Philadelphia, PA, United States
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Keystone College is a small private college located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Its official mailing address is La Plume, Pennsylvania in Lackawanna County; however, much of the campus is in Factoryville, Pennsylvania in Wyoming County. The school was founded in 1868. Wikipedia.

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Senavci H.V.,Ankara University | Hussain G.A.J.,ESO | O'Neal D.,Keystone College | Barnes J.R.,University of Hertfordshire
Astronomy and Astrophysics | Year: 2011

Aims. We aim to reconstruct the first detailed surface maps of the W UMa-type contact binary system, SW Lac. These maps should reveal the distributions of dark, magnetically active spot regions on the component stars and enable us to compare these with the results of similar studies of other active stars. Methods. We used the noise-reduction technique least squares deconvolution (LSD) to obtain high signal-to-noise ratio spectra of SW Lac, enabling individual starspot features to be observed in the highly rotationally broadened profiles of this rapid rotator. We performed the Doppler mapping of the system using the Doppler imaging code, DoTS. To test the reliability of our images, we assessed the performance of the code when applied to data with incomplete phase coverage. Results. We obtained surface maps of the system. The secondary (more massive) component is found to have a lower effective temperature and a slightly higher spot coverage than the primary. These may indicate that the secondary is more spotted than the primary component. Our results are consistent with theoretical assumptions as well as the photometric studies of W-type W UMa contact binary systems, indicating that the secondary component is typically more active than its primary. © 2011 ESO.

News Article | December 8, 2016

A list of the nation’s Best Online Accounting Degree programs for 2016-2017 has been released by leading higher education information and resource provider The list ranks two- and four-year schools respectively, highlighting 100 colleges that offer the best overall combination of value and quality for online accounting students. Top scoring schools include Davenport University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Northern State University, Dickinson State University and Cleary University (four-year) and Holmes Community College, Hutchinson Community College, Lone Star College, Western Nebraska Community College and Southwest Virginia Community College (two-year). "The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants showed a record number of accounting graduates were hired by public accounting firms in 2012,” said Dan Schuessler, CEO and Founder of “With that in mind, we were compelled to highlight and rank the schools making an effort to maximize affordability and provide flexible, high-quality learning options for accounting students.” To be eligible for placement on the rankings, a school must meet several minimum requirements. Colleges must be accredited, public or private not-for-profit institutions to qualify. Affordability standards are also set to include only schools who offer in-state tuition below $5,000 per year at two-year schools or $25,000 per year at four-year schools. More than a dozen additional statistics are compared to determine final scores and rankings for each qualifying school, such as aid offerings, graduation rates and more. For complete details on the data and methodology used to determine school scores, as well as the full ranking for the nation’s Best Online Accounting Degree programs visit: Auburn University Aurora University Baker College Belhaven University Bellevue University Brenau University Brescia University Cleary University Colorado Christian University Columbia College Concordia University - Saint Paul Dakota State University Dallas Baptist University Davenport University Dickinson State University East Carolina University Florida Atlantic University Franklin University Hawaii Pacific University Huntington University Indiana State University Indiana Wesleyan University Keiser University - Fort Lauderdale Kent State University at Kent Keystone College Lakeland College Liberty University Madonna University Missouri State University - Springfield Morehead State University National University Northern Arizona University Northern State University Northwestern Oklahoma State University Northwood University - Michigan Old Dominion University Saint Leo University Thomas Edison State College Tiffin University University of Alabama at Birmingham University of Charleston University of Houston - Downtown University of Houston - Victoria University of Louisiana at Monroe University of Maryland - University College University of Massachusetts - Amherst University of Michigan - Flint University of Minnesota - Crookston University of the Southwest Western Governors University began in 2011 to provide quality data and information about pursuing an affordable higher education. Our free community resource materials and tools span topics such as financial aid and college savings, opportunities for veterans and people with disabilities, and online learning resources. We feature higher education institutions that have developed online learning environments that include highly trained faculty, new technology and resources, and online support services to help students achieve educational and career success. We have been featured by nearly 1,100 postsecondary institutions and nearly 120 government organizations.

Wentz B.,Keystone College | Lazar J.,Towson University
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2011

With the increasing use of web-based applications in the workplace, it is imperative that all users can equally access those applications. It has been previously reported that blind users have problems accessing Facebook, but little empirical data on the topic exists. It has also been suggested by Facebook and anecdotal user comments that the mobile interface (hereafter referred to as "Facebook Mobile") for the application is more usable than the standard, desktop interface (hereafter referred to as "Facebook Desktop") for individuals who use screen readers to access the Facebook interface from their computers. This paper presents empirical data from 15 blind users, who took part in the usability evaluation of Facebook Desktop as well as a second phase of usability testing with 15 blind users to evaluate Facebook Mobile (when accessed from a computer and web browser). This research concludes that Facebook Mobile is more usable than the Facebook Desktop interface; however, the mobile interface is missing some features and is not consistently aligned with the Facebook Desktop interface. The implications of this study raise the question of whether there is often a usability and functionality difference between different interfaces for an application when one interface is suggested to be the "accessible" version. Copyright © 2011 ACM.

Phillips Y.,Keystone College
ICETC 2010 - 2010 2nd International Conference on Education Technology and Computer | Year: 2010

Technology is important in teaching and learning mathematics. This paper will discuss the use of graphing calculators, the internet and computer math software in mathematics education. Our modern world has entered the information age. Internet online teaching and learning, and online testing have become important part of faculty development and student learning. © 2010 IEEE.

Saginor I.,Keystone College | Gazel E.,Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory | Carr M.J.,Rutgers University | Swisher C.C.,Rutgers University | Turrin B.,Rutgers University
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research | Year: 2011

The volcanic record of western Nicaragua documents a significant lull in volcanic activity that has persisted from the late Miocene (~. 7. Ma) to the formation of the modern volcanic front around 350 ka. This study fills this gap for the first time with samples collected in Northwest Nicaragua between Cosigüina and San Cristóbal volcanoes and with samples collected from the Nicaraguan Depression. We found two previously unknown volcanic units ranging from 3.6 to 1.3. Ma and the improved volcanic record allows us to reconstruct the geochemical evolution of the Nicaraguan arc. U/Th values increased by nearly threefold since the Miocene following the "carbonate crash" at 10. Ma, when dominantly carbonate sediment deposition shifted toward hemipelagic sediment deposition. This transition was thought to be abrupt, however our new data show that it took place gradually over the last 7. Ma. Northwest Nicaragua is a particularly interesting case study because it contains Middle Miocene volcanism on either side of the Nicaraguan Depression, the Coyol Formation (25-7. Ma) to the East and the Tamarindo Formation (14.7-11.7. Ma) to the West. The presence of Mid Miocene volcanism on either side of the Nicaraguan Depression has led to the hypothesis that the two coeval units, currently separated by ~. 100 km, were once connected and have since been separated by extension. Here, we present data suggesting that the Tamarindo and Coyol are geochemically distinct and therefore cannot be considered part of the same unit. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Tucker Serniak L.,Keystone College | Tucker Serniak L.,Oregon State University
Weed Research | Year: 2016

Summary: Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) is a prolific invader possessing several potentially allelopathic chemicals. The aim of this study was to determine whether four of these compounds inhibit the germination and growth of radish (Raphanus sativus) seedlings. Seeds were planted in potting soil and grown under glasshouse conditions for 2 weeks and the phytochemicals were gradually added to the soil over the course of the study. For all phytochemicals, there was no significant reduction in germination, plant heights, leaf widths or leaf lengths. However, plants treated with resveratrol, emodin and (-)-epicatechin had significantly shorter root lengths than the control. Seedlings were dried and extracts were prepared with methanol. Extracts were tested via fluorescence spectrophotometry for uptake of the chemicals. Polydatin was detected at the highest concentration, with resveratrol and emodin detected at much lower concentrations. (-)-Epicatechin was below the limits of detection. These results suggest that F. japonica may negatively impact the growth of other species and that multiple chemicals work together to give the plant a competitive advantage. Weed Research © 2016 European Weed Research Society.

Kelly L.J.,Keystone College | Sexton V.L.,Cooper University Hospital
Neurodiagnostic Journal | Year: 2016

ABSTRACT: Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis is a newly described disease process. Patients are generally young females who present with psychiatric symptoms and progress to have seizures, abnormal movements, and autonomic instability. Diagnosis is made based on serum and cerebrospinal fluid results. However, a characteristic EEG pattern described as extreme delta brush has been associated with this disorder, making it especially relevant to neurodiagnostic technologists in practice today. Our case presentations follow two patients through the course of their illness and recovery. Copyright © ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society.

Gazel E.,Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory | Hoernle K.,Leibniz Institute of Marine Science | Carr M.J.,Rutgers University | Herzberg C.,Rutgers University | And 5 more authors.
Lithos | Year: 2011

The volcanic front in southern Central America is well known for its Galapagos OIB-like geochemical signature. A comprehensive set of geochemical, isotopic and geochronological data collected on volumetrically minor alkaline basalts and adakites were used to better constrain the mantle and subduction magma components and to test the different models that explain this OIB signature in an arc setting. We report a migration of back-arc alkaline volcanism towards the northwest, consistent with arc-parallel mantle flow models, and a migration towards the southeast in the adakites possibly tracking the eastward movement of the triple junction where the Panama Fracture Zone intersects the Middle America Trench. The adakites major and trace element compositions are consistent with magmas produced by melting a mantle-wedge source metasomatized by slab derived melts. The alkaline magmas are restricted to areas that have no seismic evidence of a subducting slab. The geochemical signature of the alkaline magmas is mostly controlled by upwelling asthenosphere with minor contributions from subduction components. Mantle potential temperatures calculated from the alkaline basalt primary magmas increased from close to ambient mantle (~. 1380-1410 °C) in the Pliocene to ~. 1450 °C in the younger units. The calculated initial melting pressures for these primary magmas are in the garnet stability field (3.0-2.7. GPa). The average final melting pressures range between 2.7 and 2.5. GPa, which is interpreted as the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary at ~. 85-90. km. We provide a geotectonic model that integrates the diverse observations presented here. The slab detached after the collision of the Galapagos tracks with the arc (~. 10-8. Ma). The detachment allowed hotter asthenosphere to flow into the mantle wedge. This influx of hotter asthenosphere explains the increase in mantle potential temperatures, the northwest migration in the back-arc alkaline lavas that tracks the passage of the hotter asthenosphere, and the presence of a slab melting signature in the volcanic front caused by recycling of Galapagos Hotspot tracks. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: STELLAR ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSC | Award Amount: 64.78K | Year: 2011

Dr. James Neff (College of Charleston, South Carolina) and Dr. Douglas ONeal (Keystone College, Pennsylvania) will lead an effort to understand the physical conditions in starspots. Analogous to spots on the Sun, starspots are regions in the atmospheres of other stars that are cooler than the rest of the stellar surface. The goals of this project are to use recent advances in atmospheric modeling codes to determine starspot properties, re-analyze extensive databases of existing spectra using the new techniques, expand observational surveys to include cooler stars, and combine various techniques to yield a better understanding of the observational signatures of starspots.

Magnetic activity on the Sun is perhaps the most dramatic way in which astronomy impacts our daily lives. By measuring the properties and distribution of starspots on a wide range of active stars, it might be possible to uncover the fundamental nature of the solar dynamo. Photometric light curve modeling, Doppler imaging, and the spectroscopic properties of molecular bands (which are formed only in starspots, not in the warmer unspotted atmosphere) all yield important information about the distribution, temperature, and fractional coverage of starspots.

Kallianiotis I.N.,University of Scranton | Harris D.M.,Keystone College
International Research Journal of Finance and Economics | Year: 2010

The objective of this paper is to determine the elements that caused the current and prospective problems to the U.S. and consequently, to all economies of the world, due to globalization (the evolution of the free market). A theoretical model is used to measure the loss to society by considering some important macroeconomic variables and their deviations from the target ones. Then, by determining (measuring) the annual losses, one can visualize the status of the economy. The global uncertainty (terrorism, wars, and the volatility of the financial markets) has resulted in increased gold prices, depreciation of the dollar stemming from U.S. debts and deficits, heightened prices of oil due to speculation which has created a "commodity bubble" (even in food), and a reduction in income, which has negatively affected the financial markets. The deregulation in financial markets and institutions as well as the easy money policy had increased lending, liquidity, greed, "innovations", corruption, speculation, and prices in financial and real assets (stocks and real estate, housing) which caused two other enormous bubbles, "stocks bubble" and "housing bubble". Some people ("the world's planners") burst the bubbles in 2008, creating the worst housing and financial crisis, which in 2009 was followed by the most severe recession in modern economic history. The western free-market (laissez-faire, laissez-passer) economies have been led in deep recessions, enormous unemployment, annihilation of their wealth, tremendous debts, complete distrust for the financial markets, huge social problems, and a new cold war, which were more or less predictable; hence, the west faces an absolutely uncertain future. © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010.

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