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Talarek M.,KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology | Kacprzyk R.,Wroclaw University of Technology
Journal of Electrostatics | Year: 2017

The applied experimental set-up enabling measurements of current waveforms and charge transferred during direct ignition tests with brush discharges, was presented in the paper. Tests were conducted with ignition probe designed according to the IEC 60079-32-2 Standard for methane-air gas and propane-air gas mixtures. In the experiment 100 trials were conducted using sample consisted of fluorinated polyethylene. The sample was rubbed with sheep felt cloth. Charge transfer measured rates ranged from 50 nC to 260 nC and the current peak magnitude ranged from 0.5 A to 3.5 A. Magnitude of the current peak as a function of the transferred charge, recorded in the experiment, was presented in the paper. Two regions can be distinguished on the Q = f(dQ/dt) characteristic. There is a region where discharges do not cause ignition and the other one, where the results indicate ignition of gas mixture. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

Tokarczyk J.,Komag Institute of Mining Technology
Archives of Mining Sciences | Year: 2016

Method for identification the effects of dynamic overload affecting the people, which may occur in the emergency state of suspended monorail is presented in the paper. The braking curve using MBS (Multi-Body System) simulation was determined. For this purpose a computational model (MBS) of suspended monorail was developed and two different variants of numerical calculations were carried out. An algorithm of conducting numerical simulations to assess the effects of dynamic overload acting on the suspended monorails' users is also posted in the paper. An example of computational model FEM (Finite Element Method) composed of technical mean and the anthropometrical model ATB (Articulated Total Body) is shown. The simulation results are presented: graph of HIC (Head Injury Criterion) parameter and successive phases of dislocation of ATB model. Generator of computational models for safety criterion, which enables preparation of input data and remote starting the simulation, is proposed. © 2016 Archives of Mining Sciences.

Electrical devices and their components designed for operation in potentially explosive atmosphere should be tested before commercialization as regards maximum temperature of their surface. Operational conditions (including power supply) of the tested device should be set in a way ensuring operation at the rated parameters. Results of tests aiming at determination of impact of alternating magnetic field around conductor on the temperature of fixing components made of ferromagnetic materials, diamagnetic materials or paramagnetic materials are presented. © 2017, Wydawnictwo SIGMA - N O T Sp. z o.o. All rights reserved.

Niedworok A.,KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology | Baier A.,Silesian University of Technology
Solid State Phenomena | Year: 2015

Presentation of the numerical model describing a design and functionality of the prototype of surface condition detector is the paper subject. The detector, by monitoring the frictional coupling between so-called “tracking wheel” of the dedicated measuring transducer and a rail can analyse the condition of rail surface (presence of any factor that can deteriorate friction coefficient) [1]. Signal generated at the detector outlet, carrying information about local condition of rail surface, can be used to adjust braking torque of vehicles or machines moving on a track. Authors expect that implementation of the method will eliminated dangerous elongation of braking distance of rail vehicles in the result of loss of adhesion. Structure of detector of rail surface condition is described and its principle of operation is presented in a form of numerical model. Results of numerical simulations are given and they are compared with the measurements taken on the testing facility in real conditions. © (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Jasiulek D.,KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2016

On the market of energy harvesting devices, there are more and more solutions, what means strong development of this relatively new part of industry. In the case of underground mining industry, it is not possible to use the typical solutions and they must be properly adopted. Part of the project results associated with a development of wireless, self-supplying sensor networks for operation in underground mines are given. The results of the measurement of voltage generated by piezoelectric energy harvester (PEH) for of free mounting and installation in the housing, limiting its deflection, are given. Tests were conducted in the laboratory conditions, using a vibrating table. The measurement results indicate a significant reduction of energy generated by PEH when it is installed in the casing, confining its movement. Simulated operation of wireless sensor powered by PEH in a casing and without casing is also presented. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.

Grynkiewicz-Bylina B.,KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S | Year: 2011

Materials from which toxic elements, including heavy metals, can penetrate children organisms, in doses dangerous for their health should not be used for production of toys. That especially concerns the materials used for production of components that are exposed to children. The results of testing migration of selected elements like: barium, chromium, cadmium, mercury, antimony and selenium from the materials used to cover wooden and metal toys are discussed in the paper. Tests of elements migration were carried out in years 2009-2010 in the accredited Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment at KOMAG. Requirements of the PN-EN 71-3:1998 Standard on toys safety was the basis to conduct testing. The results were assessed in the light of limits of elements migration, identifying the types of material in which exceeding of permissible values of migration were found. The elements, which migration is characteristic for a given type of coating material, were specified.

Tokarczyk J.,Komag Institute Of Mining Technology
Archives of Mining Sciences | Year: 2015

Method for virtual prototyping of cabins of mining machines operators is presented in the light of anthropotechnical assessment criteria. Anthropotechnical criteria and design of models of anthropometric features, which are used for assessment of design solutions in the aspect of safety criterion, are divided and discussed. Developed virtual prototyping method for assessment of cabin of underground locomotive operator was used. Initial simulation was made with use of Finite Element Method.

Orzech L.,KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2015

Electric discharges, depending on their character, can emit different types of energy, resulting in different effects. Single electrostatic discharges besides generation of electromagnetic pulses are also the source of N acoustic waves. Their specified parameters depending on amount of discharging charge enable determination of value of released charge in a function of acoustic descriptor (e.g. acoustic pressure). Presented approach is the basics of acoustic method for measurement of single electrostatic discharges, enabling direct and contactless measurement of value of charge released during ESD. Method for measurement of acoustic effect of impact of a single electrostatic discharge on the environment in a form of pressure shock wave and examples of acoustic descriptors in a form of equation Q=f(pa) are described. The properties of measuring system as well as the results of regression static analyses used to determine the described relationships are analysed in details.

Grynkiewicz-Bylina B.,KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S | Year: 2011

There are many chemicals in children's environment that are dangerous to their health. Some of them are eg phthalates used as plasticizers in plastic toys and in production of other articles intended for use by children. Phthalates do not form persistent connections with the polymer and migrate to the surface of the product. Children exposure to these toxic chemicals has been found to occur during licking and sucking of the product taken to the mouth by a child and during long term contact with skin. Results of tests aimed at determination of phthalates content in toys and childcare articles made in the years 2009-2011 in accredited Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment at KOMAG according to the requirements of REACH regulation, which include limitations as regards use of the following dangerous phthalates: DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP, are discussed in the paper.

Niedworok A.,Komag Institute of Mining Technology
2014 16th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE-ECCE Europe 2014 | Year: 2014

Innovative method of a real time measuring of drive systems operational parameters is presented. Such systems are commonly used in transportation vehicles working in cooper mines. Cardan shaft with strain gauge bridge was used as autonomous torque transducer, transmitting remotely measuring data in real time to the master system for data acquisition. © 2014 IEEE.

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