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Kerman, Iran

Kerman Medical University, also called Kerman University of Medical science, is a university in Kerman, Iran. Wikipedia.

Klebsiella pneumoniae is a major cause of nosocomial infections. Emergence of antibacterial resistance and production of beta-lactamases are responsible for the frequently observed empirical therapy failures. The aim of this study was to determine the presence and the prevalence of extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBLs) and AmpC beta-lactamases in clinical isolates of K. pneumoniae in Kerman, Iran. Resistance to different antibiotics was determined using standard disk diffusion method. The beta-lactamases phenotypes were determined by combined disk method. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to determine blaCTX-M and blaCMY genes in the ESBLs and AmpC positive isolates. Out of the 75 K. pneumoniae isolates, 31 (41.3%) produced ESBLs, 11 (14.6%) produced AmpC beta-lactamases and 1 (1.3%) was resistant to imipenem, probably by the production of a metallo beta lactamase in the phenotypic assay. Simultaneous production of ESBLs and AmpC beta-lactamases as well as the concomitant presence of blaCTX-M and blacMY genes was detected in one isolate. Prevalence of blaCTX-M and blaCMY among isolates were 20% and 2.6%, respectively. Beta-lactam therapy can fail when beta-lactamase-hyper-producing organisms appear in an infection. The occurrence of isolates co-expressing many types of beta-lactamases can cause serious problems, regarding the treatment of infections caused by these pathogens. Source

Tirgari B.,Kerman Medical University
Clinical journal of oncology nursing | Year: 2012

This study was conducted to examine mood state and quality of life (QOL) in patients who had undergone a mastectomy. The study used a descriptive design and was conducted in outpatient oncology clinics in northeastern Iran. Using the Profile of Mood States and the Ferrans and Powers Quality of Life Index, the mood state and QOL of patients who had undergone a mastectomy were examined. The results indicate that participants had low mood state and QOL; in addition, a negative correlation was found between the two. The mood state was a predictor of participants' QOL. A screening system for patients who have undergone a mastectomy may help nurses evaluate patients' mood states, identify the symptoms of mood disturbances, and refer patients to the appropriate support services. Source

This hypothesis would help to elevate safety in nanogold-therapy of some cancers. It has no previous record in published media and there is no existing protocol for what is expressed in this paper. The hypothesis makes some experimental recommendations for future research at the interface of nanotechnology and biological systems. It is about reducing toxicity and side effects of nanogold particles (NGPs) in cancer patients treated with antibody-nanogold therapeutics. The hypothesis expresses that how to eliminate idle NGPs from blood stream of treated cancer patients in order to reduce undesirable deposition and accumulation of NGPs in non-target tissues and organs in post therapy. In this regard, at the end of therapy period, blood of treated cancer patient which contains idle nanogold-antibodies is passed through a machine named " Nanogold detoxifying machine" (NDM). This machine behaves like " hemodialysis machine" used for patients with lost kidney function but, instead of dialysis membrane, NDM is equipped with impermeable membrane containing nanotubes to which cancer specific-antigens (CSAs) are attached. While blood circulates in NDM, CSAs attract and immobilize the idle nanogold-antibodies. Implementation of NDM clears patient's blood from idle nanogold-antibodies which were not attached to their targets, the cancer cells. Elimination of idle NGPs from blood would minimize side effects resulting from their deposition or accumulation on non-target cells or tissues. Since NDM reduces anxieties about side effects, it would provide patients with better feelings too. NDM would enhance efficacy of NGPs targeted toward specific cancers. Before using it for clinical trials in human cases, NDM should pass animal evaluations; however, research works should optimize its implementation. I think NDM method holds great promise to reduce the time, effort, and expense in cancer research, screening, detection, and therapy. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Mazhari S.,Kerman Medical University
Journal of Psychiatric Practice | Year: 2013

An examination of top-cited articles is a tool that can be used to identify and monitor outstanding scientific research. The goal of this study was to identify and analyze the characteristics of the 100 top-cited articles published in international journals dedicated to psychiatry. The Science Citation Index Expanded provided by the Thomson Reuters Institute for Scientific Information Web of Knowledge was searched in December, 2011, and 128 journals were identified in the subject category "Psychiatry." Each journal was searched on the Web of Science under "Publication Name" and the results were sorted by category "Times Cited." The 100 top-cited articles were recorded, and the list was analyzed with regard to journals, number of citations, authors, year, institution, and country of origin. The original research articles of the 100 top-cited articles were classified into one of five categories: scale/measurement, descriptive/epidemiology, mechanism, management, and imaging. The 100 top-cited articles were cited between 26,578 and 781 times; they were published between 1957 and 2005, with the largest number (35) published in the 1990s. The articles appeared in 24 journals, with more than half published in the Archives of General Psychiatry (56), followed by the American Journal of Psychiatry (6), and Psychological Medicine (6). Articles that dealt with the development, application, or validity of measurements led the list of top-cited psychiatric publications (43) and had a significantly higher number of citations compared with the rest of the articles. The time and language of publication, field of study, country of origin, and journal in which the paper appeared are possible determinants of the likelihood of citation and impact. Copyright © 2013 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Inc. Source

Moosazadeh M.,Kerman Medical University
International Journal of Preventive Medicine | Year: 2013

Background: Cigarette Smoking is a recognized cause of systemic disorders such as bronchogenic, carcinoma, and cardiovascular diseases and hence prompt and effective interventions are required for its elimination. Thus, This Meta-analysis was carried out for an adult population of west of Iran in order to estimate of prevalence smoking in this area. Methods: We examined related to documentation by searching in published and non-electronic databases. Data were extracted based on variables such as the year of the study, sex, age group, and the prevalence of smoking. Based on the results of heterogeneity, we used fixed or random effects model to assessment the overall prevalence of cigarette smoking. All analyses were accomplished via STATA 11 software. Results: Totally, 25, 990 subjects (13005 males) were investigated. Meta-analysis in men and women indicated prevalence of 22.9 (20.6-25.2) and 0.6 (0.3-0.9) respectively. Conclusions: It was found that more than one-fifth of men from 15 year to 64-year-old of west of Iran smoked cigarette. Providing an education on harmful effects of smoking to the adult population would be a valuable means for reducing destructive consequences of smoking. Source

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