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Yinchuan, China

Furan resin sand molding and core making at present are widely used in foundry production. For containing a great amount of free formaldehyde, the domestic furan resin commonly smells great; the high price of furfuryl alcohol as the main raw material of synthesis of furan resin results in higher price of the resin, which hinders the application of furan resin to foundry. The main effect factors on the properties of the furan resin were studied by the orthogonal test. By adding the appropriate and low-cost modifier, the environmental-friendly self-hardening furan resin for casting that is low free formaldehyde, high strength of molding sand, low viscosity, low production costs was successfully synthesized. Source

Cui G.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Hu G.-Q.,Kocel Steel Foundry Co. | Yang Y.,Kocel Chemicals Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2012

Influences of the various factors on the working time and tensile strength of furan resin sand were mainly studied. By using Minitab software, the obtained data were analyzed, and the regression equation between the working time, tensile strength and various factors was obtained. The influence level of various factors on the results was determined. Source

Cui G.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Zhang Y.-P.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Wang W.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | You J.,Kocel Pattern Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2013

Cold glue for lost form casting was used to bond the white patterns together. The appropriate raw materials and synthesis technology were selected on the basis of the performance requirements of cold glue for the lost foam casting, and three kinds of solvent cold glue were synthesized. The properties of the three kinds of solvent cold glues such as viscosity, solid content, gas release, ignition loss were tested, analyzed, and the serviceability was tested. The results show that the three cold glues can meet the use requirements of EPC. The cold glue manufactured by third process has the best performance, but its gas release is higher. Source

Han W.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | He L.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Yang Y.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Zhu J.-S.,Kocel Chemicals Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2014

The formulation and synthesis of ester-cured alkaline phenolic resin were studied. Through the tests of factors, such as the reaction catalyst, reaction time and feeding mode, a new type of ester-cured alkaline phenolic resin which has the characteristics of high strength, low odor and viscosity used for large steel casting was successfully developed. Source

Li T.-C.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Zhu J.-S.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Han W.,Kocel Chemicals Co. | Chen X.-G.,Kocel Chemicals Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2014

Through a large quantity of experiments and practical production, a low viscosity alcohol-based flow coating was successfully manufactured. The coating has the characteristics such as low viscosity, good flow, low gas evolution, high refractoriness and smooth casting surface. Source

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