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Noda, Japan

Kikkoman Corporation | Date: 2012-07-20

An object of the present invention is to facilitate discharge of the content in a dispensing container having a delamination structure so as to minimize the amount of remaining content. In order to achieve this object, a gas is housed in the internal container

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a technique to duplicate and translocate any large region in a chromosome of a fungus belonging to The present invention relates to a transformant of the fungus belonging to

Kikkoman Corporation | Date: 2014-04-02

[Problem to Be Solved] A present invention provides a soy milk fermented substance with a taste and flavor or smooth physicality similar to that of yogurt obtained by fermenting milk with a lactic acid without applying processing treatment such as enzyme treatment or extraction treatment to soy milk which is a material and without adding a material such as a sugar source, even in a case where only [Means for Solving the Problem] The problem is solved by a soy milk fermented substance obtained by using a lactic acid bacteria mixture starter including:

Kikkoman Corporation | Date: 2013-08-30

To provide ACE inhibitory peptides which can effectively inhibit ACE by a small amount of ingestion and have no fear of causing side effects and which can be orally ingested easily during daily life by persons having high blood pressure, and compositions comprising the peptides. The peptides represented by the following structural formulae (1) to (9), and salts thereof are provided. (1) Asp-Arg-Pro, (2) Asn-Trp, (3) Val-Gly-Leu, (4) Ile-Gly-Val, (5) Gly-Val-Pro, (6) Ile-Pro-Tyr, (7) pyroGlu-Pro, (8) Tyr-Thr, (9) Pro-Trp

A flavin-binding glucose dehydrogenase having high substrate specificity for D-glucose and decreased reactivity to D-xylose and/or maltose. More specifically, a flavin-binding glucose dehydrogenase having one or more amino acid substitutions at a position corresponding to position 78, position 79, position 81, position 121, position 122, position 123, position 569 and position 612 of

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