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Daegu, South Korea

Keimyung University is a private university in South Korea. The university was founded in 1954 by the leaders of the Northern Presbyterian Church of the U.S. as a Christian university. Its motto is 'For the Kingdom of Truth, Justice and Love'. KMU is composed of three campuses in the city of Daegu, South Korea. They are named for their locations within the city; Daemyeong, which is near the downtown area, Seongseo, which is in the western part of the city, and also Dongsan campus which includes Dongsan Medical Center. Wikipedia.

Keimyung University | Date: 2012-02-08

A forest fire smoke detection method using random forest classification is provided. In the method, a first reference value is set. For consecutively captured frames, images between the frames are compared, each block, in which a number of pixels, motions of which have been identified, is equal to or greater than the first reference value, is set as a candidate block, and a keyframe is selected. The selected keyframe is compared with at least one frame previous to the keyframe and then a plurality of feature vectors are extracted from the candidate blocks. The extracted feature vectors are learned using different random forest algorithms. Probabilities output to terminal nodes for classes are accumulated, and two first cumulative probability histograms are generated. The two first cumulative probability histograms are averaged, and then a second cumulative probability histogram is generated. A detected state of each candidate block is determined.

Keimyung University | Date: 2011-12-03

A lining board includes: a plate-like support structure which is made of a multi-layered fiber sheet and has a plurality of hollows; and an upper plate which is attached to the top of the support structure and has a plurality of LED leading lightings formed on the top of the upper plate. The honeycomb-structured lining board including fiber sheets stacked with a predetermined thickness has advantages of lightness, high impact-resistance and high noise-proofing due to high sound absorptiveness.

A significance parameter extraction method for differential diagnosis of abnormal diseases based on entropy rough approximation technology, including the steps of: (a) calculating clinical reference values from two different groups of clinical data extracted from a database storing a plurality of clinical data for each check item using an entropy maximization measure; (b) evaluating a clinical difference between the two different groups of clinical data and extracting candidate check items; (c) based on a reference value of a check item calculated from one of the groups of clinical data, converting attribute values of the check item into nominal attribute values; and (d) extracting significance parameters for differential diagnosis from the candidate check items extracted in the step (b).

Disclosed is a composition for treating or preventing vitiligo or canities comprising

Keimyung University | Date: 2011-12-03

An earthquake-resistant strengthening structure for building column structures, includes: a plurality of strengthening plates which are made of fiber sheet, are coupled by a concavo-convex structure in a vertical direction and are coupled by a sliding coupler in a horizontal direction; and mortar which strengthens a coupling between the strengthening plates and adheres the strengthening plates to an earthquake-resistant object. The earthquake-resistant strengthening structure is light, can be easily coupled or assembled, and provides a large binding force and tensile force by structural engagement between pieces of the strengthening plates and fusion of bonding materials. In addition, since the strengthening plates are made of glass fiber or carbon fiber, it is possible to provide an optimal earthquake-resistant strengthening structure having high durability, flexibility and strength with no corrosion.

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