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Gumi, South Korea

Kolon Industries Inc. | Date: 2014-05-27

There is provided a polymer film which includes a base film layer having an absolute weight average molecular weight of 50,000 to 1,000,000 and an adhesive layer, and a method for manufacturing the polymer film. This film for a tire inner liner can endow an excellent gas barrier property even to tires having a relatively thin thickness so that weight of the tire can be reduced and fuel efficiency of automobiles can be improved. Further, the present film facilitates molding in a tire manufacturing process, and exhibits excellent adhesion force to a carcass layer while having excellent mechanical properties such as high durability and fatigue resistance together with excellent moldability.

Kolon Industries Inc. | Date: 2014-04-07

Disclosed is a filtering system and method which facilitates to maximize cleaning efficiency, minimize heat energy consumption for cleaning, and shorten cleaning time by a concentrated heating only in a filtering membrane for a maintenance cleaning or recovery cleaning, wherein the filtering system comprises a membrane module including a filtering membrane; an air supplying means for cleaning the filtering membrane; and a heater for heating air supplied from the air supplying means.

Kolon Industries Inc. | Date: 2015-02-19

A filtering method using a filtering system is disclosed, which is capable of accomplishing a first water bath into which a first membrane cassette and a first membrane cassette for concentrate are submerged, a second water bath into which a second membrane cassette and a second membrane cassette for concentrate are submerged, a first pump for supplying a first negative pressure to the first membrane cassette, a second pump for supplying a second negative pressure to the second membrane cassette, and a common pump for supplying a third negative pressure to the first and second membrane cassettes for concentrate, stopping an operation of the first pump; interrupting the third negative pressure supplied from the common pump to the first membrane cassette for concentrate; and cleaning the first membrane cassette and the first membrane cassette for concentrate.

Kolon Industries Inc. | Date: 2014-03-31

Disclosed is a polyimide cover substrate, which is configured such that a device protection layer is formed of a urethane acrylate compound on at least one side of a polyimide film, thereby exhibiting not only high flexural properties and impact resistance but also superior solvent resistance, optical properties and scratch resistance and low water vapor transmission rate, and thus can be effectively utilized as a cover substrate for a flexible electronic device.

There are provided an ionic liquid having ether group(s) in which a copper(I) compound is included, a method for preparing the same, and a method for removing traces amounts of acetylene-based hydrocarbon compounds included in olefin by absorption or extraction using the same. When the disclosed solution is used, oxidation of Cu(I) to Cu(II) is prevented since CuX is stabilized by the ionic liquid. Thus, selective removal efficiency of acetylenic compounds is improved greatly while the removal performance is retained for a long period of time. Further, since the solution according to the present disclosure is applicable as an extractant as well as an absorbent, the associated operation is simple and apparatus cost can be decreased.

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