present invention, because various functions that are necessary for cultivation of microalgae may be uniformly distributed in a cultivation liquid by allowing functional particles having various functions to flow in the cultivation liquid, a suitable environment may be created based on the cultivation of a large amount of microalgae and the growth of microalgae so that a high efficiency cultivation system may be realized while the problems of mass-cultivation of an existing cultivation system may be solved.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2017-07-19

The present application relates to an electron beam emission device which is provided with a concave cathode and a holder and may operate more stably and produce a high output by inhibiting the occurrence of an arc, and an exemplary embodiment of the present application discloses an electron beam emission device including: a housing which defines a space in which electron beams are emitted; a cathode which is disposed at one side in the housing, and emits the electrons; an anode which is positioned in the housing so as to be spaced apart from the cathode toward the other side, and accelerates the electrons emitted from the cathode; and an insulation holder which insulates a portion between the cathode and the housing, and fixes the cathode, in which the cathode has a surface which faces the anode and is formed concavely to have a gradient, and a rim of the surface of the cathode, which has the gradient, is formed to be rounded.

The present invention relates to a multichannel head assembly for a three-dimensional modeling apparatus which can improve productivity by simultaneously or synchronously modeling a plurality of three-dimensional shaped objects having the same shape or different shapes, and a three-dimensional modeling apparatus using the same, the present invention comprising: a modeling light source unit for allowing N modeling beams to be incident to a light guide unit; the light guide unit for receiving the N incident modeling beams and having a function of guiding each of the N modeling beams along a predetermined path so as to allow the N modeling beams to be incident to N modeling planes in one-to-one correspondence with each other; and a control unit for controlling driving of the modeling light source unit and driving of the light guide unit to be linked with each other.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2016-10-12

A method of manufacturing an iron bus bar includes preparing an iron core and forming a copper layer having a thickness of 10 to 30 m on the iron core by coating. The manufactured iron bus bar has high strength and durability as well as excellent electrical conductivity can be manufactured at low cost.

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for manufacturing solar cells having a nano-micro composite structure on a silicon substrate and solar cells manufactured thereby. The technical problem to be solved is to provide a method for manufacturing solar cells and solar cells manufactured thereby, the method being capable of forming micro wires in various sizes according to the lithographic design of a photoresist and forming nano wires, which have various sizes and aspect ratios, by adjusting the concentration of a wet etching solution and immersion time. To this end, the present invention provides a method for manufacturing solar cells and solar cells manufactured thereby, the method comprising the steps of: preparing a first conductive semiconductor substrate having a first surface and a second surface; patterning a photoresist on the second surface of the first conductive semiconductor substrate such that the plane form of the photoresist becomes a form in which multiple horizontal lines and multiple vertical lines intersect each other; electrolessly etching the semiconductor substrate so as to form a micro wire having a width of 1-3 m and a height of 3-5 m in a region corresponding to the photoresist and to form multiple nano wires having a width of 1-100 nm and a height of 1-3 m in a region not corresponding to the photoresist; doping the micro wire and nano wires with a second conductive impurity by using POCl_(3); forming a first electrode on the first surface of the semiconductor substrate; and forming a second electrode on the micro wire, wherein the efficiency of the solar cells is 10-13%, the efficiency being the ratio of output to incident light energy per unit area.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2017-02-03

A wafer via solder filling device includes a solder bath comprising an accommodation space for accommodating a molten solder, with an open top, and an air outlet for exhausting air from the accommodation space; a fixing unit for fixing the wafer having a via formed in one surface in the accommodation space to seal the accommodation space airtight; and a pressing unit for pressing a bottom of the molten solder arranged in the solder bath and moving the molten solder upward, to fill the molten solder in the via.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2016-05-20

An embodiment of the present disclosure, provides a method of optical inspection on a carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) component in which performs an inspection, by maintaining the focal distance for a surface of an object to be inspected, and making a light axis of an image device and a normal line of the surface of the object to be inspected to be identical.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology | Date: 2015-01-16

The present invention relates to a display device that includes a cover part; a driving unit for transmitting an external force to the human body through the cover part; and a display unit that is provided in contact with the cover part, and indicates a display in accordance with the external force transmitted from the driving unit.

A flexible TiInZnO transparent electrode for a dye-sensitized solar cell includes a flexible transparent substrate, and a TiInZnO thin-film on the flexible transparent substrate. The TiInZnO thin-film has an amorphous structure. The flexible transparent electrode, despite being deposited at room or low temperature, has low surface resistance, high conductivity and transmittance, superior resistance against external bending, improved surface characteristics and better surface roughness performance.

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