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Pasadena, TX, United States

Catalyst compositions comprising a phosphorous-promoted ZSM-5 component and a silica-containing binder, and methods for making and using same, are disclosed. More, specifically, processes for making a catalyst for biomass conversion are provided. The process includes: treating a ZSM-5 zeolite with a phosphorous-containing compound to form a phosphorous-promoted ZSM-5 component; preparing a slurry comprising the phosphorous-promoted ZSM-5 component and a silica-containing binder; and shaping the slurry into shaped bodes. Such catalysts can be used for the Thermocatalytic conversion of particulate biomass to liquid products such as bio-oil, resulting in higher bio-oil yields and lower coke than conventional catalysts.

A metal contaminated spent catalyst or regenerated catalyst from a biomass conversion unit may be subjected to an ammonium wash in order to remove potassium. The ammonium wash may include ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium hydroxide, ammonium acetate, ammonium phosphates, and mixtures thereof. Acidity and catalytic activity of the biomass conversion catalyst is restored by the removal of potassium contaminants.

A process and system for hydroprocessing biopyrolysis oils is provided and includes the rejuvenation of an at least partially flow constricted biopyrolysis oil hydroprocessing reactor(s) by flushing with a flushing agent at reduced temperatures.

A two-stage reactor is disclosed for the conversion of solid particulate biomass material. The reactor is designed to maximize conversion of the solid biomass material, while limiting excess cracking of primary reaction products. The two-stage reactor comprises a first stage rector, in which solid biomass material is thermally pyrolyzed to primary reaction products. The primary reaction products are catalytically converted in a second stage reactor.

A renewable fuel may be obtained from a bio-oil containing C

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