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Sarina S.A.,Caspian University | Nukusheva A.A.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Kalmagambetov K.S.,Caspian University | Kumysbekova Z.T.,Caspian University | Nesterova E.V.,Caspian University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

The article contains a comparative analysis of foreign arbitration courts’ decisions, ensuring the reciprocity and public policy. The aim of the study is to explore such aspects as reciprocity and public policy of arbitration courts. The result is the view of the public policy, despite its apparent irrelevance in today's Kazakhstan, which is of fundamental importance in the examination of cases in Western countries. The article also carries the example of the court's decisions in Kazakhstan and the UK, their reciprocity and public policy. In other words, the execution of Kazakhstan arbitral decisions in another country is a necessary condition and basis for the execution of arbitral decisions of other countries in Kazakhstan. The article also examines the confession and carrying into execution of arbitral courts’ decisions. In addition, it was revealed that the arbitration court is a non-state court. It is elected by the parties of the dispute, or by those, to whom the parties have entrusted this choice. The novelty of the research is the comparative analytical overview based on foreign arbitration courts. © 2016 Sarina et al.

Zhumatayeva Z.B.,Agrarian National University | Toktamyssov A.M.,Zhakhaev Kazakh Research Institute of Rice | Bakiruly K.,Zhakhaev Kazakh Research Institute of Rice | Nassimov M.O.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Yeleuova E.S.,Kyzylorda State University
OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences | Year: 2017

The article presents the results of a study of high quality agrotechnics that allowed to use Marzhan, Yantar and AySaule rice varieties under the stress conditions of Kazakhstani Aral Sea region. In particular, the different seeding rate of seeds of rice (6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 million of germinating seeds per hectare) and application rates of the main types of mineral fertilizers (without fertilizers, N90P90. N90+30P90. N120P90K60) were examined. All studied varieties responded favorably to fertilizers. At the same time, the productivity of Marzhan grade was increased from 2.91 to 6.91 t/ha, grade Yantar from 2.75 to 7.10 t/ha and grade AySaule from 3.16 to 7.28 t/ha. However, higher doses of fertilizer led to a strong lodging of Marzhan varieties. Learned seeding rate had a significant effect on plant density. So, with a decrease of rice seeding rate the number of plants were reduced before harvesting in grade Marzhan for 18%, grade Yantar 23% and grade AySaule 17%. To obtain the highest yield variety of rice sown Yantar should be the norm of 7.0 million germinating seeds per hectare on the background of N90+30P90, for grades AySaule the best conditions are created at 7.5 million germinating seeds per hectare and N90+30P90, Marzhan 6.5 million germinating seeds per hectare and N90+30P90. © 2017 Zhazira Baiserikovna Zhumatayeva, Asset Myrzakhanuly Toktamyssov, Kurmanbek Bakiruly, Murat Orlenbaevich Nassimov and Elmira Shoraevna Yeleuova.

Zhaskayrat M.Z.,Karaganda State University | Ilyassova G.A.,Karaganda State University | Kussainova A.K.,Karaganda University Bolashak
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

The Kazakhstan notariate in recent years underwent the considerable changes caused by new public conditions. It passed the significant historical period, during this period the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About notariate" of July 14, 1997 No. 155 and set of subordinate acts were accepted, thus normative basis is completely updated. Despite this, today's condition of regulatory and legal framework demands to create new conceptual views which have to meet the modern legal and public requirements. During the modern period in the Republic of Kazakhstan a controversial question is notariate recognition as public institute, on the basis of it notary officer should be given the status of the independent representative of the state. In turn it pursues the aim to refuse licensing and granting of notary with powers from the state. The aforenamed problems lead to emergence of various opinions in society, in consequence of which to continuous change of legal bases of notariate.

Nurgaliyev B.M.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Lakbayev K.S.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Kussainova A.K.,Karaganda University Bolashak
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

This article discusses the problems of creating a special police organization on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Community. Based the international experience, the structural and functional variants of the prospective organization have been offered, as well as organizational and structural measures to improve the fight against transnational crime.

Nurgaliev B.M.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Kusainova A.K.,Karaganda University Bolashak
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

Law and economy is one of the promising areas of research. The fact that the Republic of Kazakhstan moved to a market economy promoted the penetration of basic economic notions into criminal science and practice. Nowadays the questions of studying both general social consequences of crimes and economic justification for law enforcement costs seem quite urgent. The concept of using economic methods to study law is named "the economic analysis of law". It is popularized for the research of issues connected with contemporary jurisprudence. In the article, the authors calculate the police effectiveness and detect that funding for police and its productivity are the correlated factors.

A problem of decolonization process development in the modern period in Kazakhstan is considered in this article in the light of national and liberation wars and movements of Kazakh people. Modern state independence of Kazakh people is not a historical fortuity but a determined historical process reached during centuries-old anti-colonial struggle that was determined by typology and periodization of national and liberation wars and movements of Kazakh people. The problem of decolonization is brought up to date at this work. The problem of decolonization is one of the most undeveloped one in historiography of Kazakhstan because the historical science of Kazakhstan developed close to Russian one and later - in the Soviet historical tradition for some period of time; according to it the USSR was not considered as an empire and Kazakhstan - as a colony. That is why the article is one of the first attempts of national historiography problems related to the process of decolonization determination and coloration. Not only a tendency of decolonization in Kazakhstan but also some problems related to historical thought of Kazakhstan development were elicited in the research.

Nurgaliyev B.M.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Arystanbekov M.A.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Kussainova A.K.,Karaganda University Bolashak
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

Scientific substantiation of the financial costs of maintaining law enforcement agencies and law enforcement activities, based on Western and domestic experience, is needed to Kazakhstan for both legislative and law enforcement practices. The article substantiates the improvement of indicators of the country's political regime, the rule of law and the status of business environment depending on the numerical strength of the police. The author presents the analysis of foreign experience in determining direct and indirect costs in connection with the maintenance of law enforcement agencies, and in particular, the police agency in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Author makes attempt to examine the key parameters of police budgeting using the methods of criminological analysis and forecasting, which are the most challenging methods used in criminological science.

In the UK a person reasonably suspected of terrorism can be arrested and detained without charge up to 14 days which is longer than in any other state with high risk of terrorism. While terrorism related offences require prompt and rapid response for prevention them from occurrence there is doubt on necessity, effectiveness and proportionality of the pre-charge detention longer than 4 days. The article considers arguments against and for the pre-charge detention, whether or not it proportionate and necessary for counter-terrorism policy, alternatives to extended pre-charge detention.

Murat Orlenbaevich N.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Dinar Bakbergenovich D.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Saltanat Bayanbaevna D.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Botagoz Zhapparovna P.,Karaganda University Bolashak | Askar Alievich E.,Karaganda University Bolashak
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

The article reveals the importance and place of contemporary political consulting of Kazakhstan as social phenomena. We know century we live as century of informatization. And the basis of consulting is not only commercial activities; it is also social, political, ideological activities too. Realizing concept of the consulting we can determine the importance of consultation in social and political processes of society. In Kazakhstan political consultation an interest to daily occurrence is being actualized: an everyday life, ordinary knowledge, ordinary consciousness, daily speech, daily behavior of the person, culture of ordinary life. Coming of consulting into the life of society gave the opportunity to express opinions which are rich in content. In our changeable world we have to criticize all the life situations and reconsider some of them.

Tashmagambetov A.M.,Karaganda University Bolashak
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

In the UK a person reasonably suspected of terrorism can be arrested and detained without charge up to 14 days. While the Terrorism Act 2000 provides for rights for a detainee as it required by the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 these safeguards are not sufficient to prevent arbitrary detention and abuse of power. The article considers whether or not extended pre-charge detention compatible with European Convention on Human Rights.

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