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Akhmetova I.G.,Kazan State Power Engineering University | Chichirova N.D.,Kazan State Power Engineering University
Thermal Engineering | Year: 2016

Heat supply is the most energy-consuming sector of the economy. Approximately 30% of all used primary fuel-and-energy resources is spent on municipal heat-supply needs. One of the key indicators of activity of heat-supply organizations is the reliability of an energy facility. The reliability index of a heat supply organization is of interest to potential investors for assessing risks when investing in projects. The reliability indices established by the federal legislation are actually reduced to a single numerical factor, which depends on the number of heat-supply outages in connection with disturbances in operation of heat networks and the volume of their resource recovery in the calculation year. This factor is rather subjective and may change in a wide range during several years. A technique is proposed for evaluating the reliability of heat-supply organizations with the use of the simple additive weighting (SAW) method. The technique for integrated-index determination satisfies the following conditions: the reliability level of the evaluated heat-supply system is represented maximum fully and objectively; the information used for the reliability-index evaluation is easily available (is located on the Internet in accordance with demands of data-disclosure standards). For reliability estimation of heat-supply organizations, the following indicators were selected: the wear of equipment of thermal energy sources, the wear of heat networks, the number of outages of supply of thermal energy (heat carrier due to technological disturbances on heat networks per 1 km of heat networks), the number of outages of supply of thermal energy (heat carrier due to technologic disturbances on thermal energy sources per 1 Gcal/h of installed power), the share of expenditures in the cost of thermal energy aimed at recovery of the resource (renewal of fixed assets), coefficient of renewal of fixed assets, and a coefficient of fixed asset retirement. A versatile program is developed and the analysis of heat-supply organizations is performed by the example of the Republic of Tatarstan. The assessment system is based on construction of comparative ratings of heat-supply organizations. A rating is the assessment of reliability of the organization, is characterized by a numerical value, and makes it possible to compare organizations engaged in the same kind of activity between each other. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Soloveva O.V.,Kazan State Power Engineering University | Solovyev S.A.,Kazan State Power Engineering University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2016

A mathematical model was developed and a numerical study of operation parameters of the fluidized bed apparatus for temperature-dependent processes was performed. Fields of catalyst concentration and temperature fields were obtained. The circulation flow analysis was carried out. The effect of the influence of heated catalyst feeder on the efficiency of apparatus heating was analyzed. The change of the circulating gas flows and catalyst structures due to changes in the heated catalyst feeder was shown. The influence of the catalyst fractional composition on the efficiency of apparatus heating was studied. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Within the framework of generalisation of different approaches to the modelling of atmospheric lidars, the methodology capabilities for dimensionless-parametric analysis are expanded. The developed approach simplifies the analysis of the signal-to-noise ratio and potential capabilities of existing and newly developed monitoring systems with a wide variability of atmospheric and optical conditions and a great variety of modern lidars. Its applicability to the problems of remote atmospheric sensing, environmental monitoring and lidar navigation in providing the eye safety, noise immunity and reliability is discussed. © 2017 Kvantovaya Elektronika and Turpion Ltd.

Petrova N.,Kazan State Power Engineering University | Hanada H.,Japan National Astronomical Observatory
Planetary and Space Science | Year: 2012

A brief description of targets and problems of the future Japanese project ILOM (In situ Lunar Orientation Measurement), which is planned to be realized as one of kinds of observations of lunar rotation at the second stage of SELENE-2 mission, is given in the article. One of the important elements of the project is placing of a small optical telescope on the lunar surface with the purpose to detect the lunar physical libration with high accuracy of 0.001 arc sec. Computer simulation of the future observations is being done with the purpose of their optimisation: effective placement of measuring system on the lunar surface and formation of scheduling of observations for monitoring the physical libration of the Moon. The results of the first stage of the simulation are presented in the paper. At this stage the software for the selection of stars and reduction of their coordinates onto the period of observations is developed, the tracks for the selected stars are constructed and analysed, their sensitivity to the internal characteristics of the lunar body, in the first place, to the selenopotential coefficients, is tested. Analyses of simulated stellar tracks observable from the lunar surface (in a polar zone) revealed a difference from daily parallels of stars in comparison with ground based observations. During one lunar day equal to 27.3 terrestrial days, a star moves along a spiral. In dependence on the longitude of the star, these spirals can be untwisted or twisted. In the latter case a star can describe a loop in the sky of the Moon during the observation period. The reason of such unusual astrometry phenomenon is the combination of the slow rotation of the Moon as compared with the Earth and the fast precession motion of the lunar pole (in comparison with precession motion of a terrestrial pole). Due to the physical libration the shifts of all tracks will be observed towards direction opposite the Earth. The tracks are sensitive to gravity model of the Moon and are different even for the most accurate modern gravity field models - LP150Q (Konopliv, 2000) and SGM100h (Matsumoto et al.; 2010). © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Abdul'myanov T.R.,Kazan State Power Engineering University
Moscow University Physics Bulletin | Year: 2014

In the present paper, the early evolution of the Solar System with regard to the process of the formation and mass growth of small bodies in protoplanetary rings is considered. This process is modeled with the use of the results that were obtained in the analysis of the libration motions of asteroids. It has been shown that libration centers could occur prior to the formation of the bodies, when the redistribution of gaseous-dust grains occurred in protoplanetary rings. The distribution density of gaseous-dust grains could be similar or equal to that in the Gaussian ring or its analogs for long-period librations. In this case, the bodies can be initially formed and grow in stable libration centers. © 2014, Allerton Press, Inc.

Zakirova Z.K.,Kazan State Power Engineering University
Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute | Year: 2015

In this note we continue studying the 6-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian space V6(gij) with signature [+ +−−−−], which admits projective motions, i. e. continuous transformation groups preserving geodesics. We find a generic defining function of projective motion in the 6-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian space of the special type. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

Laptev A.G.,Kazan State Power Engineering University | Lapteva E.A.,Kazan State Power Engineering University
Thermal Engineering | Year: 2016

Different approaches to simulation of momentum, mass, and energy transfer in packed beds are considered. The mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in a wetted packed bed for turbulent gas flow and laminar wave counter flow of the fluid film in sprinkler units of a water-cooling tower is presented. The packed bed is represented as the set of equivalent channels with correction to twisting. The idea put forward by P. Kapitsa on representation of waves on the interphase film surface as elements of the surface roughness in interaction with the gas flow is used. The temperature and moisture content profiles are found from the solution of differential equations of heat and mass transfer written for the equivalent channel with the volume heat and mass source. The equations for calculation of the average coefficients of heat emission and mass exchange in regular and irregular beds with different contact elements, as well as the expression for calculation of the average turbulent exchange coefficient are presented. The given formulas determine these coefficients for the known hydraulic resistance of the packed bed element. The results of solution of the system of equations are presented, and the water temperature profiles are shown for different sprinkler units in industrial water-cooling towers. The comparison with experimental data on thermal efficiency of the cooling tower is made; this allows one to determine the temperature of the cooled water at the output. The technical solutions on increasing the cooling tower performance by equalization of the air velocity profile at the input and creation of an additional phase contact region using irregular elements “Inzhekhim” are considered. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Kashaev R.S.-H.,Kazan State Power Engineering University | Faskhiev N.R.,Almetyevskaya
Applied Magnetic Resonance | Year: 2011

Concentrated oil-in-water emulsions have been studied using nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry (NMRR). To characterize the size distribution of water droplets, correlations between NMRR data and integral droplets diameters have been established and used for data interpretation. The dependences of parameters of emulsion components have been obtained from proton relaxation data after rotating magnetic field application and sedimentation. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Zaripov S.K.,Kazan Federal University | Soloveva O.V.,Kazan State Power Engineering University | Skvortsov E.V.,Kazan Federal University
Transport in Porous Media | Year: 2015

The approximate analytical and numerical solutions of the problem of aerosol motion in a circular hole inside a porous medium are presented using the approximations of Poiseuille flow for the carrier phase and the convective-diffusive equation of transport of inertialess particles. Analytical expressions for the fluid velocity profile, the space distribution of particle concentration, and the penetration that include the Darcy number and a slip coefficient at the interface between the porous medium and an adjacent free fluid are obtained as parameters. The numerical solution of the problem of the air flow in the combined porous and free fluid regions was used in order to find the relation between the slip coefficient and the Darcy number. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Dvoenosova G.A.,Kazan State Power Engineering University
Scientific and Technical Information Processing | Year: 2015

In view of the different opinions of documentologists about documents we believe that the debate about this entity is not over yet. The document is a unique social phenomenon that deserves separate in-depth study. Attempts to combine it with the book in one object of scientific knowledge have not yet been successful: they have not been theoretically substantiated and practically justified. The purpose of this paper is to show the differences between the book and the document as different social phenomena. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

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