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New York, NY, United States

K2M | Date: 2015-04-01

A spinal fixation device includes an inner housing, an outer housing, a screw, and a pivot inhibitor. The outer housing is circumferentially disposed around at least a portion of the inner housing, wherein the outer and inner housings are translatable relative to one another to cause transitioning of the spinal fixation device between a locked configuration and an unlocked configuration. The screw including a screw head pivotably coupled to a lower portion of the inner housing and a shaft extending from the screw head. The pivot inhibitor is coupled to one of the inner housing or screw, such that pivoting of the inner housing about the screw head is inhibited in a direction of the pivot inhibitor.

K2M | Date: 2015-02-12

A spinal implant configured for positioning within a space between adjacent vertebral bodies includes first and second bone screws and a body. The body includes a back surface having first and second openings for receiving the first and second screws. The first and second openings are configured for orientation towards opposing vertebral bodies. The body further includes first and second side surfaces extending from opposing ends of the back surface and first and second end surfaces extending from respective first and second side surfaces, wherein the ends of the first and second end surfaces meet and define an atraumatic nose. A first angle is formed between the first side surface and the first end surface that is different than a second angle that is formed between the second side surface and the first end surface. A method using same is also disclosed.

K2M | Date: 2015-01-23

A spinal stabilization system includes a spinal rod, a plate, a set screw, and a bone screw. The plate includes a throughhole transitionable between a collapsed and expanded configuration, and a first slot adapted to receive a spinal rod therein. The set screw includes a distal portion having threads to engage with a threaded lumen of a bone screw, and the bone screw including a head portion transitionable between a first diameter and a second diameter. The head of the bone screw insertable into the throughhole and cooperatively transitions between the first diameter and the collapsed configuration to the second diameter and expanded configuration, respectively, as the set screw advances with respect to the bone screw to lock the spinal rod into the slot of the plate in the second diameter and expanded configuration.

K2M | Date: 2015-10-22

A growing spinal rod system is configured to grow in response to the growth of a patient. The growing spinal rod system includes a housing, a spacer, and a sliding spinal rod. The housing includes a stepped passage therethrough. The spacer is disposed within the stepped passage and defines a through hole. The spacer includes a plurality of ribs biased inwards and into the through hole. The sliding spinal rod is slidably inserted through the through hole of the spacer. The sliding spinal rod moves the plurality of ribs outwards. The plurality of ribs permits the sliding spinal rod to extend from the housing and inhibit the sliding spinal rod from retracting into the housing.

K2M | Date: 2015-01-29

A transverse rod connector includes an elongate member having first and second ends and first and second connection members. The first and second connection members are connected with first and second ends, respectively. The first and second connection members are configured for multidirectional positioning with respect to the elongate member. The first and second connection members are each dimensioned to be selectively and releasably secured to a bone anchor.

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