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Tolepbergenov E.K.,Kaz NIPI Munay Gas JSC
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2012

The developed technology of cleaning from oil sludges the devices oG-200 provides using the processing equipment operating at the enterprise. Efficiency of this method of the settlers cleaning, consists in the time significant reduction of cleaning, reduction of the settlers oG-200 idle time, reduction volume of the heavy operations, unhealthy the person, decrease in expenses for settler cleaning. Introduction of the cleaning offered technologies allows increases in quality of the prepared oil and to reduction in settlers oG-200 of corrosion aggression, thereby increases term of their operation.

Tuleshova G.D.,Kaz NIPI Munay Gas JSC
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2012

Many deposits are characterized by a high degree of depletion of reserves and water cut. Production of most fields in Western Kazakhstan (30) are high-paraffin and viscous OiL. These include "Uzen", "Zhetybai", "Karamandybas", OiLs which are extremely rich in dissolved paraffin (26%), resins and asphaltenes (20%) and contain corrosive gases (H2S, CO2). In this regard, this paper analyzes the effectiveness of enhanced recovery of OiL from the "Zhetybai" field. The analysis of commercial materials identified the amount of work by type of technology used. The effectiveness of the technologies for intensification of OiL was determined in several ways: by an increase in OiL rates, the increase in specific productivity index and the stocks involved. The effectiveness of injection wells was estimated from the increase in OiL production in the surrounding wells. As a result, the conclusions of the study reccomend to increase the productivity of wells by means of stimulation and the bottom-hole zone.

The problem of increasing efficiency of operation of oilfield systems at "Zhetybai" oil field is an important direction of research. Currently, this problem acquires particular importance in connection with the entry of the field into a late stage of development, characterized by high water cut. It should also be noted that a significant fraction of the produced products are heavy oil with abnormal rheological properties. To prevent the development of sulfate reduction and reduction of corrosion rate of oil-field equipment we have designed a new reagent Composite-1, which possesses both antibacterial and anticorrosive properties. The investigation of the new bactericide inhibitor and its analogues effect on "Zhetybai" oil rheological properties at temperatures of 40 °C and 50 °C was of concern. This provided the motivation to study the new bactericide inhibitor and its analogues on the rheological properties of oilfield "Zhetybai", at temperatures of 40 °C and 50 °C. On the basis of the observed rheological curves of initial oil without adding reagents it was identified that the oil from "Zhetybai" field manifests non-Newtonian flow behaviour. Regulation of these properties is achieved through the colloid-chemical properties of reagent Composite-1.

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