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Mazur S.,Katedra Ochrony Lasu i Ekologii
Annales Zoologici | Year: 2011

The taxonomical and systematic status of the Oriental species of Hister was analyzed. Hister bitumineus is newly described herein. The following new synonyms have been established: H. apicelaevis Desbordes, 1919 = H. metallicus: Lewis, 1885, syn. nov., H. encaustus Marseul, 1854 = H. duplicatus Marseul, 1854, syn. nov., H. inexspectatus Desbordes, 1923 = H. aheneus Cooman, 1938, syn. nov., H. japonieus Marseul, 1854 = H. fessus Marseul, 1862, syn. nov., H. pransus Lewis, 1892 = H. pauli Desbordes, 1916., syn. nov., H. pteromalus Marseul, 1862 = H. divisifrons Schmidt, 1895, syn. nov. = H. brahminius Lewis, 1900, syn. nov. and H. thibetanus Marseul, 1857 = H. sohieri Marseul, 1870, syn. nov. = H. dauphini Lewis, 1905, syn. nov. Lectotypes for some species are designated. All the species are keyed and a general distribution is given for each of them. H. congener Schmidt, 1885 is new to the Oriental (Bhutan) and H. pullatus Erichson, 1834 to the Ethiopian (Ivory Coast) Region. © Fundacja. Natura optima dux. Source

Mazur S.,Katedra Ochrony Lasu i Ekologii
Annales Zoologici | Year: 2010

A new subgenus, Sulcignathos sub. nov., is erected to include Pachylister baconi, P. luctuosus and P. scaevola. The new following synonyms have been established: P. baconi (Marseul, 1854) = P. assamensis (Marseul, 1857) syn. nov., P. luctuosus (Marseul, 1854) = P. spinipes (Marseul, 1854) syn. nov., All the species of Sulcignathos are keyed and a general distribution is given for each of them. P. baconi is new to Nepal. © Fundacja Natura optima dux. Source

Structure of 10 Scots pine stands in Nowe Ramuki Forest District was analyzed. The stands were of age from 25 to 220 years. Structure of pine stands younger than 115 years is characterized by low species diversity, low DHB differentiation and regular dispersion of trees. Stands older than 115-135 years show higher species richness, big diameter diversity and random dispersion of trees. Moreover, indices calculated for each stand show higher dispersion in older stands than in younger ones. Structure of old-growth pine stands is similar to natural stands of boreal zone. Source

Comparison of understory of stands disturbed by hurricane and managed ones allowed to distinguish two phases that include degenerative and regenerative changes. In the first phase, which lasted about 6 years, following processes were observed: chaotic changes in species composition, invasion of exogenous species, increase in cover of Deschampsia flexuosa and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, decrease in moss cover and Vaccinium myrtillus as well. In the second phase changes had opposite direction. Structure of ground flora typical to Scots pine forest was slowly developing. Increasing shade of forest floor, caused by growing shrub layer and regeneration of tree species, was a key factor of the regeneration process. Source

The information about the occurrence of the invasive bark beetle Xylosandrus germanus (Bldf.) in Poland is presented. A set of traits enabling its distinguishing from similar Anisandrus dispar is provided. © 2014, Polish Forest Society. All rights reserved. Source

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