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Kongju, South Korea

Kongju National University is a university located in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea with three campuses in Gongju, Cheonan and Yesan. Kongju National University is 2014 International Education Quality Assurance System certified university. Wikipedia.

Electronics, Telecommunications Research Institute and Kongju National University | Date: 2014-09-02

A method and apparatus for transmitting a signal for channel estimation through a plurality of antennas are provided. A plurality of resources that are adjacent to each other in a time axis and a frequency axis are selected from among a set of resources that include a symbol in the time axis and a subcarrier in the frequency axis. Reference signals for the plurality of antennas are transmitted through the selected plurality of resources.

Kongju National University and Samsung | Date: 2013-08-02

An apparatus and method for ray tracing includes a traversal (TRV) unit using a tree acceleration structure (AS). The TRV unit may include a plurality of sub-pipeline units configured to perform different operations required for ray TRV using the tree AS and to operate in parallel.

Samsung and Kongju National University | Date: 2014-05-07

A pipeline system includes input buffers, a relay for controlling withdrawal of data stored in the input buffers, and functional blocks for performing one or more processing operations. A method of operating a pipeline system includes withdrawing data from one of input buffers and performing different one or more processing operations.

Kongju National University and Nanotech & Beyond Co. | Date: 2011-07-22

Provided is a method for producing Ag nanowires, including, heating a precursor solution that includes: an Ag salt; a water-soluble polymer; a surfactant, or a halide of metal ions having a standard reduction potential of 0.1 to 0.9V as a metal catalyst; and a reduction solvent, to produce the Ag nanowires. According to this method, a time for synthesizing nanowires may be considerably decreased, and an amount of Ag precursor discarded without reaction may be effectively reduced. As a result, the Ag nanowires may be produced with high efficiency and mass-production thereof through a simple scale-up may be successfully achieved.

Disclosed are a hydraulic binder composition using rapidly-cooled steelmaking reduced slag powder and a method of preparing the same. More particularly, the rapidly-cooled steelmaking reduced slag (RC-LFS) powder is obtained by spraying and scattering gas at a high pressure and high speed onto electric furnace smelting reduction slag, which is one of the by-products generated during iron smelting performed in an ironworks, and quickly cooling and pulverizing the slag. The initial high hydration heat reaction and initial setting of the rapidly-cooled steelmaking reduced slag (RC-LFS) powder are delayed to ensure workability. A retardant and gypsum are mixed into the rapidly-cooled steelmaking reduced slag (RC-LFS) powder so as to activate the generation of needle-shaped ettringite and to thus develop the initial and long-term strength, and therefore the rapidly-cooled steelmaking reduced slag (RC-LFS) powder of the present invention can be used as a substitute for ordinary Portland cement.

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