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Kerala University of Health science is a medical university in the city of Thrissur in Kerala, India. The university is located in 75 acres on the Government Medical College, Thrissur campus. The university was established on the basis of Kerala University Health Act 2010. There are 205 professional colleges affiliated to this university. Wikipedia.

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Ziaudeen S.,Kerala University of Health Sciences | Ravindran R.,Kerala University of Health Sciences
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2017

Introduction: Despite its vast occurrence, the aetiology of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) still remains unknown and its aetiology is multifactorial. The factors believed to be associated with the aetiology of RAS, may disturb the equilibrium of oxidant-antioxidant status of the organism and may accelerate the formation of free radicals, resulting in Oxidative Stress (OS). Psychological stress is believed to act as a triggering factor or modifying factor for RAS. Aim: To find whether oxidant-antioxidant status and psychosocial stress play a role in the pathogenesis of RAS. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on 60 subjects over a period of one year (August 2014-August 2015) equally divided into two groups-patients with RAS and healthy controls. Psychosocial stress was analyzed by using Recent Life Changes Questionnaire (RLCQ). Saliva was analyzed to evaluate Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione Peroxidase (GSHPx) activities, Malondialdehyde (MDA) and Uric Acid (UA) levels in both the study and the control groups, using UV spectrophotometry. Results: The mean value of salivary SOD and MDA was increased while the activity of GSHPx and UA decreased in the study group when compared to the controls; the difference being statistically significant (p<0.005). The mean RLCQ stress score was also found to be increased in the RAS group, which showed elevated levels of mental stresses when compared to physical stresses. No significant association was observed between SOD, MDA, GSHPx and UA with high levels of stress score (p>0.05). In the study group, no correlation was observed between the study variables and gender, the number of ulcer episodes in one year, the number of ulcers per episode or the duration of ulcers. Conclusion: This study shows that salivary antioxidant levels show a significant difference in response to OS in RAS patients. An increase in levels of psychosocial stress is seen associated with patients with RAS indicating its role as a modifying or triggering factor in the initiation of RAS. © 2017, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. All rights reserved.

Gujaral P.B.,Kerala University of Health Sciences | Ajay B.,Amrita University
Journal of Forensic Sciences | Year: 2017

Abrasion collar is usually described as a feature of bullet entry wounds caused by friction and indentation. The present case is that of the peculiar entry wound caused by a piece of flying shrapnel which was ejected from a furnace in a steel plant. The scrap metal which exploded in the plant was sourced from the West Asia region. The entry wound on the chest was circular and had an abrasion collar around it. The projectile was a cylindrical object of obscure origin. The forensic science laboratory put forth the possibility that the projectile was a component of an artillery fuze. A decades old study which employed high-speed photography has rejected the possibility that abrasion collars are produced by friction. High-velocity projectiles other than bullets can also produce abrasion collars as the rubbing of the bullet against the skin or its rotation are not the causative mechanisms. © 2017 American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Nair M.R.,Kerala University of Health Sciences
Indian journal of medical ethics | Year: 2015

Medical ethics attaches the utmost priority to the confidentiality of medical records. Hence, the decision of the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) rendered on April 10, 2015 in Case No: CIC/KY/A/2014/001348SA Ms Jyoti Jeena v. PIO, Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Science (hereinafter referred to as Jyoti Jeena), that the wife-applicant is entitled to get copies of the medical records of her estranged husband has raised many eyebrows.

Nair P.G.,Amrita University | Basheer B.M.,Kerala University of Health Sciences
Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica | Year: 2017

Compromised temporal resolving power of the auditory system can be one of the main factors contributing to poor speech perception skills in the elderly. Very few of the earlier studies have systematically examined this aspect. Hence, the current study was designed with the following objectives: 1) To establish normative database of Gaps in Noise (GIN) test in elderly population in an Indian context. 2) To determine the relationship between speech discrimination skills and temporal resolution abilities in elderly individuals with normal hearing sensitivity. Thirty normal hearing elderly individuals (age range: 55-75 years; mean age: 59.86 ± 4.11 years) participated in the study. The audiological evaluation comprised of tympanometry, puretone and speech audiometry (Speech Reception Threshold-SRT, Speech Discrimination Score-SDS) and GIN. The results of the present study revealed mean Gap Detection Threshold (GDT) of 8.7 msec (SD = 3.38) in the right ear and 8.83 msec (SD = 2.86) in the left ear for the older participants. The mean Total Percentage Score (TPS) in the right ear was 47% (SD = 11.92) and 45% (SD = 11.29) in the left ear. These results suggest that temporal resolution abilities are poor in the elderly compared to the young and middle-aged group. There was no significant ear based difference on either GDT or TPS. The GDT was inversely correlated with speech discrimination performance. The TPS was positively correlated with SDS. This study clearly demonstrated a positive relationship between temporal resolution abilities and speech discrimination. The current database might be useful when assessing temporal resolution abilities in hearing impaired elderly individuals. Furthermore, all elderly individuals should undergo temporal resolution evaluation, irrespective of their hearing status, during audiological assessment. © 2017, Pacini Editore S.p.A. All rights reserved.

Cyriac M.B.,Mangalore University | Pai V.,Mangalore University | Varghese I.,Kerala University of Health Sciences | Shantaram M.,Mangalore University | Jose M.,Mangalore University
International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy | Year: 2012

The husk fibres of Areca catechu (areca nut) are reported to be used by the people of rural areas of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka for cleaning their teeth. The beneficial effects of these plant materials are not scientifically proven, so the study was carried out to estimate the antimicrobial properties of A. catechu against common oral pathogens. These antimicrobial properties in addition to mechanical cleansing property of the fibers of areca nut could improve the oral health. Alcoholic and aqueous extracts of husk of Areca catechu were prepared and antimicrobial properties against common oral pathogens like Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus salivarius, Streptococcus mitis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Candida albicans, Prevotella intermedia were performed by agar well diffusion method. Alcoholic extract of Areca catechu husk fibers showed dose dependent positive inhibitory effect against Candida albicans with zone of inhibition of 5-9 mm. Alcoholic and aqueous extracts did not show significant antimicrobial activity against other tested organisms. As our study failed to demonstrate significant inhibitory effect on cariogenic organisms and a periodontal pathogen, we conclude that areca husk when used for routine oral care, would improve the oral health primarily through mechanical cleansing rather than antimicrobial activity. However, the results indicate that areca husk contains chemical components that has antifungal effect. Therefore this plant material can be a potential source for developing natural antifungal agents against C. albicans which is a common oral pathogen.

Nair M.K.C.,Medical College | Nair M.K.C.,Kerala University of Health Sciences
Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics | Year: 2015

Behavioural, emotional and mental health problems are widely prevalence among adolescents in India. Primary care physicians or pediatricians need to recognize and manage a majority of anxiety and depression problems among adolescents due to limited availability of psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. Anxiety disorders may be generalized anxiety disorders, phobias, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, etc. Depression in adolescent may be difficult to identify due to the normal behavioural variations associated with hormonal changes in this age group. It can manifest as low self-esteem, difficulty in establishing autonomy and suicidal ideation. Depression may be mistaken for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or may present with physical ailments. In the majority of children with depression, both psychotherapy and medication are required.

Satheeshkumar P.S.,University of Cardiff | Satheeshkumar P.S.,Kerala University of Health Sciences | Mohan M.P.,Kerala University of Health Sciences
Digestive Diseases and Sciences | Year: 2014

The alimentary tract mucosal inflammation has been a topic of concern in oncology; though many modalities of treatment have been proposed for mucosal inflammation, the contributing adverse effects have severely affected the quality of life of patients. This review focuses on the importance of neurogenic peptide, Substance P and its receptor NK-1R in modulating the cascades of events in mucosal inflammation during cytotoxic therapy. There are various preclinical and clinical models showing increased expression of Substance P/NK-1R in ionizing radiation and chemotherapy, but only very few preclinical studies to our knowledge have highlighted or examined its role in mucosal inflammation. Hence, the importance of neuropeptide involved in the inflammatory events in mucosal inflammation in cytotoxic therapy could be a major breakthrough for future research purposes and treatment. The factors contributing to the severity of tissue reactions have been multietiogenic; thus, resultant treatment also has to be directed toward multiple contributing factors. This review also focuses on the significance of care strategy to be adopted in alimentary tract mucositis when multietiogenic factors are taken into consideration. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Motagi M.V.,Kerala University of Health Sciences | Ranganath V.,Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2013

Aim: The classic variants in superior articular facets of atlas such as, variability in shape, presence of notch, constrictions, partial or complete separation of facets, and presence of pressure facets, have been reported to a limited extent in relation to ergonomics of cranio-vertebral joint. Objective: The objectives of the present study were to report the analyzed morphological features and metrical values of superior articular facets of the atlas. The morphological features which were included in this study were variability in shapes, constrictions and partial or complete separation of facets. The metrical measure included the surface area measurement of the facets. Material and Methods: This study was carried out on 50 (100 sides) dry atlas vertebrae from the Department of Anatomy, St John's Medical College, Bangalore, India. The superior articular facets were studied for the shape and symmetry, constrictions and partial or complete separation of facets. The surface area of the facets were measured by using IMAGEJ (Image processing and analysis in JAVA) tool, that was primarily designed to measure and analyze different metrics. Results: The mean surface area on the right side was 157.3 ± 29.02, and on the left side, it was 158.5 ± 24.85. Oval, irregular, kidney and figure of eight shapes were observed either on both sides or on one side. Bilateral constrictions of facets were seen in 58% of vertebrae. Bilateral, complete separations of facets were seen in 30% of vertebrae Conclusion: The observations of the present study are important to understand the ergonomics of the cranio-vertebral joint and they are helpful for academicians, neuro-surgeons, clinicians and radiologists in day to day clinical practice.

Mohamed H.,Kerala University of Health Sciences
World Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery | Year: 2012

Background: Sleeve gastrectomy is becoming increasingly popular within bariatric surgery. Initially introduced as a component of complex interventions and later as part of a two-stage operation in high-risk patients, the procedure is now more common as one-stage operation and subject of avid scientific discussion. However, the concept of longitudinal gastric resection is not new. The procedure was already established in ulcer surgery but soon faded into insignificance. This article aims to trace the historical development of resection of the greater curvature and review the current value of sleeve gastrectomy within the spectrum of bariatric surgical procedures. Materials and methods: Extensive review of literature of articles published in english language was conducted using the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, Medline, PubMed, Medscape, HighWire press and the SpringerLink library available at the World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon, India. Articles that matched the criteria were selected for review. Results: Six reviews and 90 articles were selected and reviewed and analyzed to reach the conclusions. Conclusion: Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a safe and effective weight loss procedure. Resolution of comorbidity, health-related quality of life and food tolerance were comparable with that of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with lower incidence of complications comparable to gastric banding. However, there is need for standardization of the procedure and long-term results are yet to be analyzed.

PubMed | Kerala University of Health Sciences
Type: Case Reports | Journal: Journal of cancer research and therapeutics | Year: 2016

Myoepithelioma, once considered to be a type of pleomorphic adenoma, is a rare benign tumor of the salivary glands. This uncommon tumor is most commonly diagnosed in the parotid gland and in the minor salivary glands of the palate. We report a case of myoepithelioma located at the base of tongue, a rare site, in a 48-year-old male, composed of spindle shaped myoepithelial cells.

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