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Luo X.-L.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Gu Y.-H.,Kingdream Public Ltd Company | Liu C.-L.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Qin R.,China National Offshore Oil Corporation | And 2 more authors.
China Ocean Engineering | Year: 2014

The tubing hanger is an important component of the subsea Christmas tree, experiencing big temperature difference which will lead to very high thermal stresses. On the basis of API 17D/ISO 13628-4 and ASME VIII-1, and by comprehensively considering the erosion of oil and the gravity load of the tubing, a calculation model is established by regarding design pressure and thermal stress, and the method for designing the tubing hanger of the horizontal Christmas tree under big temperature difference condition is developed from the fourth strength theory. The proposed theory for strength design of the tubing hanger in big temperature difference is verified by numerical results from ABAQUS. © 2014, Chinese Ocean Engineering Society and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Wang G.,Southwest Petroleum University | Zhu H.,Southwest Petroleum University | Zhu H.,Kingdream Public Ltd Company | Liu Q.,Southwest Petroleum University | He C.,Drilling and Production Technology Research Institute
Huazhong Keji Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition) | Year: 2010

The dynamic parameters of gas-drilling hole-bottom were calculated. An actual physical model of the hole-bottom flow field of air hammer bit was built, after the effects of junk slots and cutters on the flow field at the well bottom were analyzed. The flow field, pressures one and temperature one of the designed 12 1/4″ air hammer bit located in a 3000 m depth well were simulated by the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The results indicate the patterns of flow, pressure and temperature fields are reasonable; the flow field can clean and cool the bit teeth quickly. The simulation results coincide with the results calculated by empirical formula of air drilling precisely, which could be used to guide the optimizing design of air hammer bit and the development of new product, conducive to further promote the wide applications of the air hammer bit and air drilling technology.

Zhang H.,University of Utah | Lu Q.,University of Utah | Lu Q.,Suzhou Kingdream Shareate Cemented Carbide Co. | Zhang L.,Kingdream Public Ltd Company | Fang Z.Z.,University of Utah
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials | Year: 2010

Previous studies have shown that WC-Co material can plastically deform during indentation test, and microcracking is one of the dominant mechanisms for the plastic deformation. Microcracks follow several paths of microstructure: transgranular cracks within WC grains, intergranular cracks along grain boundary and cracks at WC/Co interface. In this study, six commercial grades of WC-Co material were tested using the Hertzian indentation technique at the same indentation load with the same size of an indenter. The microcrack number density of each grade was measured and its correlation with microstructural parameters was analyzed. Materials with high cobalt content, large grain size, large mean free path and low contiguity form more microcracks in the course of plastic deformation. The microcrack number density is also correlated with mechanical properties. High microcrack number density corresponds to low hardness and high toughness. The mechanism of how the microcracking affects the fracture toughness is also discussed.

Han C.,Southwest Petroleum University | Zhang J.,Southwest Petroleum University | Liu Y.,Kingdream Public Ltd Company
Zhongnan Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology) | Year: 2013

Based on the heat transfer theory, the mechanism of temperature change in stator rubber lining was studied, and the coupled thermal-structure effect on stator rubber lining was analyzed with the finite element simulation. The temperature field distribution characteristics, thermal stress and strain law were analyzed. The effects of rubber hardness, Poisson ratio, static pressure, rotor speed, strata temperature and differential pressure on temperature change were studied. The results show that higher temperature leads to greater heat stress and deformation of rubber lining. The lining non-uniform temperature field is in symmetrical ellipse and there is a greater temperature gradient. The rise of temperature, the largest thermal stress and deformation decrease with the increase of the rubber hardness, Poisson ratio and strata temperature, and increase with the increase of the static pressure and differential pressure. The analysis results are proved to be correct and reliable compared with the field failure cases.

Zhao H.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Yu J.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Yue Y.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Li S.,Kingdream Public Ltd Company | Guo B.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

Onshore hydraulic systems are not generally applied in subsea production control system, so how to design a special needed hydraulic system for subsea X-tree has been one of the hot research questions.Several specific hydraulic components were analyzed, such as hydraulic power unite,umbilical,subsea control model,hydraulic control valve and valve actuator, and then corresponding hydraulic schematic which can meet the requirements of subsea X-tree is presented. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Kingdream Public Ltd. Co. | Date: 2011-03-09

This invention relates to a tri-cone bit for high RPM drilling applications, which comprises three head sections and three cones. Cutting elements are arranged on each cone. Upper parts of the three head sections are joined together to form a bit body, on which nozzle sockets are provided, and nozzles are installed in bores of the nozzle sockets. A bearing between the cones and the head sections is a composite roller-journal bearing which is formed by rollers and arc-shaped slides arranged in an alternating way, and a seal means for the bearing is of metal face type. The composite roller-journal bearing of the invention can withstand high RPM and high load, and also has a higher resistance to impact, thereby ensuring longer working life of the bearing under high RPM and medium-high WOB. The six-point gage protection structure enhances stability of the bit and reduces cutting element breakage caused by bit vibration. The above tri-cone bit is suitable for high RPM and medium-high WOB drilling applications and features high drilling efficiency and long service life.


A tube welding rod resistant to high stress abrasion is used for hard facing of an abrasion-resistant layer, and comprises a welded tube and a filler filling the welded tube. The filler comprises, in weight percentages, 65-90% of spherical sintered tungsten carbide particles, 5-30% of spherical cast tungsten carbide particles, 0-15% of mechanically ground cast tungsten carbide particles, 2-6% of alloy power, and 0.2-1% of an organic binder. The used of the mixed spherical sintered tungsten carbide particles and the spherical cast tungsten carbide particles improves the abrasion resistance performance of the hard-faced layer in the high stress working condition, improves the overall abrasion resistance of the abrasion-resistant hard-faced layer formed by the welding rod, and is suitable for surface hardening of bits.


A tube welding rod resistant to low stress abrasion comprises a welded tube and a filler filling the welded tube. Components of the filler comprise macrocrystalline tungsten carbide particles, cast tungsten carbide particles and/or spherical cast tungsten carbide particles undergone surface carburization treatment, mechanically ground cast tungsten carbide particles, alloy powder, and an organic binder. The weight percentages of the components are: the macrocrystalline tungsten carbide particles being 10-50%, the cast tungsten carbide particles and/or spherical cast tungsten carbide particles undergone surface carburization treatment being 43-85%, the mechanically ground cast tungsten carbide particles being 0-20%, the alloy powder being 2-6%, and the organic binder being 0.2-1%. The welding rod improves the abrasion resistance performance of the hard-faced layer in the low stress working condition, and is particularly suitable for surface hardening of cone rolling bits and diamond bits.

Kingdream Public Ltd. Co. | Date: 2010-05-27

This invention relates to carbide inserts used on roller cone bits for oil and gas drilling applications as well as for other geological drilling applications, and more specifically, relates to the convex crested insert with deflected wedge surfaces. The insert comprises a cylindrical portion and a crest portion. Said crest portion is composed of a conical crest base, a top surface and two opposing wedge surfaces. Upper ends of the two wedge surfaces are merged smoothly with top surface of the insert. The specific feature of the structure is that top surface of the crest portion is convexed outwardly and forms a smooth curve surface which is higher in the middle and lowers down gradually to each end. Said two wedge surfaces are slant wedge surfaces, so that a width of the top surface and therefore a width of the insert crest are tapered from one end to the other. Advantages of this invention include: 1. Help for rock breaking and therefore, it can increase drilling efficiency of the cutters and lower the overall drilling cost; 2. higher anti-breakage capability and longer working life; and 3. when inserts of this invention are used as heel row cutting elements on bit, contact area between wider end of the top surface of the insert and borehole wall is larger and therefore the gouging action applied on the borehole wall is higher and can also achieve better gage protection of the bit.

Kingdream Public Ltd. Co. | Date: 2014-01-07

A tricone rock bit for horizontal wells and hard formation wells includes three head sections and three cones arranged at the lower ends of the head sections, where the supper parts of the three head sections are connected together to form one integrated drill bit body; jet nozzle bosses are arranged between the head sections on the drill bit body; jet nozzles are mounted in nozzle holes of the jet nozzle bosses; gauge cutting elements are arranged on the top rear of the OD of the head sections, forming a gauge surface on the top of the head sections; the front face of the head sections is a ruled surface, inclining backwards at an angle , and inclining outwards at an angle . The tricone rock bit has low lateral vibrations, high stability, good effects of bottom hole cleaning and cutting element cooling, long service life and high penetration rate.

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