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Chuncheon, South Korea

Kangwon National University was established in 1947 in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do province, South Korea. As one of 10 flagship Korean national universities, Kangwon National University serves as the flagship educational institution of Gangwon province. Wikipedia.

Kangwon National University and Seoul National University | Date: 2013-07-19

The present disclosure relates to a method for producing a monoclonal antibody that binds to an epitope for the glycan binding site of a glycoprotein. According to the present disclosure, a monoclonal antibody that recognizes the glycan binding site of a glycoprotein as an epitope can be produced in a relatively simple and economic manner, and a monoclonal antibody having high sensitivity and specificity for the glycan binding site of a glycoprotein can be produced. The monoclonal antibody produced according to the present disclosure can be effectively used as an agent for diagnosing or treating various diseases associated with a change in glycan structure or glycan expression level.

Sogang University and Kangwon National University | Date: 2015-01-26

Provided is a speech recognition method using machine learning, including: receiving a speech signal as an input, performing speech recognition to generate speech recognition result information including multiple candidate sentences and ranks of the respective candidate sentences; processing the multiple candidate sentences included in the speech recognition result information according to a machine learning model which is learned in advance and changing the ranks of the multiple candidate sentences to re-rank the multiple candidate sentences; and selecting the highest-rank candidate sentence among the re-ranked multiple candidate sentences as a speech recognition result. Particularly, the machine learning model is generated by: receiving the speech signal and a correct answer sentence as inputs; generating the speech recognition result information and a correct answer set; generating learning data by using the correct answer set; and performing the machine learning of changing the ranks of the candidate sentences.

Amogreentech Co. and Kangwon National University | Date: 2013-08-06

Disclosed is a method for the prevention or treatment of vascular leakage-induced diseases and diabetic retinopathy, using C-peptide. Found to prevent extravascular leakage by inhibiting VEGF-induced disassembly of VE-cadherin, C-peptide can be applied to the prevention or treatment of various diabetic complications accompanied by vascular leakage.

Kangwon National University | Date: 2014-02-10

Provided is an image transmission apparatus in digital TV broadcasting, including: a first converter which converts added data, which are to be inserted into an image, into a pixel block; a border extender which adds an extended border area to an image area to extend the image in video data and inserts the converted added data into the extended border area; a video encoder which encodes the video data into which the border extender inserts the added data; a video decoder which decodes the video data encoded by the video encoder; and a second converter which converts the added data which are inserted as a pixel block in the video data decoded by the video decoder into original data. Accordingly, in digital TV broadcasting such as HD TV an UDTV, the added data are inserted into a hidden area, so that it is possible to transmit various types of information including contents and copyright without a deterioration in image quality.

Kangwon National University, Korea Water Resources Corporation and HALLA ENGINEERING & CONSTSRUCTION Corporation | Date: 2012-04-06

An otter habitation section, an overland section, an inclined-surface section, a first spawning section, a second spawning section and a roost are all provided. Accordingly, otters and birds can sufficiently obtain preys, and fishes secure a spawning ground suitable for spawning characteristics. Therefore, the otters, the fishes and the birds can inhabit together. Further, since frames are made of wood for providing buoyant force or the frames are made of stainless steel for reinforcing strength and wood for providing buoyant force, a small amount of polyethylene foam is required. Accordingly, it is possible to obtain floating wetland equipment with a simple structure. Furthermore, the wooden frames itself provide a spawning ground of fishes.

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