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Kobo, United States

Bartholomey E.,Kobo Products Inc.
PPCJ Polymers Paint Colour Journal | Year: 2014

Colour travel pigments broaden the palette of formulators and provide a distinct benefit for consumers. They bring innovative and brilliant colour effects to cosmetics that were not previously available. The variety of substrates now available for these pigments allows cosmetic companies to find the best match for their products in terms of colour and stability, as well as performance. The addition of surface treatments, both synthetic and natural, can improve colour travel pigments. The innovative design of multi-layer pigments will continue to spur new products for the cosmetic industry. Source

The present invention provides compositions for natural cosmetic products and, more particularly, to natural ester, wax or oil treated pigments, the products of such treated pigments and cosmetic products incorporating pigments treated with natural ingredients.

A wax-resin composite is made by melting thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin, optionally with an antioxidant. The melted thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin and waxes are blended at a temperature sufficient to melt the waxes. After blending and melting, the blended thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin and waxes are allowed to solidify. Solidification is followed by post-processing the wax-resin composite mixture to form slabs, pastilles, flakes or other forms. A method for producing a wax-resin composite comprises at least partially solvating a thermoplastic resin in a solvent to form a resin-solvent blend. This may be done at a heat of 80-85 C. A composition of molten wax is blended with the resin-solvent blend. The resin-solvent blend and a molten wax are blended to form a wax-resin blend. This is followed by removing the solvent from said wax-resin blend.

Kobo Products Inc. | Date: 2012-11-20

Pigments; pearlescent pigments; special effect pigments; pigments comprising a mica or mica-like substrate coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide to create pigments with pearlescent effects, Interference colors and angle related color effects; pigments for a broad range of cosmetic applications for impart color and/or other visual effects and/or other optical effects to lip, face, eye and nail products as well as toiletries, body makeup and sunscreens; pigments comprising a shiny reflective substrate coated with pigmentary materials for a broad range of cosmetic applications.


Kobo Products Inc. | Date: 2008-01-15

Pigments; pigments for use in cosmetics; colorants for use in manufacturing cosmetics; pearlescent pigments; pigments for inputting color and other effects to lip, face, eye and nail cosmetics.

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