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Jones Inc | Date: 2010-10-22

An article for mounting a fender to a truck frame is described. The article permits the fender to swing up and away from the tire, so that the tire can be accessed without removal of the fender. The article includes first and second brackets mounted to the truck frame. The first bracket includes a hinge. The truck fender includes first and second sections. The hinge is mounted to the first section of the truck fender. The second section includes an armature that removably mounts to the second bracket. Unmounting the armature from the second bracket permits the truck fender to rotate about the hinge thereby exposing the tire.

Jones Inc | Date: 2011-11-23

Web sealing apparatus includes a shaped sealing unit where the shape on one side of the element corresponds to a desired seal pattern in a multiple ply web and a heating element secured to another side of the sealing element, where the heating element is oriented to provide more heat energy to a portion of the sealing element corresponding to a desired seal pattern in one multiple ply portion of said web and less heat energy to a portion of the sealing element corresponding to a desired seal pattern in another portion of said web of fewer plies, The invention includes structure for adjusting the radial position of sealing units on a rotatable drum sealer. Multiple sealing units are adjustably mounted on a sealing drum or wheel for applying varied parameter seals in multiple-ply webs wrapped about said drum in contact with said sealing units. Methods are disclosed.

Jones Inc | Date: 2011-06-20

A system and method for object detection is provided, which system and method combines parsing and classification technologies for extracting objects, e.g., events, entities or the like, from text. In exemplary embodiment, the output of a parsing technique is transformed into a model suitable as input for classification in order to provide event or entity detection results.

Jones Inc | Date: 2011-09-16

An improved orbital carton feeder comprises at least one carton gripping suction cup rotatably mounted to a rotatable wheel and moving in a hypocycloidal path having cusps, one of which defines a curved path portion coordinated with a blank placement station. Multiple cusps, cups and operational stations are disclosed, as well as a preferred cusp angular relationship responding to an angle of a carton blank at a discharge or pickoff station and an angle of disposition of a blank received conveyor.

Jones Inc | Date: 2012-01-23

Material transfer trailers including an elongate chassis, and a longitudinally extending conveyor for transferring material to a desired location, the conveyor being supported by the chassis and including a main portion mounted to the chassis, the main portion having a lower end and an upper end opposite the lower end, an extension portion including a link end moveably mounted to the upper end of the fixed portion and a discharge end opposite the link end, wherein the extension portion is configured to move between an extended position and a stowed position. In some examples, the main portion is fixedly mounted to the chassis. In some examples, the extension portion is pivotally mounted to the main portion. In some examples, the conveyor defines a void to receive a rear-mounted projection of a receiving vehicle.

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