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This paper shows a brief analysis of the systems of heat treatment of rolled products and formation of their consumer properties due to the regulated formation of the crystalline structure of the finished products. Disadvantages of the traditional method of spray cooling are detaily described. At the same time, the control of cooling process is based on the use of mathematical models, which initial parameters for calculation and formation of the control actions are unsteady and probabilistic, which does not provide the rolled products quality at modern requirements. There is offered a fundamentally new method of regulation of the heat-removal rate by stirring cooling agent flow and design of self-organizing system. According to a new heat-removal method, the stirring flow of refrigerating medium is passed through the hollow plain rolls, set instead the traditionally applied one-piece sheaves, pressed to the hot water surface. The developed structure of control of heat removal from rolled product is described. Application of a new cooling principle shows the possibility of the problem solving of creation of production of thick unfailing rolled products in Russia with minimal costs. It also makes possible the operative increase of modern rolling mills productivity, improvement of consumer properties of ferrous or non-ferrous rolled metals, defect part reduction, energy-and resource-costs decreasing, sharp increase of ecological compatibility and significant increase of observability of the process parameters almost without the change of the main equipment design. Source

Soshkin S.V.,Scientific Production Center Yugtsvetmetavtomatika | Soshkin G.S.,Scientific Production Center Yugtsvetmetavtomatika | Topchaev V.P.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Rutkovskiy A.L.,North Caucasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Tsvetnye Metally | Year: 2015

The task of modern management system of anode baking annular furnaces for the aluminum industry is stated. The decision on the application of a pulsed supply of fuel in the heating furnace piers is explained. The technical tools of Russian production, allowing implementing a full-blown automatic process control system by calcined process are presented. The algorithm of control "firing" bridges and exhaust manifold calcinatory is described. The simulation of temperature control in heating piers for options with a proportional-integral-regulator and differentiating neural network predictive controller is conducted and the transient perturbations in the case of the assignment are shown. Calculated values of proportional-integral-differentiating industrial controller are implemented in the local controller, exercising control "fired" bridge. The experimental data and achieved performance mode firing process, obtained on the basis of the above technical means, which meet the requirements of the management systems of open anode baking furnaces, is described. The prospects of the system development in firing conditions optimization direction on the basis of statistical processing of data arrays, structured in accordance with the submitted data are distinguished. © Designed by: "Ore and Metals" Publishing House. Source

Drobyshev A.A.,Technical Control Office | Demin A.V.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Lapidus M.V.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Pak V.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika
Tsvetnye Metally | Year: 2015

The construction features of the modern automated system of selection, dosing, dispatch and delivery of dry concentrate samples implemented at JSCo "Lebedinsky GOK" are presented in the article. The generated system allows to fully automate the process of representative sampling, dosing, bagging in a shipping container, dispatch and unloading container with particulate iron ore concentrate having a temperature up to 100 °C. The system works in automatic and manual modes, has series of locks in low-pressure compressed air, finding a shipping container on the road, power outages and other emergency situations. In order to control the passage of shipping container used for pneumotrack sensors passing the container are applied, there are also position sensor actuators with visualization of the operations at the workstation operator at the station of sending and receiving containers. Diverter valves located at opposite ends of pneumotrack provide deceleration of transport container at the last part of the trajectory of motion and reduce buff load onto transport container. At all stages of selection and delivery, tightness of taken sample is ensured, and the high speed of its delivery allows embodying the operating control of moisture content of loaded concentrate. The functional diagram of a system is presented, original technical solutions describing used to develop the system is given. The article may be appealing to technical and analytical control services' workers, experts in the field of automation of production processes. © Designed by: "Ore and Metals" Publishing House. Source

Krivozubov V.A.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Maltsev N.E.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Gromova T.I.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika
Tsvetnye Metally | Year: 2015

The features of the atomic-absorption method of measurement, determining the scope of the analyzer "Spectrum" series are considered, the comparative characteristics of facilities and tools of instrumental control are presented. The ideology of the outlining measurement design of atomic absorption device is briefly described. The characteristics of the analyzer toolkit "Spectrum-5-4", allowing to define the content of more than 60 elements in various media are compared. The important role of developed by the specialists of "Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika" and certified by State Standard of measurement techniques, which are supplied with the instrument and guarantee high accuracy and reproducibility erroneous measurement results is stressed. The comparative specifications of atomic absorption spectrometer "Spectrum-5-4" and spectrometers of world's leading companies, such as contrRAA300 (PerkinElmer Instruments, USA), PinAAcle 900 (Analytik Jena AG, Germany) are given. Ways of further improvement and design features of the analyzer "Spectrum-5-4" which allowed to bring it to the level of the best world standards are described. The most effective ways to use accessories that can be supplied with analyzer series "Spectrum" are considered. For example, adapter RGS 1-1 allows to expand the measurement range for mercury, arsenic and selenium in 1,000 times. Flow measuring hub type BC-01 improves the sensitivity of heavy metals, gold and platinum microcontents detection in 20-30 times. The paper contains specific examples of effective application of the instrument "Spectrum-5-4" for the determination of 30 elements in a variety of products and environments. The possibilities and the comparative characteristics of methods of atomic absorption and X-ray fluorescence are analyzed. The experience of the analyzers application in the Russian and foreign enterprises is reported. © Designed by: "Ore and Metals" Publishing House. Source

Sokolov I.V.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Shapirovskiy M.R.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika | Kuzyakov A.V.,JSC Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika
Tsvetnye Metally | Year: 2015

The problems of automatic optimal control systems of technological complexes of grinding non-ferrous and ferrous metals as objects with insufficient and noisy software are considered. A number of key variables (process parameters) are not directly measurable, can be estimated using indirect information that contains significant interference in this problem. This requires the creation of smart devices or even entire control system on the basis of the original special mathematical methods. For automatic process control grinding systems JSC "Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika" has created the devices such as granulometer PIK-074P, which allows to evaluate particle size distribution (PSD) of ground ore, vibroacoustic analyzers of mills loading VAZM-1 VAZM-1U, VAZM-1M, which allow the assessment of the technological burden mills , the current ore grindability and predict the time of a possible overload of mills. The appearance of these intelligent devices allowed developing automated systems of optimal control processes in all types of grinding mills, which has led to the creation of intelligent control devices such as VAZM-2U, which are incorporated in the original standard control algorithms. These devices can be sufficiently adapted to other process systems. The examples of structures of automatic control systems are given in the article. © Designed by: "Ore and Metals" Publishing House. Source

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