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Miao L.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Sui C.-R.,Xingtai University
Proceedings - 2011 International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences, ICCIS 2011 | Year: 2011

In order to adapt to the demand of actual ability of development of multimedia technology, this paper presents a new course structure. For professional training objectives, we studied the focus and difficult points in multimedia technology and applications, and built the knowledge modules system of courses and a platform for teaching practice. This course structure is supported by network resources to build a three-dimensional self-learning environment. Practice shows that this system can fully arouse students' sense of innovation, foster professional accomplishments of students and get good teaching results. © 2011 IEEE.

Shen D.,Henan University | Xue M.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Zhang L.,Henan University | Liu H.,China Institute of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Polymer Degradation and Stability | Year: 2011

Sesbania gum (SG) was oxidized by sodium hypochlorite. Resultant oxidized sesbania gum (OSG) was characterized by means of Fourier transformation infrared spectrometry, scanning electron microscopy, and high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The thermal stability of OSG was analyzed by means of thermal analysis and the apparent viscosity of its slurry was also measured by rotary viscometer. Moreover, the effect of OSG slurry as a warp sizing agent on the physico-mechanical properties of fine cotton yarns was investigated. It was found that fine cotton yarns sized with OSG had increased tensile strength and decreased elongation at break than the untreated ones. Besides, the fine cotton yarns treated with the OSG slurry had obviously decreased hairiness index and slightly increased abrasion resistance, and OSG slurry had good adhesion. In one word, as-synthesized OSG slurry may find promising application as a novel high-performance warp sizing agent for fine cotton yarns. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Miao L.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Li X.,Kaifeng University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2011

The paper mainly illustrated how to develop the test resourse database in teaching software under the guidence of learning object theory and technology. By a systematic analysis to test learning object, the specific design method was found. A true/false question was listed as an example through Flash ActionScript3.0 technology and practice shows that the development efficiency has been greatly improved. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Zhang X.,Kaifeng University | Huang Y.,Kaifeng Institute of Education
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2013

The non-orthogonal fusion frame plays an important role in the applications such as sensor networks, coding theory, compressed sensing, and so on. In this paper, the definition of non-orthogonal fusion frame is given and their properties are in detail discussed. These results generalize some existing properties of orthogonal fusion frame and classical frame. © 2013 IFSA.

Li Y.,Luoyang Normal University | Sun L.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Wang Y.,Henan University of Science and Technology
Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology, EMEIT 2011 | Year: 2011

An adaptive of image enhancement algorithm proposed for the sensitivity to noise of Deng algorithm. It not only keep the original advantages of Deng algorithm such as easy realization, quick calculation but also play a ceratin part in restrainting noise by the use of basic principle of Deng algorithm and adaptively automatic parameters of method according to the property of people's vision. By comparing the result of adaptive image enhancement of algorithm and that of other image enhancement algorithms, the adaptive image enhancement algorithm can get automatic parameters of method. Besides the original Deng algorithm of easy realization, it also can improve the performance in restraining noise. © 2011 IEEE.

Zhang L.,Henan University | Xue M.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Cui Y.,Henan University
Journal of Applied Polymer Science | Year: 2010

Polyvinyl chloride-triethylene-tetramine supported palladium complex (PVC-TETA-Pd) was prepared from polyvinyl chloride via simple method and the production cost of the complex was remarkably low. The complex was an efficient catalyst for Heck reaction. It was active for low activity substrates such as aryl bromides and aryl chlorides. The coupling of bromobeneze with styrene catalyzed by PVC-TETA-Pd afforded 99.8% yield of stilbene under the optimized reaction conditions. PVC-TETA-Pd could catalyze the Heck reactions in the presence of several different kinds of acid-binding agents. Furthermore, the good reusability of PVC-DTA-Pd was also found for Heck reaction. © 2009 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Xu Y.,Henan University | Zhao L.,Henan University | Wang L.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Xu S.,Henan University | Cui Y.,Henan University
Desalination | Year: 2012

Polyaspartic acid-melamine grafted copolymer (denoted as PASPM) was synthesized by using polysuccinimide and melamine as the starting materials. Resultant grafted copolymer was characterized by means of Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR) and NMR. The scale inhibition behavior of PASPM copolymer against CaCO 3 and Ca 3(PO 4) 2 scales was evaluated using static scale inhibition method, and its dispersion capacity for ferric oxide and ability to retard deposition of CaCO 3 were also examined. It was found that PASPM was able to efficiently inhibit deposition of CaCO 3 and had good dispersion ability for Fe 2O 3. The maximum inhibition efficiency, as high as 98.97%, was reached at an inhibitor concentration of 10mg/L. The best dispersion efficiency for Fe 2O 3 was reached when 34mg/L of PASPM was introduced into the tested solution, corresponding to 39.1% of light transmittance of the solution. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Xu Y.,Henan University | Wang L.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Zhao L.,Henan University | Cui Y.,Henan University
Water Science and Technology | Year: 2011

Polysuccinimide (abridged as PSI) was synthesized by urea and maleic anhydride. Aminobenzenesulfonic acid (ABSA) was introduced at different mole ratio to PSI to generate polyaspartic acid (abridged as PASP)/ABSA graft copolymer. The scale inhibition behavior of resultant PASP/ABSA copolymer was evaluated by using static scale inhibition method. The transmittance of the supernatant of the copolymer solution was measured to evaluate its dispersion ability for ferric oxide. The corrosion inhibition performance of the copolymer for iron plates immersed in the refined testing water (including 0.555 g of CaCl 2·2H 2O, 0.493 g of MgSO 4· 7H 2O, 50 mg PASP/ABSA graft copolymer and 0.168 g of NaCl) was tested. It was found that PASP/ABSA copolymer was able to efficiently inhibit CaCO 3 and Ca 3(PO 4) 2 scales and had good corrosion inhibition ability as well, and it also had good dispersion ability for Fe 2O 3. Besides, the inhibition efficiency of PASP/ABSA against CaCO 3 and Ca 3(PO 4) 2 scales and its dispersion capacity for Fe 2O 3 was highly dependent on dosage. The reason may lie in that PASP/ABSA copolymer simultaneously possesses carboxylic ion and sulfonic group which can chelate Ca 2+ to form stabilized and dissoluble chelates, resulting in increase of solubility of calcium salts in water. Also it may lie in that the introduction of acidic hydrophilic sulfonic group with a strong electrolytic capacity into PASP molecule simultaneously enhances the dispersion of the inhibitor molecules and hinders the formation of Ca 3(PO 4) 2 scale. © IWA Publishing 2011.

Zhang X.,Kaifeng Institute of Education
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

The multiwavelet has more desired properties than any single wavelet, such as short support, symmetry, and smoothness. In this paper, symmetric multiwavelet frames with general lattice and with any symmetric points are constructed from multiwavelet frames given. The existing result is generalized to the case of general lattice. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Mu J.,Kaifeng Institute of Education | Wang G.,Kaifeng Institute of Education
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

The popularity of 3G networks makes revolutionary changes occurred in M-learning, which enables us to do real-time video and audio learning and interactive video and audio learning. The article put emphasis on how to protect video and audio data transmission and the quality of M-learning. © 2011 Trans Tech Publications.

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