Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

Kookmin University is the first national private university located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea after the liberation of the Republic of Korea from Japan. Kookmin University was established in 1946. After South Korea was liberated from Japan, Gu kim, Soang Jo and Ikhee Shin who are the members of the cabinet in a provisional government had agreed to cultivate a great leader among the Republic of Korea in perspective, which soon became the banner of the Kookmin University. Ikhee Shin who is one of the key figures of establishment for the Kookmin University was inaugurated as the first president of the University. Kookmin University is owned by the SsangYong Group, which bought the university in 1959.Kookmin University has an academic family of 22,000 students, about 800 faculty members and 350 administrative staff. Since its establishment in 1946, approximately 60,000 students have graduated.Kookmin University includes the College of Humanities, the College of Engineering and 12 other colleges. The university includes a Graduate school which consists of three Professional Graduate Schools and ten Special Graduate Schools. Kookmin teaches in the fields of Design, Architecture, Automotive Engineering, Techno-Design, Social Science and other academic disciplines.The College of Design held the first rank in three fields and the second rank in two fields among a total of five fields as a result of a nationwide assessment in 2007 in South Korea. The college has been ranked among the top three departments in Korea with Seoul National University and Hongik University.Kookmin University's Graduate School of Techno Design, which was established with the view of nurturing "design human capability of world level", has been selected for the BK 21 project. The Techno Design School's interdisciplinary connection and expertise in educational-industrial cooperation is expected to create synergy with the "UIT design".In the Joongangilbo University Ranking 2011, the School of Economics achieved third in Korea. Wikipedia.

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Kookmin University | Date: 2015-04-06

The described technology relates to a backlight unit and a display device comprising including the backlight unit. In one aspect, the backlight unit includes a light source and a light guiding plate configured to guide light emitted from the light source, The backlight unit also includes an optical sheet integrally formed with the light guiding plate and including a micro pattern configured to emit light reflected from the light guiding plate.

Provided is a resistance-switching device. The resistance-switching device includes a first wiring including an aluminum oxide surface layer, and a second wiring including a carbon-containing surface layer in contact with the aluminum oxide surface layer. Electrochemical reaction products according to a reaction of aluminum oxide and carbon are generated or destroyed at a contact interface between the aluminum oxide surface layer and the carbon-containing surface layer according to a voltage or a current applied to the first wiring and the second wiring, and low resistance and high resistance are provided between the first wiring and the second wiring by the generation or destruction of the electrochemical reaction products.

Lee J.-S.,Kookmin University
Journal of Materials Chemistry | Year: 2011

Semiconductor device technology has continuously advanced through active research and the development of innovative technologies during the past decades. Semiconductor devices are expected to descend below the 10 nm scale within the next 10 years. Meanwhile, nanofabrication technology and the synthesis of nanostructured materials for novel device applications have made considerable progress too. This review will discuss new technologies that make this continuous device scaling possible. Then, recent efforts and research activities will be discussed regarding the fabrication and characterization of non-volatile memory devices made of nanostructured materials and by nanofabrication. This review concludes with an analysis of device fabrication strategies and device architectures beyond the device scaling limit with an emphasis on some promising technologies from bottom-up approaches. © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Sohn K.,Kookmin University
Economics and Human Biology | Year: 2015

Analyzing the Indonesian Family Life Survey for the year 2007, this paper estimates that a 10 cm increase in physical stature is associated with an increase in earnings of 7.5% for men and 13.0% for women, even after controlling for an extensive set of productivity variables. When the height premium is estimated by sector, it is 12.3% for self-employed men and 18.0% for self-employed women; a height premium of 11.1% is also estimated for women in the private sector. In the public sector, however, the height premium estimate is not statistically significant for either men or women. This paper provides further evidence of discrimination based on customers' preferences for tall workers. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

An austenitic steel matrix-nanoparticle composite and a producing method thereof are provided. The composite includes: an austenitic steel matrix that includes an alloying element; and a nanoparticle that grows in situ in the matrix and that is formed in the matrix. The nanoparticle grows from the alloying element included in the austenitic steel matrix. The method includes: preparing an austenitic steel matrix including an alloying element; and heating the austenitic steel matrix. In the method, the nanoparticle grows in situ in the matrix from the alloying element which is solid-dissolved in the austenitic steel matrix by the heating.

Kookmin University | Date: 2015-11-03

A gas concentration apparatus and a method of operating the gas concentration apparatus are provided. The gas concentration apparatus includes a gas concentration module. The gas concentration module includes a base component having a chamber configured to accommodate carbon foam, a gas inlet connected to one side of the chamber, a gas outlet connected to the other side of the chamber, and a heating device disposed on at least one side of the substrate.

Hyundai Motor Company and Kookmin University | Date: 2015-11-17

An integrated flexible thermoelectric device includes p-type carbon nanoparticle regions and n-type carbon nanoparticle regions which are alternately and continuously connected to each other. In particular, the p-type carbon nanoparticle regions and the n-type carbon nanoparticle regions are formed on the one carbon nanoparticle paper.

Electronics, Telecommunications Research Institute and Kookmin University | Date: 2015-11-25

An apparatus for transmitting 3DTV broadcasting encodes a base video using scalable video coding (SVC) or scalable high efficiency video coding (SHVC) scheme to generate a base layer stream and an enhancement layer stream of the base video, encodes each of an additional video and video enhancement information data for enhancing video quality of the additional video, transmits the base layer stream and the enhancement layer stream of the base video through a base layer channel and an enhancement layer channel, respectively, and transmits the encoded additional video and the encoded video enhancement information data through the base layer channel or the enhancement layer channel.

The present invention herein relates to a method of forming a through-hole in a silicon substrate. The present invention herein also relates to a method of forming an electrical connection element which penetrates through the silicon substrate, and to a semiconductor device manufactured thereby. More particularly, the present invention herein relates to a method of forming in a silicon substrate a through-hole capable of reducing roughness in a side wall of the through-hole and exhibiting low permittivity, by alternatingly laminating cationic and anionic polymer on the through-hole that has a dent on the side wall to form a porous elastic layer, and also relates to a method of forming an electrical connection that penetrates through the silicon substrate, and to a semiconductor device manufactured thereby.

Kookmin University | Date: 2015-06-24

The present invention relates to an amphiphilic polymer which includes a large amount of hydrophilic structures and hydrophobic structures, and thereby effectively stabilizing a membrane protein having a hydrophobic surface in an aqueous solution. A method of preparing an amphiphilic polymer represented by Formula 1 includes reacting a poly-gamma-glutamic acid with a reaction product of a fluorescent dye, biotin, an alkyl carboxylic acid having 1 to 10 carbon atoms or a cycloalkyl carboxylic acid having 5 to 20 carbon atoms having a carboxyl group, and dicyclo-hexylcarbodiimide (DCC) and reacting the poly-gamma-glutamic acid with DCC after reacting the poly-gamma-glutamic acid with the reaction product, and reacting the poly-gamma-glutamic acid with a hydrophilic amine and a hydrophobic amine.

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