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Westford, MA, United States

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP-IP | Phase: NMP-2009-4.0-4 | Award Amount: 12.00M | Year: 2010

BoostEff aims at developing new innovative manufacturing concepts for wood-fibre based products giving a significant reduction in environmental footprint. The targeted products are important commodities for the European society: paper and construction board. In spite of the different end uses, the paper making and construction board sectors share wood fibres as a common raw material and convert them into planar structures in which all materials are mixed with limited optimization of their performance. The common features of the three BoostEff Concepts is that they result in tailor-made layered structures: wood-fibres and other materials will be placed in the optimal position for the required functionality. This is achieved by developing and demonstrating separation and layering processes in connection with selective modification of sub-streams of the raw materials. The large potential of these process concepts within papermaking was shown in the FP6-project Ecotarget, where technologies were developed to perform these processes. BoostEff will transfer these techniques into a demonstration and industrial implementation phase in a multi-sectorial context. The BoostEff Concepts will be developed at pilot scale and implemented in full scale in three production units of the industrial partners in the project. Process and product development will proceed in parallel. This includes work for preparing the data necessary in order to proceed into investment projects at the targeted production units at the end of BoostEff. These results will be applicable not only for the specific production units but also serve as a basis for investments elsewhere within the two targeted industrial sectors. It is envisioned that the BoostEff project will contribute to developing more cost efficient and eco efficient processes and technologies, which will result in an upgraded profile for the targeted commodity products.

Kadant | Date: 2014-11-06

The invention provides a doctor blade holder system that includes a doctor blade support structure, an adjustment profiling plate, and a series of adjustment mechanisms. The doctor blade support structure includes an elongated slot for receiving a doctor blade and a separate elongated slot to house mounting hardware. The adjustable profiling plate causes pressure to be applied to the working blade in a continuous manner along the length of the working blade, wherein the profiling plate is mounted to a holder mounting plate with a series of pairs of mounting structures allowing unconstrained flexure, or rotation, of the profiling plate with respect to holder mounting plate around two axes. The series of adjustment mechanisms attach to the holder mounting plate and acting on the profiling plate, wherein the adjustment mechanisms are capable of displacing the profiling plate in a bi-directional manner.

Kadant | Date: 2013-12-11

A twin wire press for dewatering solid-liquid suspensions, such as pulp suspensions, between top and bottom webs is described herein which includes consecutive primary, secondary and tertiary dewatering sections. The primary dewatering section includes a wedge area. The secondary dewatering section is positioned adjacent to the primary section downstream therefrom and includes grooved rolls in an s-roll configuration. The tertiary dewatering section includes rolls in a scissor-nip configuration. The press rolls in the secondary and tertiary section are all supported onto a frame. Whenever maintenance is to be performed on any one of the grooved rolls or on the press roll assemblies, an overhead crane can for example be used since no frame structure is provided on top thereof.

Kadant | Date: 2013-03-13

Whitewater recovery processes, and associated systems and components, are generally described. Certain embodiments relate to whitewater recovery processes in which ion exchange is used to remove dissolved ions from the whitewater, which can reduce the degree to which chemical additives are used in the process. In certain embodiments, flocculation and/or filter components can be employed to aid in the removal of suspended solids from the whitewater.

A doctor blade cartridge for use in a doctor blade holder is disclosed. The doctor blade cartridge is for receiving a doctor blade, and includes at least one blade supporting member, wherein the blade supporting member is sufficiently stiff to support the doctor blade and includes load indication means for providing a signal indicative of at least one of blade supporting member strain and blade supporting member deflection.

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