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Taipei, Taiwan

Hu C.-N.,Oriental Institute of Technology | Ko H.-C.,King Yuan Electronics Co.
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility | Year: 2011

This paper presents a novel method for detecting test errors in radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) autotest-equipment (ATE) caused by electromagnetic interferences. A sensor for measuring ambient electromagnetic (EM) signals was used to determine whether interference was the cause of the reported testing error. Upon detecting a testing error, a retest procedure was actuated to recover the testing error and to improve yield loss. For theoretical validation, Monte Carlo procedure was applied in a "source-path- victim" model to simulate the effect of electromagnetic interference (EMI) on RFIC measurement. Finally, a four-element dual-band antenna array design printed onto an ATE load board is proposed. Both the numerical and measurement results validate the effectiveness of the proposed method in reducing testing errors caused by interference. © 2011 IEEE. Source

King Yuan Electronics Co. | Date: 2011-09-14

An improved structure of a burn-in oven includes a housing, a loading support, a cooling-fan assembly, and a motor-fan assembly. A circuit-board-space and an exhaust channel are defined inside of the housing, wherein the exhaust channel is provided with a plurality of venting holes such that the circuit-board-space and the exhaust channel are communicated with each other through the venting holes. The loading support is disposed in the circuit-board-space for loading a plurality of circuit boards. The cooling-fan assembly is arranged at one side of the loading support and beside the exhaust channel. The motor-fan assembly is arranged at the exhaust channel. Thereby, a phenomenon of heat accumulation locally at a back panel side of the oven can be improved so as to enhance cooling effect of the oven, let alone the number of fans installed on the oven can be decreased.

King Yuan Electronics Co. | Date: 2011-06-01

A burn-in oven having an inverter fan and a heat regulator includes a housing, a frame, a heater, a temperature sensor, an inverter fan, and a control unit. The housing includes an air-in port and an air-out port. The frame is fixedly arranged inside the housing, and is divided into a variety of partitions. In addition, the heater and the temperature sensor are also fixedly arranged inside the housing. The inverter fan is provided for supplying a forced air-flow toward inside of the housing. The control unit is electrically connected with the temperature sensor, the heater, and the inverter fan. The control unit is provided for controlling the temperature inside the housing not to exceed a predetermined value. Thereby, the present invention saves energy and shortens effectively the time required for burn-in temperature rising and lowering, and saves working hours and manpower as well.

King Yuan Electronics Co. | Date: 2011-03-09

A wafer inspection system for inspecting a wafer comprises a platform, a probe card, a illuminator, a test server, at least one image processing device, a control circuit board, at least a test circuit board, a load board connected to the control circuit board and the at least a test circuit board, at least an image card, and at least a relay board. The probe card includes an opening hole and a plurality of probes for contacting the wafer to transmit and receive electrical signals. The illuminator illuminates on the wafer through the opening hole. The test server is controlled to execute test procedure and data process. The test circuit board transmits test signals and performs a determination on the received result signals. The relay board is connected to the probe card and the load board for switching the direction of data flow.

King Yuan Electronics Co. | Date: 2011-02-18

A comparison device for comparing test pattern files of a wafer tester includes a storage unit and a processing unit. The comparison device stores a first to-be-compared file and a second to-be-compared file into the storage unit. The first to-be-compared file and the second to-be-compared file are text files respectively. The processing unit reads the first to-be-compared file and the second to-be-compared file from the storage unit to process and executes comparison operation, so as to generate a comparison result. The comparison operation is to compare the words in a first section of the first to-be-compared file with the words in a second section of the second to-be-compared file in a one-to-one manner.

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