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Lee H.,Jungwon University
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2017

The organization hires engineers in order to achieve the goals of the organization and provides compensation for the efforts of the engineers. In addition, the engineers are affiliated with the organization to secure economic, social and psychological stability, and thereby they are realizing their desires and goals. In order for the social and contractual relationship between the organization and its engineers to be maintained, efforts to implement mutual economic and psychological contracts must be preceded. In particular, from the standpoint of the organization's engineer, the organization's compensation should be maintained to meet the engineers’ expectations and the degree of trust of the engineers for the organization is also important. In this study, we divide the trust relations in the organization into organizational trust, supervisor trust and peer trust, and analyze the effect of trust on research results and job commitment. We analyze the relationship between those concepts. © Research India Publications.

Seo S.,Jungwon University
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2017

This study proposes a method of manufacturing horseshoe using Polycarbonate by utilizing certain characters of Polycarbonate as a material. An injection mold for the horseshoe was made first, and it is installed on the molding machine. Thereafter horseshoe is manufactured according to the injection molding conditions. Also, this study acknowledged the valid durability and strength of the horseshoe by applying the values of mechanical properties to analyze the strength using FEM(finite element method). © Research India Publications.

Baek S.H.,Jungwon University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2016

The digital tachograph is a device that automatically records driving activities such as vehicle speed, driving distance, break status, transmission, engine RPM, longitude and latitude, accumulated distance, etc. Digital tachographs are mandatory for all trucks by European Commission regulation from 2005. In South Korea, digital tachographs are mandatory for all new business vehicles from 2011 and are being installed in the wider range of vehicles year by year. This device analyses drivers’ driving style and car accidents. A car accident makes the reliability of the device unpredictable, thus it is very important to reliably store driving information and recover it from an accident. We designed and implemented a practical digital tachograph to reliably store data and quickly recover it even after an accident. This paper presents a tiered storage scheme that consists of a first storage device with small capacity at a high reliability and a second storage device with large capacity at a low cost. This tiered architecture provides a high reliability and fast recovery time for an embedded storage. In addition, we present a reverse first-page scanning scheme that overcomes the slow scanning time of log-structured storages at the boot stage. The scheme reduced the scanning time of the first storage device by 1/28 times. In addition, our design includes a scheme that fast stores data at a moment of accident by 1/25 of data transfer time of a normal method. © 2016 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.

Choi H.K.,Jungwon University | Lee K.,Dongguk University
Archives of Pharmacal Research | Year: 2012

Heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) plays a critical role in the maintenance of multiple oncogenic pathways and is a required protein for folding and stability of many oncoproteins that are related to the growth, proliferation, and survival of many kinds of cancers. Ganetespib (STA-9090) is a potent, synthetic, small molecule inhibitor of Hsp90, and its binding to Hsp90 is known to result in the degradation of its client proteins and subsequent death of cancer cells. This article provides a review of ganetespib as one of the leading Hsp90 inhibitors, which is under investigation in a broad range of clinical stages for the treatment of cancer. © 2012 The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea and Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Yoon Y.G.,Jungwon University | Koob M.D.,University of Minnesota
Pharmaceutical Research | Year: 2012

Purpose: We have previously shown that DNA constructs can be introduced into isolated mitochondria through the process of conjugative transfer from an E. coli host. We set out to generate a conjugative E. coli strain that would be able to introduce itself into the cytoplasm of a mammalian cell for the purpose of transferring DNA into the mitochondria in the cell. Methods: We have now developed a method for making E. coli strains from which nonreplicating populations of daughter cells can be generated. We used this approach to modify a facultative intracellular enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC) and introduced conjugative functions to this new strain. Results: We demonstrate that this new strain can generate large populations of nonreplicating cells that are capable of conjugative transfer to other cells and can readily invade mammalian tissue culture cells, live in the cytoplasm of the cell for several days, and that do not kill the invaded mammalian cell. Conclusions: We successfully constructed an E. coli host suitable for intracellular conjugative transfer but, due to the lack of suitable mitochondrial screening or selectable markers, we have not yet been able to determine if these bacterial vectors can in fact transfer DNA into intracelluar mitochondria. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2012.

Lee J.-W.,Jungwon University | Lim S.,Seoul National University
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics | Year: 2010

Many problems of cold dark matter models such as the cusp problem and the missing satellite problem can be alleviated, if galactic halo dark matter particles are ultra-light scalar particles and in Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), thanks to a characteristic length scale of the particles. We show that this finite length scale of the dark matter can also explain the recently observed common central mass of the Milky Way satellites ( ∼ 10 7M⊙) independent of their luminosity, if the mass of the dark matter particle is about 10-22eV. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA.

Lee J.-W.,Jungwon University
Foundations of Physics | Year: 2011

It is suggested that quantum mechanics is not fundamental but emerges from classical information theory applied to causal horizons. The path integral quantization and quantum randomness can be derived by considering information loss of fields or particles crossing Rindler horizons for accelerating observers. This implies that information is one of the fundamental roots of all physical phenomena. The connection between this theory and Verlinde's entropic gravity theory is also investigated. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Atopic dermatitis,which is related to dermatologic disorders and is associatedwith skin barrier dysfunction, represents an epidemic problem demanding effective therapeutic strategies. In the present study, we showed that the treatment with Eruca sativa extract resulted in a significant increase in the transactivation activity of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) response element such as PPAR-α and suppression in the expression of inflammatory cytokine and antimicrobial peptides. In addition, E. sativa extract promotes the expression of filaggrin related to skin barrier protection. Quercetin and isorhamnetin, flavonoids' constituents of E. sativa, also promoted PPAR-α activity. These results indicate that E. sativa extract may be an appropriate material for improving skin barrier function as a skin therapeutic agent for atopic dermatitis. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Lee J.-W.,Jungwon University
Foundations of Physics | Year: 2012

It was recently suggested that quantum field theory is not fundamental but emerges from the loss of phase space information about matter crossing causal horizons. Possible connections between this formalism and Verlinde's entropic gravity and Jacobson's thermodynamic gravity are proposed. The holographic screen in Verlinde's formalism can be identified as local Rindler horizons and its entropy as that of the bulk fields beyond the horizons. This naturally resolves some issues on entropic gravity. The quantum fluctuation of the fields is the origin of the thermodynamic nature of entropic gravity. It is also suggested that inertia is related to dragging Rindler horizons. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

A read/write cache device and method persistent in the event of a power failure are disclosed herein. The read/write cache device includes a meta-information part, a recency/frequency (RF) table part, a mapping table part, and a log area. The meta-information part provides information about whether metadata has integrity and information about the version of metadata stored in two metadata regions. The RF table part provides information about the recency and frequency of each of low-speed segments of a plurality of high-speed and low-speed segments and information about whether each of the low-speed segments is cached, in order to maintain the consistency of the metadata. The mapping table part provides information about a low-speed segment that is cached to each of the high-speed segments. The log area provides changed caching information that is not applied into the mapping table part.

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