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Kerneos Inc. | Date: 2010-11-09

Mortars comprising 100% calcium aluminate binders and aggregates for protecting networks for sanitation purposes.

Kerneos Inc. | Date: 2015-08-27

Chemical products for use in the manufacture of refractory materials; chemical additives and adjuvants for use in the manufacture of refractory materials; mineral and organic additives and adjuvants, namely, mixtures of Calcium-Aluminates, polycarboxylate ethers, hydrophobic esters, poly-acrylates, sulphonates, phosphates, carbonates and lactates, all for use in the manufacture of refractory materials. Refractory building materials not of metal; refractory cements; cement mixes, namely, premixed preparations consisting of calcium aluminate cement and an organic mineral additive.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: RIA | Phase: SC5-11e-2015 | Award Amount: 7.91M | Year: 2016

METGROW\ will address and solve bottlenecks in the European raw materials supply by developing innovative metallurgical technologies for unlocking the use of potential domestic raw materials. The METGROW\ consortium has received an EIP RM Commitment status. The consortium is supported by internationally respected research institutes and universities. Many of the partners (9) are members of EIT KIC Raw Materials consortium as well. The value chain and business models for metal recovery from low grade ores and wastes are carefully looked after. Within this project, both primary and secondary materials are studied as potential metal resources. Economically important nickel-cobalt deposits and low grade polymetallic wastes, iron containing sludges (goethite, jarosite etc.) which are currently not yet being exploited due to technical bottlenecks, are in focus. Concurrently, METGROW\ targets innovative hydrometallurgical processes to extract important metals including Ni, Cu, Zn, Co, In, Ga, Ge from low grade ores in a cost-effective way. In addition a toolbox for metallurgical system is created in the project using new methods and combinations. The unused potential of metal containing fine grained industrial residues are evaluated, while hybrid and flexible hydrometallurgical processes and treatment methods of fines are developed for both materials. Training and education of new professionals are facilitated within the METGROW\ project. The knowledge of raw materials and sustainable technologies will attract new talents in the field who can flexibly change fields from treatment of secondary to primary resources, which also smoothens the economic ups and downs in the primary sector.

Kerneos Inc. | Date: 2015-07-06

Non-metallic building materials, namely, concretes and mortars; synthetic calcium aluminate hard aggregates for high performance concrete; building materials made with aluminates, namely, calcium aluminate synthetic aggregates obtained by fusion and containing alumina, concretes containing alumina, and mortars containing alumina; concretes.

Stabilized aqueous suspensions include aluminous cement and/or calcium sulfoaluminous cement and binding compositions including the aqueous suspension in combination with organic binders, which are stable at room temperature and at high temperature as well as methods for preparing the same are described.

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