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Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics is the largest economic higher educational and research institution in the Eastern Ukraine. Established in 1912, since 2013 the University is named after Simon Kuznets, its' noted alumnus.KhNUE provides a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs implementing multistage training, retraining and upgrading of qualification in 26 specialties in economy and business, management, public administration, informatics and cybernetics, computer science, publishing business and printing industry, tourism. Wikipedia.

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Gokov A.M.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika) | Year: 2016

Possible response of the ionospheric D-region to the geomagnetic storm sudden commencements at origination of the impact solar front during the Sun flares is studied experimentally using the method of partial reflection. It is determined that after a few hours since the geomagnetic storm sudden commencements electron concentration in the D-region is increased by 50...150% within tens of minutes. The hypothesis on precipitation of high-power electrons from the radiation belt is used to explain the above phenomenon; calculations of parameters of the flow of precipitating electrons are performed. ©2016 by Begell House, Inc.

Shpachuk V.P.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2016

Purpose. To define and analyze patterns of influence on the qualitative and quantitative parameters of mutually reinforcing action of two components of the kinematic coordinate shock loading on the vibration amplitude of the object at the control points on the basis of two-parameter amplitude-down hole-time characteristics. methodology. The study is based on fundamental approaches of applied mechanics, theory of modeling and vibration reliability. The pre-set parameters include inertial, dissipative and elastic characteristics of the test object, coordinates of its reference points while varied parameters are time parameters of two-dimensional external mechanical shock action, design factors of a supporting structure as well of the object itself and its pre-set reference points. findings. Factors of influence of the parameters of the two coordinate impact while testing the facilities of the spatial structure for vibration reliability are introduced, dependence of the quantities and gradient signs of changes in these factors on the design parameters of the supporting structure of the test object and geometric coordinates of the reference point on the object and the supporting structure (e. g., a platform of a many coordinate shaker). originality. For the first time, quantitative and qualitative patterns of influence factors dependence on the parameters of the two coordinate external mechanical loading, the test object and the support structure are defined for objects of the spatial structure based on two-parameter amplitude-downhole-time characteristics. As a measure of mutually increasing action of parameters of two-coordinate shock loading, it is suggested to use the influence coefficients described through amplitudes, duration and inter-coordinate temporal delay of shock influences. Practical value. The examined shock influences in practice result in the refuses of the real objects of mining machinery manufacturing, aviation, transport and space machinery regarding stability of functioning and durability. For the particular assembly machines, the results are used when determining the regulatory regime of bench tests for multicoordinate impact force, which improves durability and reliability in operation. © Shpachuk V. P., 2016.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: H2020 | Program: CSA | Phase: GERI-4-2015 | Award Amount: 1.86M | Year: 2016

EQUAL-IST aims at introducing structural changes to enhance gender equality within Information Systems and Technology Research institutions, which have been demonstrated to be among the research sectors most affected by gender inequalities at all levels. The project aims at supporting seven RPOs from Northern, Southern and Central European countries plus a CSI country, in developing and implementing Gender Equality Action Plans. All the 7 RPOs of the EQUAL-IST consortium are at a starting stage in the setting up of GEPs and they have also ensured the support of the highest management levels both from their faculties and university as whole. The project will combine gender mainstreaming and positive actions on 3 main levels: HR practices and management processes, research design and delivery, student services and institutional communication. For addressing and solving issues of horizontal and vertical segregation in research and administrative careers, work life balance, gender neutral-blind approaches to IST research, gender gaps in students enrollment, EQUAL-IST will try to operate at the same time on organizational structures, discourses and behaviors. In addition, EQUAL-IST will promote a participatory approach towards Gender Equality Policies based on co-design and at the same time ensuring the active dialogue with and involvement of top decision makers at the partner RPOs. By setting up a dedicated crowdsourcing- online collaborative platform the project will support both the initial internal assessment of the RPOs and the GEPs design process. EQUAL-IST toolkits and guidelines, lessons learned and used methodologies will be disseminated broadly in Europe and other CSI countries with a communication strategy focused on IST Research Institutions and RFOs and through collaboration with the EURAXESS network, in order to support ERA objectives in relation to gender equality in research.

Plekhanova G.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on TCSET 2016 | Year: 2016

Functionality and classes of the Human Resource Management systems (HRM) as well as key criteria of their choice are generalized in the paper. The author researched theoretical and methodological approaches to the evaluation of HRM systems economic efficiency, the specific criteria relating to HRM systems selection and the algorithm of the selection. © 2016 National University Lviv Polytechnic.

Galkina O.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Coke and Chemistry | Year: 2016

Means of improving the efficiency of water circulation of coke plants are considered. A systemic approach is adopted. The goal is to minimize corrosion in the water-circulation system by means of phenolic wastewater and corrosion inhibitors. The corrosion rate is investigated as a function of the dose of inhibitor and the operating parameters. On the basis of the models derived, the operation of the water-circulation system at coke plants may be better predicted. © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.

Gokov A.M.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika) | Year: 2016

The partial reflection technique was applied to experimentally investigate how the electron concentration in the middle-latitude ionospheric D-region varied at the sunrise terminator during the geomagnetic storm of November 7-11th, 2004. It was revealed that the electron concentration increased by 450-700% both immediately during the sunrise terminator passage and after it. The explanation to such phenomenon is based on the hypothesis about terminatorenhanced electron precipitation from the magnetosphere. © 2016 by Begell House, Inc.

Ushakova I.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2016

The role of education services in the global competitiveness of Ukraine was shown. A specific of educational services, educational services market structure and characteristics of its subjects was reviewed. Analysis of survey results on the effect of different channels of knowledge enrollees on the university was held. The advantage of impact the social of the channel from the inner circle of enrollees, namely parents, friends, classmates was shown. Bass model parameters for the purpose of educational services, simulation of the dynamics of the spread of information among universities AnyLogic is made. © 2016 by the paper authors.

Barannik V.O.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Problems of Atomic Science and Technology | Year: 2015

The point and interval distribution parameter estimators are obtained by direct numerical approximation of the definition integral with the use of upper and lower bounds of distributed random variable. Like in Bayesian estima-tion, the distribution parameters are treated as random variables, and their uncertainty is described as a distribution. The Monte Carlo procedure is involved to get the posteriori parameter distributions and the correspondent confi-dence interval limits. © 2015 National Science Center, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology. All rights reserved.

Petchenko G.A.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
Functional Materials | Year: 2013

Pulse-echo method in the frequency range of 37.5-232.5 MHz in LiF crystals atT = 300 K has been used to study the behaviour of dislocation decrement Δd(f) at variations of the residual strain value and X-ray radiation in the range of 0-400 R. It has been found out that with the increasing doses of radiation the effect of amplitude damping of the dislocation resonance can be observed which leads to a marked restoration of initial acoustic characteristics of the crystals. It hasbeen discovered that the effective length of the dislocation segment L decreases monotonically, while the coefficient of the dynamic viscosity B retains its value at increasing the crystals irradiation dose. The experimental results have been discussed in the framework of existing theories. © 2013-STC "Institute for Single Crystals".

Kononova K.,Kharkiv National University of Economics
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2015

There are more than twenty widely used e-indexes which are used to measure ICT Adoption all over the world. It might be a problem to choose ones to analyze the ICT dynamics or to compare the levels of ICT development in different regions of the world. So first the most common eindexes were reviewed. Then the comparative analysis of the e-indexes structure has been done. The coherence of the e-indexes has been estimated using pair and rank correlation. The 'core' of the consolidated e-indexes was defined and the intersections of some e-indexes and the 'core' have been analyzed. Copyright © 2015 for the individual papers by the papers' authors.

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