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Hamura, Japan

Kaijo Corporation | Date: 2012-12-03

An ultrasonic cleaning device including an ultrasonic transducer (

Kaijo Corporation | Date: 2013-04-04

An ultrasonic cleaning device includes an ultrasonic transducer (

Kaijo Corporation | Date: 2012-10-03

Improvement of productivity and product quality is achieved by improving bonding properties and reducing adverse effects caused by heating by supplying heated gaseous matter or gas to a limited area and during a limited period required for bonding. A nozzle-shaped casing including a heater formed of a metal having a large coefficient of resistance temperature which can be heated instantaneously in the interior thereof, an outlet port for blowing out hot gaseous matter from a distal end thereof to a bonding member including the bonding point, and an inlet port for allowing entry of compressed gaseous matter into the other end; heat control means configured to heat the heater; and compressed gaseous matter supply control means configured to perform supply and block of the compressed gaseous matter into the casing are provided, and the heat control means and the compressed gaseous matter supply control means control to provide a period in which the hot gaseous matter is not supplied from the casing to the bonding member in at least any one of periods when a bonding tool is not landed on the bonding point during the bonding operation by varying the temperature of the hot gaseous matter and blowing timing of the hot gaseous matter for each of the bonding points.

Kaijo Corporation | Date: 2014-10-15

To reduce the amount of a cleaning liquid used in cleaning an object to be cleaned. An ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, includes: an ultrasonic vibrator 11; a liquid storage part 12 provided in contact with the ultrasonic vibrator; an inflow port 12

Kaijo Corporation | Date: 2012-05-28

There are provided an ultrasonic cleaning apparatus and an ultrasonic cleaning method capable of suppressing occurrence of damage on a substrate to be cleaned and capable of performing cleaning at a high cleaning level for highly precise substrates and the like used in an electronics industry. Occurrence of damage on the substrate to be cleaned is suppressed by holding an object to be cleaned so as to be positioned out of a region where perpendiculars extend from an oscillating surface of an ultrasonic transducer to a liquid surface (an ultrasonic-irradiated region) under and in the vicinity of the liquid surface of a cleaning solution, exciting a capillary wave on a surface of the cleaning solution by an ultrasonic wave, and separating particulate contamination of the object to be cleaned by an acoustic pressure generated by the capillary wave without irradiating the object to be cleaned directly with the ultrasonic wave.

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