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Delafield, WI, United States

Knoll Inc. | Date: 2013-05-01

A method of making a chair includes the steps of providing at least one female fastener device. The at least one female fastener device is inserted into a substrate for attaching the at least one female fastener device to the substrate such that at least a portion of that female fastener devices body defining a channel extends into the substrate and the projections extend through the substrate such that the distal ends of the projections extend beyond a second side of the substrate that is opposite a first side of the substrate. The distal ends of the projections are bent into the second side of the substrate. At least one male fastener is inserted into the channel of the at least one female fastener device to attach a chair component to the substrate.

Knoll Inc. | Date: 2014-01-24

The invention is directed to a method and article made from co-injection molding using gas-assist. The article has an inner material and an outer material. The inner material has a blowing agent uniformly distributed throughout the inner material. The outer material surrounds the inner material. At least one opening is provided in the outer material. The opening extends through the outer material to the inner material providing a pathway which allows out gas generated by the blowing agent in the inner material to escape through the outer material when the article is in a mold and after the article has been removed from the mold. The outer material provides an aesthetically pleasing outer surface and the inner material provides a strong core which is free of large voids, the inner and outer materials combining to form an article with a stable profile and repeatable size.

Knoll Inc. | Date: 2013-11-18

A support apparatus includes an arm assembly attached to a support assembly such that the arm assembly is positionable adjacent to an article of furniture such as a desk or work surface. A mounting device is attached to the arm assembly that is sized and configured to retain a display device. A vertically adjustable attachment mechanism attaches a first end of the counterbalance mechanism to the arm assembly or support assembly. The vertically adjustable attachment mechanism is sized and configured such that a vertical position of the first end of the counterbalance mechanism is adjustable via movement of at least one component of the vertically adjustable attachment mechanism.

Knoll Inc. | Date: 2013-02-25

A chair includes a tablet and a seat. The tablet and seat are configured such that a user may sit forwardly on the seat so that his or her arms may rest on the tablet and a device or paper may be positioned on the tablet such that the person may look at the device or paper. The tablet and seat are also arranged such that the person may sit rearwardly on the seat so that the persons back rests on a bottom portion of the tablet.

Knoll Inc. | Date: 2015-06-01

A cord management system for furniture includes an elongated flexible member having a plurality of cable clip elements attached thereto for attachment to multiple cables to retain the cables near the elongated member. The elongated flexible member is resilient and is configured for attachment to an article of furniture, such as a table, that is vertically moveable from a first lowered position to a second raised position. For example, when the article of furniture is in the raised position, the elongated member can be extended to a first position in which the member resembles an S shape, a shape, a

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