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Noda, Japan

Kikkoman Corporation | Date: 2012-07-20

An object of the present invention is to facilitate discharge of the content in a dispensing container having a delamination structure so as to minimize the amount of remaining content. In order to achieve this object, a gas is housed in the internal container

Kikkoman Corporation and Riken | Date: 2012-09-12

Provided is a taste-improving agent that suppresses the unpleasant taste of potassium, such as harshness, irritativeness, and bitterness without reducing the salty taste of a potassium-containing food or drink. The taste-improving agent for a potassium-containing food or drink comprises a lactic acid-fermented yeast extract that is obtainable by fermenting a yeast extract with a lactic acid bacterium and contains 7.5 (w/w) % or more of lactic acid relative to the solid content of the yeast extract.

An amadoriase having a substitution or a deletion of one or more amino acid residues at positions corresponding to amino acids selected from the group consisting of three amino acid residues from the carboxyl terminal and amino acids at positions 151, 43, 53, 267, 350, 185, 196, 299 and 323 in the amino acid sequence of amadoriase derived from the

Kikkoman Corporation | Date: 2013-10-29

The present invention relates to a powdery seasoning produced by drying and powdering a seasoning liquid obtained by enzymatically decomposing a protein-containing raw material derived from at least one of wheat and a soybean in the presence of salt, which has an inorganic material concentration of 50000 ppm or less, and a method for producing the same.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a technique to duplicate and translocate any large region in a chromosome of a fungus belonging to The present invention relates to a transformant of the fungus belonging to

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