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Hunashal R.D.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science | Satyanarayana D.,NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical science
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2012

The reaction of thiocarbohydrazide with substitutedphenoxy acetic acid to obtained 3-substituted-4-amino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazoles (1) by condensing compound 1 with aromatic carboxylic acid and substituted phenoxy acetic acids resulted the title compound triazolothiadiazoles 2a-j. The purity of the newly synthesized compounds was confirmed by TLC. Structures of all the newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by spectral data. All the newly synthesized compounds were screened for their in-vitroantimicrobial activity.Among the series the compounds 2e, 2f and 2b, 2c, 2f, 2d, 2i were exhibited equipotent antibacterial and antifungal activity a MIC of 1 μg/mL when compared with standard drugs respectively. From the results the compounds 2c, 2f, 2j were showed comparable antitubercular activity againstM. tuberculosisH37Rv at MIC of 0.50 μg/mL, when compared with standard drug Rifampin and INH which showed MIC of 0.25 μg/mL.

Patel T.,K S Hegde Medical Academy | Kurdi M.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science
Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology | Year: 2015

Background & Aims: Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone in the human body, has been reported to cause preoperative anxiolysis and sedation without impairing orientation. The aim of the following study was to evaluate and to compare the effects of oral melatonin and oral midazolam on preoperative anxiety, sedation, psychomotor, and cognitive function. Materials and Methods: A study conducted on 120 patients aged 16-55 years, of American Society of Anesthesiologists Grade 1 and 2 posted for elective surgery, with each group of melatonin, midazolam, and placebo comprising 40 patients. Patients were given either 0.4 mg/kg oral melatonin or 0.2 mg/kg oral midazolam or a placebo 60-90 min before induction. Preoperative anxiety was studied before and 60-90 min after giving medications using visual analog scale (VAS) anxiety score, orientation score, and sedation score. Psychomotor and cognitive functions were studied using the digit symbol substitution test (DSST) and trail making test (TMT) tests. Data were analyzed using Chi-square test or Kruskal-Wallis analysis of variance and the value of P < 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Results: Changes in VAS anxiety scores were significant when melatonin was compared with placebo (P = 0.0124) and when midazolam was compared with placebo (P = 0.0003). When melatonin was compared with midazolam, no significant difference (P = 0.49) in VAS anxiety scores was observed. Intergroup comparison of sedation scores showed melatonin (P = 0.0258) and midazolam (P = 0.0000) to be statistically significant when compared with placebo. No changes in orientation scores occurred in melatonin and placebo group. Change in DSST scores and TMT scores were seen to be significant only in midazolam group. Conclusion: Oral melatonin 0.4 mg/kg provides adequate anxiolysis comparable to that of oral midazolam. Unlike midazolam, oral melatonin 0.4 mg/kg does not impair the general cognitive and psychomotor function especially cognitive aspects such as working memory, memory retrieval, sustained attention, and flexibility of thinking.

Ratkal J.M.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science | Sharma E.,Government Medical College
Arab Journal of Urology | Year: 2015

Abstract A JJ stent is inserted antegradely after percutaneous renal procedures like percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) for renal calculus disease, and for endopyelotomy for pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction. We describe a technique for antegrade stent insertion after PCNL. © 2014 Arab Association of Urology.

Kurdi M.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2016

Chronic fluorosis is a widespread disease-related to the ingestion of high levels of fluoride through water and food. Prolonged ingestion of fluoride adversely affects the teeth, bones and other organs and alters their anatomy and physiology. Fluoride excess is a risk factor in cardiovascular disease and other major diseases, including hypothyroidism, diabetes and obesity. Although anaesthesiologists may be aware of its skeletal and dental manifestations, other systemic manifestations, some of which may impact anaesthetic management are relatively unknown. Keeping this in mind, the topic of chronic fluorosis was hand searched from textbooks, scientific journals and electronically through Google, PubMed and other scientific databases. This article concentrates on the effect of chronic fluorosis on various organ systems, its clinical features, diagnosis and the anaesthetic implications of the disease. © 2016 Indian Journal of Anaesthesia.

Kamakeri N.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical Science
Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University | Year: 2016

Fetus amorphous acardious is a rare fetal malformation lacking a functional heart and bearing no resemblance to human embryos. The main differential diagnosis is with placental teratoma and is based on the degree of skeletal organization and umbilical cord formation. A 26 year old woman delivered a healthy newborn at 38 weeks of gestation by caesarian section. An amorphous mass covered with healthy looking skin was connected to the placenta with a short pedicle. Xray examination of the mass revealed the presence of vertebral column associated with ribs and pelvic bones and axial skeleton. Histopathological examination demonstrates the presence of cartilage, bone, adipose tissue, skin with adnexal structures and neural tissue. © Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University.

Chavan S.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science
Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology | Year: 2010

Background: Diagnosis of chromoblastomycosis is frequently missed for many reasons: (1) rarity of the lesion (2) requirement of careful search for diagnostic 'sclerotic' bodies which are often sparse in clinical material such as tissue and exudates (3) often they elicit tissue reactions such as verrucous lesion and micro abscesses, misleading the diagnosis (4) lack of 'clinical suspicion'. Aims: (1) To compare the feasibility of 'unstained', 'stained' and 'de stained' sections in identification of the diagnostic ' sclerotic' bodies (2) To study histopathological features of chromoblastomycosis, and (3) To highlight the importance of clinical suspicion in the diagnosis of chromoblastomycosis. Design : This is a retrospective study conducted on six clinically unsuspected, histopathologically diagnosed cases of chromoblastomycosis. Results: Most common clinical presentation was verrucous lesion over extremities affecting adult men engaged in outdoor works. Sclerotic bodies and their characteristic features were easily identified in both 'unstained' and 'de stained' sections. Special stains such as Fontana Masson and Gomori's methenamine silver nitrate are useful for demonstrating hyphal forms in keratinized layers and for illustration purposes. Conclusion: Both 'unstained' and 'de stained' sections can be used for rapid screening of sclerotic bodies. 'De stained' sections can be used as a suitable substitute for special stains for confirmation and for retrospective review of all verrucous lesions to diagnose the missed lesion. Clinical suspicion is very important in the diagnosis of chromoblastomycosis as it helps pathologist to screen for diagnostic sclerotic bodies.

Kurdi M.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2015

Research and publications are an important part of academics. Nowadays, there is an increasing trend amongst professionals including anaesthesiologists to submit scientific articles to journals for publication. Most journals are peer-reviewed which means that the articles they publish go through the peer review process. Peer review is carried out for assessing the inadequacies of research and manuscript preparation so that the best papers are published in a journal. Although peer review is a key part of the process for the publishing of medical research, there are some limitations in the system. Keeping this in mind, all aspects of peer reviewing were searched from books and journals for full text from PubMed and Google search. The information so gathered is presented in this article which focuses on the general aspects of the peer review process. © 2015 Indian Journal of Anaesthesia.

Kurdi M.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science | Patel T.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2013

Melatonin is a neurohormone secreted by the pineal gland. It is widely present in both plant and animal sources. In several countries, it is sold over the counter as tablets and as food supplement or additive. Currently, it is most often used to prevent jet lag and to induce sleep. It has been and is being used in several clinical trials with different therapeutic approaches. It has sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and chronobiotic effects. In the present review, the potential therapeutic benefits of melatonin in anaesthesia and critical care are presented. This article aims to review the physiological properties of melatonin and how these could prove useful for several clinical applications in perioperative management, critical care and pain medicine. The topic was handsearched from textbooks and journals and electronically from PubMed, and Google scholar using text words.

Kamakeri N.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical Science
Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University | Year: 2016

Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of lung associated with Cystic dysplasia of kidney, cystic disease of liver with mixed gonadal dysgenesis is rare and is not reported in literature so far. Hence an attempt is made to present this rarest entity. © Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University.

Kurdi M.S.,Karnataka Institute of Medical science
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2011

Hydatidiform mole cases are usually uncomplicated. However, few cases can be associated with perioperative complications of a critical nature, which can lead to substantial mortality and morbidity. Here is a report of one such case, which, in spite of extensive perioperative management, led to mortality.

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