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Geneva, Switzerland

An improved method for forming a capacitor is provided as is a capacitor, or electrical component, formed by the method. The method includes providing an aluminum containing anode with an aluminum oxide dielectric thereon; forming a cathode on a first portion of the aluminum oxide dielectric; bonding an anode lead to the aluminum anode on a second portion of the aluminum oxide by a transient liquid phase sintered conductive material thereby metallurgical bonding the aluminum anode to the anode lead; and bonding a cathode lead to said cathode.

KEMET Electronics Corp | Date: 2014-04-30

New designs for multilayer ceramic capacitors are described with high voltage capability without the need of coating the part to resist surface arc-over. One design combines a high overlap area for higher capacitance whilst retaining a high voltage capability. A variation of this design has increased voltage capability over this design as well as another described in the prior art although overlap area and subsequently capacitance is lowered in this case. These designs are compared to the prior art in examples below.

KEMET Electronics Corp | Date: 2014-03-12

A method for increasing surface area of a valve metal particle is provided as is an improved valve metal particle provided thereby. The method includes charging a mill apparatus with a valve metal powder and a media wherein the media has an average diameter of at least 0.01 cm to no more than 0.3175 cm. The valve metal powder is then milled at an average kinetic energy of no more than 3,000 ergs per media particle to obtain a milled powder.

An method of forming a metal foil coated ceramic and a metal foil capacitor is provided in a method of making a metal foil coated ceramic comprising providing a metal foil; applying a ceramic precursor to the metal foil wherein the ceramic precursor comprises at least one susceptor and a high dielectric constant oxide and an organic binder, and sintering the ceramic precursor with a high intensity, high pulse frequency light energy to form the metal foil ceramic.

KEMET Electronics Corp | Date: 2015-09-30

A solid electrolytic capacitor and method for forming a solid electrolytic capacitor with high temperature leakage stability is described. The solid electrolytic capacitor has improved leakage current and is especially well suited for high temperature environments such as down-hole applications.

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