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Babaev A.E.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Yanchevskii I.V.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
International Applied Mechanics | Year: 2011

A numerical-analytic method for the identification of the axisymmetric mechanical shock load on a disk-shaped metal-piezoceramic bimorph transducer is proposed. Aproblemis formulated based onthe theory of thin two-layer plates. The solution is found using the Laplace transform. By recovering the original function analytically, the problem is reduced to a system of Volterra equations, solved numerically using Tikhonov's regularization algorithm. The finite-element solution of the direct problem is used as input data (potential difference between the electrodes of the piezoceramic layer). The results are analyzed. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

Naumov V.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies | Year: 2015

Consideration of risks in managing freight forwarding processes allows decreasing potential losses as the result of market situation change for logistics system elements, which are involved in delivery process. Existing approaches to freight forwarders risks estimation are usually not based on technological process model; they take into consideration external factors, such as legal framework, traffic conditions, logistics system structure and others. In the paper in order to evaluate freight forwarder risk to entry the transportation market, a simulation model of servicing by the forwarding company of requests flow has been developed. Regression model, obtained on the basis of simulation results, allows to estimate numerically a measure of freight forwarder risk without the simulations of the process of requests servicing. Provided results of research allow to state, that forwarding company risk to entry the market monotonically increases with increasing of average requests interval in the serviced flow and monotonically decreases with increasing of the tariff on services of a freight forwarder. Research results should be considered while managing the process of freight forwarders entry to new markets.

Khamad R.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies | Year: 2015

Asphalt concrete due to both of its high technological and service properties is a choice one material for road pavement construction. As asphalt concrete contains bitumen as a binding material it becomes vulnerable to the destructive effect of the fuels and lubricants. This disadvantage is very critical in places like airports, parking lots and car service centers. Polymer modified asphalt (PMA) concrete is considered to be more resistant to fuel than the traditional asphalt concrete. In this study, changes in fuel resistance index were investigated for asphalt concrete and PMA concrete samples under simultaneous action of bending force and diesel fuel. The influence of bituminous binders consistency and technology of modification of bitumen by SBS polymer on fuel resistance of asphalt concrete and PMA concrete were analyzed. Our research has found that bitumen modified with direct introduction of SBS polymer has a much higher fuel resistance than pure bitumen of similar consistency. On the other hand, modification of bitumen by mixing it with polymer-oil solution results in a significant drop of PMA concrete fuel resistance.

Batygin Y.V.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University | Golovashchenko S.F.,Ford Motor Company | Gnatov A.V.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
Journal of Materials Processing Technology | Year: 2013

The paper is dedicated to the study of pulsed electromagnetic attraction processes which can deform ferromagnetic sheet metal materials such as low carbon steels using low frequency discharges. The analytical model based upon the solution of Maxwell equations explains that magnetic forces are prevailing over the Lorentz forces for low frequency discharges. For electromagnetic forming (EMF) processes employing ferromagnetic sheet metal blanks of low electrical conductivity with relatively slow electric discharges, the magnetic forces should be taken into account in order to achieve a correct representation of electromagnetic forces applied to the blank. An engineering estimate on the size of magneto-static forces and Lorentz-forces is the outcome of the analytical work. In addition to analytical work and validation of the proposed engineering estimate of attracting forces, a single turn coil is introduced which is more robust than previous designs with multiple frequencies and interrupted discharges. The simplified setup only requires a rather slow single frequency low voltage electric discharge which allows for using cheaper and longer life capacitors, substantially reduces the safety implications and also extends the life of the coil insulation. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Maliar V.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2016

The method and equipment for determining the mechanical properties of different road bitumen were developed in KhNAHU. The method has three schemes of deformation and fracture of binders, which are located in thin layers. As a result, the following quality parameters of bitumen can be defined: the limiting tensile strength, specific energy fracture, the limiting shear strength (cohesive strength) and the glass transition temperature. The paper shows the dependence of these parameters on the change in thickness of bitumen films, the strain rate (load) and temperature. Information about the cohesive strength of asphalt with different viscosities and different structural types ("Sol" "Gel" and "Sol-Gel") is shown here. Bitumen composition has different influence on its strength, so comparisons of cohesive binder properties with the same consistency were made. © 2016 The Authors.

Musiienko I.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2016

The perspective direction of computer-aided designing of road is optimization algorithms development. Optimization problems solutions can improve the quality of roads projects. Analysis of optimization methods in computer-aided road design system has been shown. These problems solving through the method of flexible bracelet implementation had been suggested. In the article the concept of the geometric implementation of the flexible bracelet method as a method of computer-aided highways designing has been considered. It is advisable to use a rectangle as the flexible bracelet link at this stage of this method development. © 2016 The Authors.

Fastovska T.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences | Year: 2015

We consider a nonlinear system of thermoelasticity in shape memory alloys without viscosity. The existence and uniqueness of strong and weak solutions and the existence of a compact global attractor in an appropriate space are proved. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Tropina A.A.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University | Uddi M.,Princeton University | Ju Y.,Princeton University
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science | Year: 2011

The mathematical model of a repetitive nanosecond pulse discharge at atmospheric-pressure conditions has been presented. The influence of initial gas temperature, chemical kinetics, and vibrational nonequilibrium on the ignition of methane-air and ethylene-air mixtures has been analyzed. © 2010 IEEE.

Serikov S.A.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
Journal of Automation and Information Sciences | Year: 2014

The problem of adaptive control of a hybrid vehicle engine which minimizes the vector quality criterion in the presence of restrictions on the parameters of the state and control vector. Formal statement of the optimization problem is given. The solving this problem by the method of adaptive critic design-based neural networks and fuzzy logic control is considered. © 2014 by Begell House Inc.

Sadovaya V.V.,Kazan Federal University | Khakhlova O.N.,Bashkir State University | Reznikov A.A.,Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2015

Thematic justification of the study is conditioned by the fact that in contemporary system of higher professional pedagogical education we can see serious drawbacks in training the future teachers for the methods of organizing leisure time activities and interacting with children. Therefore, this article studies the problem of future social teachers being professionally ready to organize children's leisure activities. Personal-activity and individual- creativity approaches were the leading in our research. As a result we have revealed the essence and content of social teacher’s professional activity, components of its professional readiness to organize the leisure activities of children and adolescents. We have shown technological and substantive aspects of professional training of future social workers such competence in the educational process of pedagogical high school. The material given here is of practical significance for specialists in the organization of children's leisure; for a system of higher education in organizing the special courses of future teachers training. © 2015 by iSER, International Society of Educational Research.

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