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Sakado, Japan

Jōsai University is a private university in Sakado, Saitama, Japan, established in 1965. The predecessor of the school, Jōsai Gakuen Middle School, later Jōsai High School, was founded in 1918. The university is operated by the Jōsai University Educational Corporation, which was founded by the 17th Minister of Finance, Mikio Mizuta . Mizuta was Minister of Finance from 1960 to 1962, and then served as the first chancellor of Jōsai. The university opened with a Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Science. The Mizuta Museum of Art opened in 1976, and the graduate school of Jōsai University was established in 1977. The Jōsai University Educational Corporation also operates Josai International University, founded in 1992. Wikipedia.

Itoh Y.,Josai University
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Year: 2011

A crossed-beam apparatus was used to measure the relative state-selective differential cross sections for the one-electron capture process in the N 5+-He system from lab = -3° to 21° at E lab = 27.5 and 47.5 eV. The main reaction channel was found to be N5+ (1s2 1S) + He → N4+ (1s23s 2S) + He+ + 16.8 eV. The differential cross section for this channel is pronounced at cm = 0, and it shows another peak at a certain angle that depends on the collision energy. The O 5+-He system at Elab = 47.5 eV was measured for comparison. The differential cross section for the main reaction channel O 5+ (1s22s 2S) + He → O4+ (1s22s3p 1,3P) + He+ + 17 eV is zero at cm = 0, and it shows only a single peak at cm = 0.314 rad. The structures observed in the N5+-He system were analysed using the classical deflection function based on ab initio potentials. The peak observed at cm = 0 is assigned to the forward glory effect and the second peak to the inelastic rainbow effect. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd. Source

Nakajima K.,Josai University
Current Clinical Pharmacology | Year: 2010

People with metabolic syndrome (MetS) are at increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and often have increased triglyceride, reduced high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and sometimes moderately increased low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels. Lifestyle intervention is critical for treating MetS, while pharmacotherapy of dyslipidemia in MetS remains controversial. Considering the specific lipid profile in MetS, fibrates are typically used as first-line treatment. Nevertheless, first-line therapy should be directed towards LDL-C, even in people with MetS, because of the evidence that lowering LDL-C has cardioprotective effects. Non-HDL-C is considered to be an alternative treatment target for people with moderately or severely elevated triglyceride (≥200mg/dl). Statins improve lipid profiles principally by lowering LDL-C and may exert anti-inflammatory and anti-atherothrombogenic effects, which ameliorate the fundamental pathophysiology of MetS. Fibrates also have pleiotropic effects that improve cardiometabolic risk factors, including insulin resistance, although they do not have clear cardioprotective effects. Omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, pioglitazone and anti-obesity drugs are also candidates for the treatment of dyslipidemia and other complications in MetS. Another question is whether statins in combination with fibrates or other lipid-lowering drugs has greater cardioprotective properties than monotherapy. In this article, we discuss several issues in the pharmacotherapy of MetS. © 2010 Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. Source

Yamamoto Y.S.,Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology | Ishikawa M.,Josai University | Ozaki Y.,Kwansei Gakuin University | Itoh T.,Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Frontiers of Physics | Year: 2014

We review recent our results in the fundamental study of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with emphasis on experiments that attempted to identify the enhancement and blinking mechanism using single Ag nanoparticle dimers attached to dye molecules. These results are quantitatively discussed in the framework of electromagnetic mechanism. We also review recent our results in basic SERS applications for biological sensing regarding detections of cell surface molecules and distinction of disease marker molecules under single cell and single molecule level. © 2014 Higher Education Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Source

Fujita M.,Josai University | Koike O.,University of Tokyo | Yamaguchi Y.,University of Tokyo
Journal of Computational Physics | Year: 2015

This paper presents a new direct simulation method for a drying colloidal suspension on a substrate. A key issue of the present method is the immersed free surface model proposed by the authors, which enables us to estimate accurately and efficiently capillary forces exerted on particles on a free surface. Using the immersed free surface model along with immersed boundary method and level set method, the present method leads to a three-way coupling of the fluid flow, the free surface motion and the particle motion. In addition, the present method includes a way of curvature estimation using virtual grid differencing to calculate accurately a surface tension. The way of curvature estimation is quantitatively validated through the simulation of a still droplet. The immersed free surface model is quantitatively validated through the simulation of a sphere moving across a free surface and the simulation of two spheres moving along a free surface. Finally, simulations of drying colloidal suspension containing 130 particles are performed to demonstrate the applicability of the present method to actual systems. © 2014 The Authors. Source

Indole alkaloid derivatives having an opioid receptor agonistic effect, their synthesis, and therapeutic compositions containing these derivatives, and methods of treating conditions with these compounds and therapeutic compositions, are provided.

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