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Alpharetta, GA, United States

Wamsley G.,JoGar Energy and Utility Services Inc.
Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment | Year: 2011

How much does your facility spend annually for purchased energy and utility equipment operations-$4 million, $8 million, $16 million? Would reducing those costs by 5% or 10% interest you? This article offers proven ideas for engineering personnel to optimize energy usage and utility costs in these challenging economic times of limited resources and frozen budgets. Source

Wamsley G.W.,JoGar Energy and Utility Services Inc.
HPAC Heating, Piping, AirConditioning Engineering | Year: 2014

Optimum performance of a steam-heat-exchanger process requires a certain set of design conditions, equipment in good working order, and proper ambient conditions. Both steam pressure and steam temperature need to be measured and controlled. Generally, problematic issues can be identified through brief analysis of a system by a specialist. Source

Wamsley G.,JoGar Energy and Utility Services Inc.
Plant Engineering | Year: 2012

Mill engineering and maintenance later replaced the orifice plates in the recirculation lines with robust orifice pipe nozzles. The boiler plant returned to single feedwater pump operation with no subsequent troubles. Earlier, a single pump was fully loaded due to the eroded orifice plate. They went from two pumps consuming 148 hp to one consuming 65 hp, saving approximately $100 per day in electrical power. If your low-pressure or medium-pressure boiler plant has experienced a puzzling feed pump performance issue, be sure to include the minimum flow recirculation line in your problem analysis critique. Get some advice from a utilities guru if needed; there are several experts on Google. Source

Gary W.,JoGar Energy and Utility Services Inc.
HPAC Heating, Piping, AirConditioning Engineering | Year: 2010

Deaerators are large, insulated tank-car-shaped pressure vessels, which produces preheated boiler feedwater to ensure efficient steam-plant operation. It provides many benefits to a steam-plant system, including serving as a surge collection tank for process condensate return, preheating feedwater uniformly to improve boiler efficiency and providing a location for feeding and blending chemicals and testing protocol. A deaerator chemical balance can determine the percent of condensate return from the process systems required for a boiler-system technical analysis and deaerator energy balance is developed to determine deaerator steam usage and other energy data needed for the analysis of the entire steam system. The factors considered to evaluate the operational integrity of a deaerator unit such as storage-section volume for 13 min of water, a stainless-steel sulfite chemical feed line inside the vessel storage section and semi-annual testing of unit performance/dissolved O2 without chemical feed. Source

Wamsley G.W.,JoGar Energy and Utility Services Inc.
HPAC Heating, Piping, AirConditioning Engineering | Year: 2010

Several factors that include budgets need to be considered to determine the optimum energy projects for an organization. One of the factors is electricity, which is three to five times more expensive than natural gas and expected to remain same and in some regions the price of electricity is expected to continue rising at a rate of 4 to 8 percent a year because of commercial growth. Many facilities use more thermal energy (gas and oil) than electrical energy over the course of a year, but the annual cost is much less. Some electrical projects such as replacing perfectly good lighting and smoothly running motors are time consuming and result in lower overall savings. The electrical projects will not yield a good return on investment if power cost is 4 to 6 cents and if it is 10 to 12 cents, than any type of electrical project will be effective. Tabulating in an Excel spreadsheet can be an easy method of comparing economic benefits and presenting projects to management for approval. Source

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