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Mahboub F.A.,Umm Alqura University | Khorshid F.A.,King Abdul Aziz University
International Journal of Cancer Research

This study investigated the role of green tea extracts as a cytotoxic agent against human ovarian cancer cells in vitro using different concentrations of green tea extracts (20, 50,100 and 250 μg mL-1) for 24 h. In vitro proliferation assays were performed to compare the growth rate of all groups of cells. The numbers of viable cells were counted using Heamocytometer and Trypan blue staining (0.4%). The effect of green tea extracts was also studied for long period (24, 48 and 72 h) using the IC50 = 100 μg mL-1. The results of statistical analysis revealed significant decrease in the number of treated human ovarian cancer cells inversely proportion with increasing the concentration of green tea extracts, this experiments determined that the IC50 = 100 μg mL-1. In long term study, the results approved that there was significant reduction in the number of tumor cells by time in contrast with control none treated one. Morphologically, the images of the fixed and stained human ovarian cancer cells with Coomassie stain revealed that the Green tea extracts causing cells shrinkage, blabbing, chromatin condensation and loss of cell-cell contacts which were known as sign of apoptosis. In conclusion, green tea extract has been shown antiproliferative activity against the growth of HOCC which might be considered in clinical situation. © 2010 Academic Journals Inc. Source

Shekidef M.H.,Suez Canal University | Helal I.E.,King Abdul Aziz University | Taha R.,Suez Canal University
Life Science Journal

This study was performed on fourteen Mongrel dogs to compare anesthetic induction in healthy, as well as, partially nephrectomized dogs using bolus intravenous administration of either propofol 4 mg/kg b.wt. in group I (before nephrectomy) and group II (one month after lower pole nephrectomy) or ketamine 10 mg/kg b.wt. in group III (before nephrectomy) and group IV (one month after lower pole nephrectomy). The quality of induction and recovery, the occurrence of cardiovascular and respiratory side effects and serum biochemical parameters were investigated. The results revealed that, anesthetic induction time did not change significantly in dogs before and after nephrectomy under the effect of either propofol or ketamine. Meanwhile, ketamine induced significantly longer weak time and down time than did propofol in corresponding groups. RRF was significantly longer in nephrectomized than non nephrectomized dogs under the effect of both agents while, recovery time was significantly longer in nephrectomized than non nephrectomized dogs under the effect of propofol. Ketamine caused significantly longer recovery time than did propofol in corresponding groups. There were no significant differences in induction and recovery scores before and after nephrectomy in dogs anesthetized with either propofol or ketamine. However, propofol caused significantly better induction and recovery than did ketamine in corresponding groups. Propofol caused significant decrease but ketamine caused significant increase in heart rate and respiratory rate in both nephrectomized and non nephrectomized dogs. Meanwhile, they did not significantly alter rectal temperature. ECG tracings showed only change in heart rate without arrhythmias. Significant increases in AST, LDH, CPK, urea and creatinine were observed in all groups with minor disparity from one to another group. It could be concluded that ketamine had better cardiopulmonary effect than propofol but the later was superior in the quality of induction and recovery. Lower pole nephrectomy in dogs had minimal impact on the modality of the effect of either agent. Source

Affandi A.,King Abdul Aziz University | Dobaie A.M.,King Abdul Aziz University | Husain M.,King Abdul Aziz University
Life Science Journal

Digital filtering occupies an extremely important position in the digital signal processing. This paper introduces the new concept of using Matlab with Graphical User Interface in designing FIR(Finite Impulse Response) digital filters and IIR(Infinite Impulse Response) digital filters. Matlab, which is a high-performance numerical calculation program and provides a powerful function of graphical display. Matlab is widely used in engineering calculation, numerical analysis, etc. This paper introduces the definition and basic principles of FIR & IIR digital filters. In this paper we have designed Graphical User Interface consists of almost all types of IIR filters and FIR filters. User simply have to insert filter specifications on GUI and get magnitude response, phase response, etc of required the filter. Source

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