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Kupchishin A.I.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University | Kupchishin A.I.,Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

It was predicted the radiation of low energy positrons at their interaction with the defects of the vacancy type. Models of positron traps have been proposed. The energy transitions of positrons in the defects were calculated. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Kossov V.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University | Krasikov S.,Al-Farabi Kazakh National University | Fedorenko O.,Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
European Physical Journal: Special Topics | Year: 2017

The instability of mechanical equilibrium in the gas mixtures 0.5538 H2 + 0.4462 N2 – CH4 and 0.8846 H2 + 0.1154 CH4 – He at different pressures is experimentally studied. It is shown, that the convective instability, which significantly intensifies multicomponent mass transfer, occurs as the pressure increase. Within the linear theory of stability, the parameters of the transition from the diffusion mixing to the convective one in a channel of final dimensions are determined. The comparison between the experimental and calculated data shows satisfactory fit between them. © 2017, EDP Sciences and Springer.

Pustovarov V.A.,Ural Federal University | Ogorodnikov I.N.,Ural Federal University | Ospanbekov E.A.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics | Year: 2015

The optical and electronic properties of undoped La2Be2O5 single crystals were determined using low-temperature (T = 10 K) far ultraviolet (4.9-33 eV) synchrotron radiation spectroscopy, optical absorption spectroscopy (T = 80 and 320 K), and calculations for the dispersions of the optical functions. On the basis of the obtained data we determined the Urbach's formula parameters and the cut-off energy Ec = 5.49 eV at 80 K for the low-energy tail of the host absorption, the bandgap Eg = 6.78 eV at 10 K, the energy threshold for the creation of unrelaxed excitons Eex = 6.28 eV, and other electronic properties. © 2015 Optical Society of America.

Zakirova V.G.,Kazan Federal University | Gaysina G.I.,Bashkir State University | Zhumabaeva A.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2015

Relevance of the problem stated in the article, conditioned by the fact that the successful adaptation of orphans in a foster family requires specialized knowledge and skills, as well as the need of professional support. Therefore, this article aims at substantiation of the effectiveness of the developed pilot program psycho-pedagogical support of adaptation of orphans in a foster family. The leading method of this problem’s study is the experimental method aimed to identify the problems of the adopted children and to test the program of professional support of their adaptation. The authors present the program of the orphans’ adaptation support, which includes diagnostic, projective, correctional, rehabilitative, recovery and consulting parts. This program is aimed both at providing psychological and educational assistance to adopted children and foster parents, and the achievement of successful adaptation of orphans to new conditions in a foster family. © 2015 by iSER, International Society of Educational Research.

Vedishenkova M.V.,Kazan Federal University | Efimova E.V.,Bashkir State University | Ryabova E.V.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2015

The problem in question is necessitate by the contradictions between requirements of successive educational process of general and professional education and the absence of new mechanisms of providing the continuity of education which is effective under modern conditions. The aim of the article in question is to provide the potential of the research activity of students as a factor of integration of general and professional educational activities. Theoretical analysis and synthesis are used as the method of investigation for the basis of continuity of education, modeling of the integral pedagogical system, university-school and pedagogical experiment in checking the interdependent process of development of research activity of schoolchildren and students and providing the continuity of general and professional education. The article also describes the structure of research activity and appropriateness of its development with school-children and students, and explains its integral character which provides the subjective development of a personality of a student that, in its turn comprises the inner structure of educational continuity. The article is of scientific value both for teachers-researches, studying the problem of successive education and for practicing teachers, who want to provide effective educational process. © 2015 by iSER, International Society of Educational Research.

Bissembayev K.,Dzholdasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Engineering | Kinzhebayeva D.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Mechanika | Year: 2014

The research of the dynamic model of singleacting crank pump with damless hydro turbine drive has been made in the present work. Compiled dynamic and mathematical models of single-acting crank pump with damless hydro turbine drive have been constructed. The equations of motion have been solved using analytical and numerical methods and their results have been compared. The characteristics of the damless hydro turbine with the load of the crank pump have been evaluated depending on the radius of the rotor and on the speed of the watercourse. It has been revealed that the average angular velocity of rotation of hydro turbine in a stationary mode is the angular velocity of the hydro turbine at idle and does not depend on the mode of piston pumps. Average speed depends only on the parameters of a hydro turbine and the flow velocity of the watercourse. The results obtained in the course of theoretical research can be successfully used for the design of hydro turbine as a drive for single-acting crank pump.

Berdyshev A.S.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University | Cabada A.,University of Santiago de Compostela | Turmetov B.K.,International Kazakh-Turkish University
Acta Mathematica Scientia | Year: 2014

This paper is concerned with the solvability of a boundary value problem for a nonhomogeneous biharmonic equation. The boundary data is determined by a differential operator of fractional order in the Riemann-Liouville sense. The considered problem is a generalization of the known Dirichlet and Neumann problems. © 2014 Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics.

Rystygulova V.B.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Mechanika | Year: 2013

The general view of the solution of a bend of a thin axisymmetric plate with the variable mechanical characteristics are received. The task is solved by a method of partial discretization of the nonlinear differential equations. Some versions of the solution of problems of deformations of a plate of a constant and variable thickness for various fixing of a plate on a contour are considered.

Dyussekeneva I.M.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

This article discusses various lexical-semantic classification of verbs. Meticulous attention is paid to the lexical-semantic classification of verbs suggested by Z. Vendler for the English language and lexical-semantic classification of verbs suggested by Yu. S. Maslov for the Russian languages. Right after the work of Ye. V. Paducheva "Leksicheskaja aspektual'nost' i klassifikacija predikatov po Maslovu-Vendleru" ["Lexical aspectuality and classification of predicates by Maslov-Vendler"] this article continues the investigation of these classifications and puts forward own suggestion for unification of Z. Vendler's and Yu. S. Maslov's classification. Unified classification will provide basis for typological analysis, as in the zone of lexical aspectuality aspectual universals are revealed.

Buldybayeva G.,Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica | Year: 2014

Given article covers some special aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan. The research deals with the analisys of activities of Kazakhstani multinational companies similarly to other transnational corporations of exploration and production industry in developing countries, which belongs to good or the darker side of the responsible acts. Recommendation demonstrating with a case study how to develop a better strategy for corporate social responsibility which helps leading Kazakh oil and gas joint venture company to avoid the possible occurrence of the CSR Dark side is presented in this article.

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