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Latrobe, PA, United States

Kennametal is an American supplier of tooling and industrial materials founded in 1938 in the Latrobe, Pennsylvania and still headquartered there. Wikipedia.

A cutting tool includes a generally cylindrical tool body disposed about a central longitudinal axis, the tool body having first and second extending sides with respective first and second bores that pass therethrough, wherein a first longitudinal axis of the first bore and a second longitudinal axis of the second bore are configured to be non-parallel to a horizontal axis of the tool body that is perpendicular to the central longitudinal axis of the tool body. The cutting tool also includes a replaceable cutting insert configured to be removably attached to the tool body and first and second attachment elements configured for receipt in the first and second bores, respectively, and adapted to engage the cutting insert and secure the cutting insert to the tool body.

Kennametal | Date: 2014-04-11

A tool head includes a main body having a nominal diameter, a face end center formed on the main body, and at least two major cutting edges which each run radially outward from and adjoin the face end center. The face end center is formed by a cone of circular cross-sectional area, which cone extends from a cone apex through to a cone base.

Kennametal | Date: 2015-07-23

In one aspect, cutting inserts are described herein comprising an indexable architecture including four cutting edges for material removal in cutting or drilling applications. A cutting insert described herein comprises four cutting edges formed by intersection of a rake face and flank faces, each cutting edge comprising a first linear portion connected to a second linear portion by a curved transition portion, wherein the second linear portion is parallel with an axis bisecting a virtual inscribed circle of the cutting insert and the first linear portion forming an angle with the axis.

A cutting insert for machining a workpiece includes a top surface; a bottom surface. A plurality of peripheral side surfaces extend between the top and bottom surfaces. Each side surface includes an arcuate-shaped surface and a substantially planar surface. Each substantially planar surface is formed with a true angle with respect to a plane perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces that results in a relatively smaller resultant angle when mounted in a slotting cutter to produce a true 90 degree wall on a workpiece during a slotting cutting operation.

Kennametal | Date: 2015-05-13

The invention relates to a tool head for a rotary tool. The tool head extends along, and rotates about, a rotational axis in a rotational direction during operation. The tool head is designed for replaceable fastening on a carrier shank of the rotary tool and comprises on the back thereof a coupling surface comprising a first serration having a plurality of ribs running parallel to one another and grooves running parallel to one another. The first serration comprises at least two part-serrations oriented toward one another in the rotational direction at an angle. Each part-serration having a plurality of ribs and grooves running parallel, for centering the tool head relative to the carrier shank. The invention furthermore relates to a rotary tool having such a tool head.

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