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Belfast, United Kingdom

Kainos Software is a privately held software company headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland that develops information technology solutions for businesses and organisations particularly in the public, healthcare and financial services sectors. The company also provides consulting and support services. Kainos has offices in the UK, Ireland, Poland and the U.S., and provides services to its customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.In the UK, Kainos provide an electronic medical record product for the digitisation of patient notes in the NHS called Evolve. Kainos is one of Workday’s main implementation partners for the Workday SaaS product, and have developed Kainos Smart, an automated testing tool for Workday implementations. The company also has a long-standing partnership with Autonomy delivering projects to organisations in Europe and Africa. Kainos has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for more than 10 years, and was one of Microsoft's first Gold partners.Today, Kainos is one of Northern Ireland's largest high-tech companies, and one of the top companies in the UK and Ireland. Wikipedia.

Lin Z.,University of Utah | Falkinham J.O.,Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | Tawfik K.A.,Suez Canal University | Jeffs P.,NC Associates | And 4 more authors.
Journal of Natural Products | Year: 2012

Burkholdines are cyclic lipopeptides with unusual antifungal potency, making them promising leads as a new class of antifungal agents. However, a recent report using knockout mutagenesis indicates that these and related compounds, such as occidiofungins, xylocandins, and cepacidines, may also be synonymous with the long-known hemolytic virulence factors found in diverse Burkholderia isolates. Because of their possible roles in causing Burkholderia infections or curing fungal infections, it is important to fully define their structures and biological activities using pure compounds. Here, we report the structures of three further burkholdines, Bk-1119, Bk-1213, and Bk-1215, which were elucidated using spectroscopic methods. The absolute configuration of this compound class was determined for the first time using a combination of spectroscopy and chemical degradation techniques. Antifungal and hemolytic activities were assessed for five pure burkholdines, representative of the structural diversity of this lipopeptide class. All of the burkholdines were potent antifungal and hemolytic agents, validating their probable role in virulence. However, one of the burkholdines (Bk-1119) exhibited a >30-fold selectivity for fungi versus sheep erythrocytes and was more than 25-fold more potent than amphotericin against some fungal strains. Therefore, burkholdines have potential to selectively target fungal infections. © 2012 The American Chemical Society and American Society of Pharmacognosy. Source

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2011.5.5 | Award Amount: 6.19M | Year: 2011

Social exclusion has many causes, but major factors are the fear and apathy that often accompany a disability. The European e-Inclusion policy stresses the importance of ICT in improving the quality of life in potentially disadvantaged groups, including older people and persons with disabilities. In this project, we will develop ICT tools to support the treatment of people who are at risk of social exclusion due to fear and/or apathy associated with a disability. These tools will be in the form of personalised VR scenarios and serious games specifically designed for therapeutic targets and made broadly available via a novel integration of interactive 3D environments directly into Web browsers. We will perform cutting edge research into rendering and simulating personalised and populated VR environments, 3D web graphics, and serious games. These technical efforts will be underpinned by our clinical/laboratory and industry partners, who will be fully involved throughout in the requirements, design and evaluation of VERVE, and liaison with the stakeholders (i.e., participants, carers/family, and health professionals). They will implement the VERVE interventions in three use-cases, each targeting a different group of participants: Fear of falling, Apathy related to cognitive decline and behavioural disturbances, and other emotional disturbances linked to anxiety. While developing clinical assessment methods and interventions for the first two patient groups is our primary focus, our results will be applicable to a much wider range of potentially disadvantaged individuals.

The invention provides a novel compound having activity against diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase type 1 (DGAT1); a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating a disease, disorder or condition modulated by inhibition of DGAT1 comprising said compound; a method for preventing or treating a disease, disorder or condition modulated by inhibition of DGAT1 in an individual comprising administering said compound to the individual in need thereof; and a use of said compound for the manufacture of a medicament for preventing or treating a disease, disorder or condition modulated by DGAT1 inhibition.

Kimble Applications, a leading professional services automation (PSA) provider, is pleased to announce its client Kainos has been named in the top performing of companies participating in Service Performance Insights’ (SPI) 2015 Professional Service Maturity Benchmark. Kainos is one of 11 firms cited as significantly outperforming the benchmark average amongst the 220 participating organisations. SPI measures each firm against five service performance dimensions: Leadership, Client Relationships, Human Capital Alignment, Service Execution and Finance and Operations. Using Kimble for project resource management, Kainos has seen significant improvements in its performance. Thanks to Kimble’s specialist software for consultancies, each business unit within Kainos can manage project performance, utilization and working capital helping to support the growth of the business. Kimble is also used to forecast revenue and has given Kainos the capability to close its project reporting in just four days. Using the Kimble dashboards Kainos can review its forecast revenues, margins, sales pipelines and existing project data in real-time and then share this information across the business. Richard McCann, CFO and COO at Kainos, says: “It’s fantastic to see that Kainos’ performance ranks amongst the top five per cent of the SPI Professional Service Maturity Benchmark in 2015. We have grown from 220 staff to over 700 in the last four years and Kimble has been an important part of controlling the business during this period of growth.” Sean Hoban, Chief Executive at Kimble, comments: “It is testament to the quality of the Kimble platform that it has been a contributing factor to the success of Kainos in the past 12 months. The SPI Benchmark identifies the best-of-the-best professional service organizations, and Kimble’s background in this space means our software is tailored to the industry. Our aim is to continue working with customers such as Kainos, to guarantee that as its business grows and evolves, Kimble will evolve alongside it to maintain this level of performance.” Richard McCann adds: “The Professional Services Maturity Benchmark is a fantastic barometer of the industry and allows us to directly relate the performance of Kainos against the industry. I consider the categories of measurement to be useful for taking a pulse check of a professional services business and it informs us if we are moving in the correct direction.”

News Article | March 28, 2015
Site: www.prweb.com

LTW Cyber is an innovation hub for technology ventures that have agreed to collaborate for the purpose of addressing the needs of the global market for cybersecurity. Each technology venture will pursue its own opportunities to grow while seeking collaborative opportunities with the other ventures that are part of LTW Cyber. Ventures in LTW Cyber focus on secure application security, grounded by trusted firmware, and complemented by offerings identifying vulnerabilities and analyzing open source. As the hub matures, the product mix will become increasingly compelling. This is the first time that Lead to Win has carried out such an initiative. Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program expects to transform the existing Lead To Win ecosystem into an ecosystem with innovation hubs made up of companies that go global from day one. The first of these hubs will be built around the cybersecurity space. The companies that are part of LTW Cyber include: CrackSemiconductor Art Low (M.A.Sc. TIM, Carleton University) is the founder and CEO of Crack Semiconductor, a provider of cryptographic security products used in high value billing transactions generated by network processors. Nebula is an innovation that secures client end nodes seeking to connect to cloud networks by measuring all loaded software down to the platform firmware. Denilson Ned Nadima (B.Com., University of Ottawa) is the founder of Denilson, a mobile payment solution that enables everybody to accept mobile payment anytime, anywhere without any additional hardware such as cash registers. Global Cybersecurity Monitor Ahmed Shah (B.Eng. Software and TIM student, Carleton University) is the program manager for the Global Cybersecurity Monitor (GCM). The GCM will support the ventures in LTW Cyber to globalize rapidly and establish collaborative research and business relationships worldwide. Kainos Solutions Keystone D’Aout (Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Ecole de Technologie Superieure) is the founder of Kainos Solutions. The venture intends to become a global provider of situational awareness systems. Kainos Solutions seeks to develop trusted products that will protect, secure and stabilize the world around us. Vör Security Ken Duck (B.Sc. Specialized Honours, Computer Science, York University) and Jaqui Duck (B.A. Specialized Honours Philosophy, York University) are co-founders of Vör Security. All modern software is built on a foundation of third party dependencies and therefore inherits the weaknesses and flaws in these dependencies. Vör Security identifies software dependencies, vulnerabilities and weaknesses and provides solutions and training that enables companies to secure their software before release. XAHIVE Sem Ponnambalam (M.A. Legal Studies, Carleton University) and David Mohajer (B. Commerce, Algonquin College and Athabasca University) are the co-founders and COO and CEO of XAHIVE. Millions of users depend on online services to communicate and to accomplish daily activities. Secure communication is extremely important and it enables businesses and professionals to sustain their credibility and attain their customers’ loyalty and trust. XAHIVE provides a secure service that protects communications between businesses, professionals and their clients in real time.

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