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Radford, VA, United States

Kollmorgen | Date: 2012-05-24

A multilayer laminated rotor is mountable on a shaft for rotation relative to a stator of a rotary electric machine arrangement. The rotor has a plurality of laminas, joined together, and voids for receiving magnets. An annular rotor section, which surrounds a shaft opening within which the shaft is receivable, extends between the shaft opening and a radially outer circumferential rotor surface. The annular section mentioned includes an undulating series of the voids in void groups extending from the radially outer circumferential rotor surface inwardly toward the shaft opening and then back toward the radially outer circumferential rotor surface, as well as a solid radially interior portion without any of the voids. Distal voids in the void groups include curved, arcuate, or recurved stress relieving features extending inwardly from radially innermost corner locations of the distal voids.

Kollmorgen | Date: 2012-04-23

A wind turbine includes a blade position adjustment system providing for continued wind turbine blade repositioning operation even after the occurrence of certain faults. The system includes a plurality of electrically operable motors, each of which is interconnected with one of the wind turbine blades to reposition that wind turbine blade and modify the blade pitch. Each motor includes two or more sets of electrically isolated windings, and a power supply is separately interconnected with each of the electrically isolated winding sets to provide for continued repositioning of each blade upon occurrence of a fault, such as voltage or current deterioration, in one of the winding sets.

Kollmorgen | Date: 2013-03-25

The present invention relates to a switched power converter comprising a base plate on which at least one heat sink is arranged. The converter further comprises at least one power transistor arranged on a side of the at least one heat sink. Further, at least one spring element is arranged to press against the power transistor arranged on a side of the at least one heat sink and an oppositely facing side of either an adjacent heat sink or a base plate end face parallel to the at least one heat sink. This is highly advantageous in that a force is applied to the power transistor by the spring element. This will press the power transistor against the heat sink on whose side the transistor is arranged. Thermal contact is thus established between the power transistor and the heat sink, and heat dissipation from the transistor via the heat sink is greatly facilitated. Further, the spring elements are a cost-effective way of attaining a high compressive force on the power transistors.

A rotor having a plurality of laminations joined together and mountable on a shaft for rotation relative to a stator of a rotary electric machine arrangement has a solid section that surrounds an opening within which the shaft is receivable. The solid section includes an outside diameter, magnet receiving voids, and steps delimiting a plurality of pole spans from flux directing features at sides of each of the pole spans. Adjacent flux directing features between adjacent pole spans are disposed on opposite sides of scalloped areas or other such recesses, permitting cooling air flow past the rotor. The invention also concerns a lamination usable together with additional laminations to provide such a rotor, as well as an arrangement, such as an AC motor, generator, or motor/generator, including a stator and such a rotor.

An improved fluid cooling arrangement for an electric machine, such as an electric motor, a generator, or a motor/generator assembly, is provided. In its most general sense, the fluid-cooled electric machine includes a rotor disposed on a motor shaft, a stator surrounding the rotor, and a motor housing surrounding the stator, with the stator formed of a laminated stack of stator plates that is plated at its outer surface.

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