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Daytona Beach, FL, United States

Keiser University is Florida’s second largest, not-for-profit, private university, serving the second most Florida resident students. The school is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is also a member of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida.Keiser University provides educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in traditional and online delivery formats. The main campus is located in Fort Lauderdale, with campuses located throughout the state of Florida and internationally. Keiser offers majors in business, criminal justice, health care, technology, hospitality, education, and general studies. Wikipedia.

Chon D.S.,Keiser University
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology | Year: 2012

The current research produces regression models with sample sizes from 127 to 131 by initially employing a data set of 170 nations. The current study finds that ethnic heterogeneity and linguistic heterogeneity lead to higher homicide rates. However, religious heterogeneity has no impact on homicide rates. The present article also tests an interaction effect between population heterogeneity and income inequality. Unlike J. R. Blau and Blau (1982) and Avision and Loring (1986) proposition, the interaction term is not related to national homicide rates. The current study also discusses the theoretical implications of those findings. © The Author(s) 2012. Source

Nemchinsky V.,Keiser University
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics | Year: 2012

It is suggested that if liquid iron is in contact with an atmosphere of gaseous oxygen, the chemical reaction of oxidation inside the liquid metal is of a homogeneous type, as opposed to the heterogeneous reaction of oxidation which takes place in a solid metal. A system of equations describing the inter-related chemical and heat processes is formulated and solved numerically. The obtained solution demonstrated the existence of a relatively narrow reaction zone that moves inwards through the metal. It was shown that the temperature in the reaction zone could be rather high as a result of the following sequence of events: a chemical reaction heats the metal, which boosts the oxygen diffusion and the oxygen supply to the reaction zone, which in turn increases the rate of oxidation. Thermal conductivity and depletion of the reagents stop this explosive-like process. Calculations showed that after some initial period, the reaction zone motion follows the parabolic law. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd. Source

Nemchinsky V.,Keiser University
Plasma Sources Science and Technology | Year: 2015

In gas heaters and other plasma devices that use tubular electrodes, the arc is rotated in order to spread the heat load to the electrodes and to reduce their erosion. A method to calculate spatiotemporal temperature development along the surface of these electrodes is suggested. The important feature of the method is that it takes into account the heat prehistory of the electrode: the temperature field created by the previous arc rotations. The result of these calculations shows that the average temperature created by these previous rotations could be very high. In the considered cases, it reaches almost 30% of the peak temperature (the Peclet number Pe = 25) and 50% of the peak temperature at the high arc velocity of rotation (Pe = 250). In particular, the method allows one to predict the number of rotations necessary to reach the steady-state heat transfer. These results clearly demonstrate that calculations that do not take into account the heat transfer history are not capable of providing correct results. © 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd. Source

The current study tests the stream analogy of lethal violence, proposed by Unnithan et al. on a large sample of 124 nations. Spatial econometric regression models confirm that economic development decreases homicide rate and increases suicide-homicide ratio (SHR). The SHR developed by Unnithan et al. accounts for the impact of economic development better than original measure of suicide rate. The most important finding of the current investigation is that the increase in the population size of the elderly, consequent to economic development, is partially responsible for elevated suicide rates and SHRs. © 2013 Copyright Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Source

Nemchinsky V.,Keiser University
Journal of Heat Transfer | Year: 2011

Temperatures created by a moving tilted line and a moving tilted cylinder are considered. Analytical expressions for low Peclet (Pe1) and high Peclet (Pe1) numbers are obtained for the whole range of possible tilt angles. These expressions almost overlap: It is shown that these analytical expressions describe very well the results of numerical calculations at any Peclet numbers except for a very narrow range of Pe close to unity. A method of calculation of the cut shape (variation of the tilt angle inside the cut) is discussed. Source

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