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Johnson Electric is one of the world's largest providers of motion subsystems and motion components for automotive and industrial applications. Johnson Electric has an annual production capacity of over one billion motors and motion subsystems. The group structure consists of operating divisions and business units focused on a customer application or product segment.The group's motion systems, motors and switches businesses are managed through two operating divisions: Automotive Products Group & Industry Products Group.Supporting these two divisions is the Group's Component & Services function which produces plastic and metal parts, tooling and production equipment for motor and motion related products. Johnson Electric manufactures a wide range of components that form the basis for its final assembled end products.In addition to motion systems and motors, the group also consists of manufacturing businesses and subsidiary companies. These include a provider of flexible printed circuits and interconnect solutions; a niche player in the programmable controls industry; and a speciality metals and trading services company.Johnson Electric is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Johnson Electric has 40,000 employees and subcontract workers in 30 countries, with the majority of the workforce engaged in production activities in China. Engineering centres are located in Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Japan, China, Israel, Hungary and the USA. Wikipedia.

Johnson Electric | Date: 2015-08-05

A BLDC motor includes a stator and a rotor. The rotor includes a shaft, first and second end plates, a plurality of cores arranged between the first and second end plates, a plurality of magnets, and a housing. The cores are evenly spaced from each other in the circumferential direction. A space is formed between neighboring cores. Each space receives one magnet. The magnets are magnetized circumferentially such that side surfaces of the magnets have corresponding polarities. The housing is made of magnetically permeable material, surrounding and covering radially outer ends of the magnets and cores.

Johnson Electric | Date: 2015-09-25

An actuator for a medical device includes a housing, a driving unit mounted in the housing, a first moving unit slidably mounted in the housing and movable by the driving unit. The first moving unit includes a movable first car, an spring with two ends thereof abutting the housing and first car, respectively, and a lock formed between the driving unit and first car. The lock includes a first snap and a first protrusion detachably engagable with the first snap. One of the first snap and first protrusion is formed on the first car, and the other is formed on the driving unit. When the first protrusion disengages from the first snap, the spring moves the first car relative to the housing.

Johnson Electric | Date: 2015-08-17

An electric coolant pump includes a housing, a motor received in the housing, an impeller for driving coolant, and a control unit for controlling the motor. The control unit and the impeller are arranged at opposite ends of the motor. The motor includes a sleeve, a stator mounted around the sleeve, and a rotor rotatably received in the sleeve. The impeller is fixed to the rotor. A radial gap is formed between the sleeve and the rotor. The sleeve includes a plurality of ribs extending from an internal surface of the sleeve into the gap. At least a portion of the ribs of the sleeve guide the coolant towards the control unit to absorb heat generated by the control unit.

Johnson Electric | Date: 2015-08-06

A heating pump includes a pump housing with an inlet, an outlet, a heater, an impeller, and a motor for driving the impeller. The impeller is received in the pump housing. The heater includes connecting heads and a main body for generating heat. The main body is bent into an arc. The pump housing includes a cylindrical sidewall extending in an axial direction of the motor and a top plate sealed to an axial opening of the sidewall. The top plate is made of metal. The heater extends through and is fixed to the top plate. The connecting heads extend to an exterior of the pump housing. The main body is located in an interior of the pump housing and in contact with the top plate.

Johnson Electric | Date: 2015-04-15

An axial fan has a hub supporting blades. The hub is attached to a rotor of an electric motor at one or more points of connection by respective connecting devices. Each connecting device includes an annular damper, arranged in an opening of the hub, and through which a screw passes. Placed between the damper and the screw is a rigid element having one end resting against the rotor. The other end has an annular flange-like formation disposed between the damper and a head of the screw. The rigid element has an annular skirt which extends from the flange-like formation, around the damper, up to a preset distance from the hub of the fan, such that when the fan performs an oscillation greater than a predetermined extent, it impacts this skirt thereby limiting its oscillation.

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